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Calgary and Edmonton’s mayors make Battle of Alberta wager

In advance of the return of the Battle of Alberta to the Stanley Cup playoffs, the mayors of Calgary and Edmonton have made a wager on the outcome of the series.

The bet involves face paint, jerseys, and financial donations to kids’ cancer charities in each city.

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Via Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek, here’s the terms of the bet:

  • At the first City Council meeting after the series ends, the losing city’s mayor (and hopefully all of city council) will wear the other team’s jersey. Additionally, the losing city’s mayor will paint their face with the colours of the winning team, ala David Puddy in Seinfield – red and black for the Flames, orange and blue for the Oilers.
  • Additionally, the losing city’s council will contribute funds to be donated to a children’s cancer charity in the winning team’s city in recognition of Ben Stelter’s battle with brain cancer: Kids with Cancer Society in Edmonton or Kids Cancer Care in Calgary. They haven’t finalized the donation amount quite yet, but the funds are being contributed directly by council members.

“I am confident that I will not be donning orange and blue paint at the June 7 council meeting, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing Mayor Sohi wearing the Flames’ C on his face,” said Gondek.

If you want to get in on the fun, you can donate to Kids with Cancer Society and/or Kids Cancer Care at the accompanying links.

Gondek shared at the press conference that during the 1991 Battle of Alberta, she was living in Winnipeg and working at the Jets’ team store, and she met Keith Tkachuk a few times in that role. She noted her excitement that Tkachuk’s son, Matthew, is part of this edition of the team and the Battle of Alberta.

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The Battle of Alberta begins Wednesday night in Calgary.