Terry Cahill offers message of support for Flames fans

If you’ve ever seen either of the FUBAR movies, you’ll already know that Terry Cahill is a man that loves to party and keep it real, which is exactly what he did in a short video that he made for Calgary Flames fans today.

What we liked most about Terry’s message was his no nonsense approach to social distancing and how we should all be using this time to be as productive as possible. Well, something like that anyway. From the video:

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“Oh hey, Calgary Flames fans… WOOOOOO! This (metal horns) is like the new handshake ’cause we ain’t supposed to be touchin’. I just wanted to give you a little message to stay safe and keep hunkerin’ down, you know? Like ahhh… I’m not workin’ from home. So welcome to my home office. It’s ahh… business as usual for me pretty much. Like, I’m practicing my social distancing, eh! Like, for example, buddy is like, “Terr where’s my twenty bucks?” And then I’m like, “not now, you know what I mean? So… Just stay safe there, scrub your mitts down real good, and just lay low. Like, take this time to do all the things you ain’t never have time to do ’cause later when we’re back up and atter, you’ll be like “ahhhh I wish I had two or three weeks to just go through those boxes of crap I ain’t opened since I moved.” So anyway, be safe.”

Truer words may never have been spoken, Terry. Well done.