10Cam Talbot
Photo Credit: Harrison Barden/USA Today Sports

Cam Talbot’s new mask has glitter and ghosts

With a new year comes new players, new jersey numbers and new goalie masks. For new Calgary Flames goaltender Cam Talbot, it’s time to show off his new mask for the 2019-20 season.

As has become tradition, Talbot’s new lid is a Ghostbusters themed mask done by Swedish painter David Gunnarsson. Dating back to his time with the New York Rangers – the Manhattan aspect of Talbot’s career is what apparently inspired the Ghostbusters connection – Gunnarsson has annually done up masks with Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or ghosts in the theme of whatever team Talbot’s been playing for at the time.

This year’s theme? Glittery ghosts, with the mask punctuated with a snazzy black Flaming C.

There should be more to come from Gunnarsson, as reportedly he’s also doing new masks for David Rittich, Jon Gillies, Tyler Parsons, Nick Schneider and Artyom Zagidulin. The only Flames organization netminder that he’s not painting a mask for this season – so far – is Dustin Wolf.