Barn Burner: The ‘In the Dome’ boys join the show to share their thoughts on the Calgary Flames

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Justin Mackenzie
17 days ago
On Tuesday’s episode of Barn Burner, Boomer, Pinder, and Rhett had Mike and Jordan from the ‘In the Dome’ podcast – the newest member of the FlamesNation family – on the show to welcome them aboard and share a couple of thoughts on how the Calgary Flames season has gone thus far.
The segment started with Mike and Jordan sharing a little bit about how the podcast came to be.
“We both grew up in Calgary, so obviously you’re going to Flames games as kids,” said Jordan. “The team always sucked. You never really watched the game, you were just there for the Wendy’s and donuts. The 04′ run – and I think this is true for a lot of people our age – really solidified the passion and the hardcore fan in us.”
“It was a way to deal with our trauma too,” added Mike. “It was a morning therapy session. It was like let’s do this cathartic yelling and screaming session.”
The Calgary Flames discussion started with Pinder asking the fellas their opinion on the Flames slipping down the standings perhaps boosting their odds of a higher pick as we near the end of the season.
Pinder: “It’s not easy to cheer for losses necessarily, but then you understand that the better players are at the top of the draft. How are you handling the ‘Team Tank’ policies that are happening?”
“I can’t cheer to lose, it’s impossible,” said Jordan, “Even though logically I would like them to lose games, when I watch the games I can’t do it.”
“I mean I can,” followed up Mike, “I’m not happy when [the puck] goes in but when they lose to Buffalo and pop into the top 10, I’m not complaining.”
The fellas would also dive into the work the Craig Conroy has done this year. Mike would take the reigns and provide his thoughts on the first year Flames GM.
Mike: “I don’t speak for all fans, but I think the consensus has been pretty positive. Early on in the year there’s probably some consternation, you’re freaking out hearing they’re throwing money at Lindholm and Hanifin and everybody and they want to keep the team together and they’re just dying to make the playoffs. I think at the end of the day, Conroy did what he said he was going to do and he’s proving he’s learned from mistakes of regimes past – which I think there’s a lot of them – so there’s a lot to learn but I think he’s done a pretty fantastic job.”
You can check out the ‘In the Dome’ podcast wherever you get your podcasts.
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