Let’s talk about clauses restricting player movement

After a fairly disappointing playoff exit – for the second time in as many seasons – many Calgary Flames fans are calling for big changes. Some want wholesale changes, with the core of the team sent away in trades. But given the desire for change, it’s worth thinking about what players can’t be moved easily.

Let’s talk about the team’s no-trade and no-move clauses.

Four players have active clauses for the 2020-21 league year.

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Sean Monahan: Monahan has a 10 team no-trade clause on his deal, meaning for this season there are 20 teams the Flames can trade him to without him nixing the deal. (This clause is intact for the remainder of his current contract.)

Mikael Backlund: Backlund has a full no-trade clause, meaning he would need to approve any move to any other team. This is modified for the remaining three seasons of his deal to a 10 team trade list.

Mark Giordano: Giordano has a 19 team trade list on his deal, meaning that the Flames can trade him to 19 teams but Giordano can block the remaining 11. (If you’re wondering why Backlund has a more expansive movement restriction than Giordano, it’s likely a reflection of the team’s perception of Backlund’s value in the UFA market had he not re-signed with them.)

Milan Lucic: Lucic has the most extensive restriction on the team, with a full no-move. The no-move means he can’t be traded, waived or demoted without his approval. He waived his no-move to come to Calgary, but his clause remains intact. The no-move is modified for the final few years of his deal, with an 8 team trade list for 2021-22 and a 10 team list for 2022-23.

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It’s worth noting that while Brad Treliving has given out quite a few deals with no-trade clauses – Noah Hanifin and Rasmus Andersson also got them – he hasn’t given out a single no-move clause in a deal he’s inked a player to.

Oh, and while it’s not a thing yet, Johnny Gaudreau reportedly has a 5 team trade list that kicks in for 2021-22 – which allows him to block a trade from the NHL’s 26 other clubs.