Penalty Calls and the Calgary Flames

(Charles LeClaire / USA Today Sports) I don’t believe in the Wideman curse. It isn’t that I refuse to acknowledge that the Flames are being penalized more heavily this season than last, but rather it is that I don’t believe it is entirely due to the incident where Dennis Wideman cross checked Don Henderson into…


Predictions for the Flames’ 2016-17 season

Once again I’ve run projections on the Flames’ coming season. Similar to previous years I have used a number of different statistical categories to cobble together a picture of where the Flames might end up and how the season may go for each player.


Referees and the Calgary Flames – Final

In two prior articles (part 1 and part 2) I have examined the nature of called and uncalled infractions over a series of five games the Calgary Flames played at the conclusion of the 2015-16 season.  Today we’ll take all of my accrued Flames data and compare it against the opposition to see how things…


Referees and the Calgary Flames – Part 2

Previously (here) I had examined the role of called and uncalled infractions on two Flames games. In the second of this series we’ll be looking at three games: the March 31 3-0 loss to the Kings, a 7-3 smackdown of the Canucks on April 7 and the April 5 5-4 overtime loss to the aforementioned Kings.  To save space,…


Referees and the Calgary Flames – Part 1

In March I took an interest in examining called and uncalled penalties and undertook an exercise to record and examine the relative rates at which a team committed a foul and how often they were penalized. The primary focus of this project was the Oilers, but I gathered corresponding data on the Flames and a…


Are the Flames bad At drafting in the second round?

(Dillon Dube interviewed by Ryan Leslie, courtesy of Flames.com) Back in June I had mentioned that the second round of the draft seemed to be a place where the Flames’ scouts went to die. There seemed to be something within the Flames organization that led them to make poor decisions when there are often still…


Year-End Review of the Calgary Flames

I’ve already examined this past season for the Oilers and Canucks, and today we tackle the season that was for the Calgary Flames. I had made some basic predictions at the beginning of the season, and this follows up on those initial estimates, so let’s begin. The Flames’ season began under some peculiar circumstances. The…


Year End Review of the Edmonton Oilers

It is mid-April and after a difficult and disappointing season marred by injuries throughout the lineup, the Edmonton Oilers are looking at a top end draft pick and facing some significant roster changes under their new General Manager. Is it 2010 or 2016?


Year End Review of the Vancouver Canucks

At the beginning of the season I decided to take a look at the Flames’ chances for the year in contrast to their two Pacific division rivals, the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks. I followed this up mid-year with some updates to see how each team was coming along (Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary). Today we…


The Man Who Cried “UNCLE!”

I think something has finally snapped in me. For over thirty years I have cheered, celebrated and supported the team on the north end of the QE2. I’ve followed them through ups and downs and then what was supposed to be a whole lot more up. But the up never came. In fact, it seemed…


Mid-year Update on the Flames

<br> We’ve arrived at the Flames’ update at last. Our previous two, the Canucks and Oilers, reviewed the progress of the roster players, possession metrics, sv%’s and various other metrics used to track a team. For those interested, here’s the pre-season look at the Flames. The Flames had a tough start to the season and…


Mid-Year Update on the Oilers

I don’t know that many teams going into the 2015-2015 had as mixed expectations as the Oilers, simultaneously predicted to do great things with Connor McDavid and be terrible because, well, they have been for such a very long time. So how have things gone for this enigmatic organization thus far? Well, not surprisingly, both…