Barn Burner: When is it time for the Calgary Flames to give Dustin Wolf a better look at the NHL level?

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Justin Mackenzie
4 months ago
On Tuesday’s episode of Barn Burner, Boomer, Pinder, and Rhett discussed when the right time to give reigning AHL Most Valuable Player Dustin Wolf a lengthier look with the big club.
While a Jacob Markstrom trade is now pushed back to at least the summer, Pinder pictures a shot to cash in on the Flames’ star goalie while also providing a clearer path to getting one of the clubs top prospects some more starts.
“The only way [the Flames] do go get those great young star prospects is by trading Jacob Markstrom. I think both sides are probably expecting a transaction this summer.” said Pinder. “You want to get Dustin Wolf more than six starts in three years at the NHL level. Maybe if this spirals a bit there’s an opportunity to do that.”
Rhett: “I almost feel it’d be best if Markstrom was told ‘you can play when you want’… The sad part is they’re probably still a little bit too close to pack it in completely. From a management/coaching perspective, don’t you want to see Vladar and Wolf the rest of the way basically? I do.”
Pinder: “I agree with you entirely. I think it’s a couple more points in the gap between the last Wild Card and them with that runway shrinking of games remaining. The formula changes a bunch.”
Although the chances are slim that the Flames find their way into a playoff spot this year, there is still a shot. Boomer would go on to solidify the idea that until the club is mathematically eliminated from a postseason spot, Ryan Huska is going to keep running with Markstrom.
“That’s the thing too with the coach. The coach coaches. He goes out and stands behind the bench and says we’re going to try and win with what we got.” added Boomer on what it might look like from Huska’s point of view. “I would say that their chances balance on the head of a pin with Jacob Markstrom. You got a pretty good chance or a decent chance or not so much, all due respect to Dan Vladar… I just wonder if there is a conversation that even has to be had with Conroy and Huska or does Huska just continue to do what he does?”
“There might be a chat about wanting to see some young goalies in net.” said Pinder, “But not quite yet.”
As it stands, Calgary sits eight points back of the final wild card spot. With the next two games on the schedule being against two cup contenders in Colorado and Vegas, the fellas suggest how the team performs in those contests could shine a light on the direction the Flames should go.
“If you lose both those games – Vegas holds the second wild card spot – you’d be putting yourself ten plus points out.” said Pinder, “If we’re really being logical do you think you can play seven fifty hockey and one of these clubs is going to be less than five hundred the rest of the way?”
If the Flames continue to slide down the standings, would you want to see Dustin Wolf get some more starts down the stretch? Let us know in the comments!
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