Betway Bets of the Day: Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers

Photo credit:Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports
Shane Stevenson
7 months ago
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Get informed

Both teams are coming into this game on fire in a bad way. This won’t be a normal game where you can expect usual things to happen due to the fact it’s being played outdoors. No idea the quality of the ice conditions, how the players can see the puck/play, and more. I’m gonna pick some old reliables to try and find some wins.

Primary Bet – Leon Draisaitl to get 1+ assists (-167)

A $1 bet pays out $1.60 – Flames fans know this man can carve them up even on one leg. Being outside is nothing compared to that. This is non dependant on whether Connor McDavid plays or not – Leon can find the scoresheet.

Secondary Bet – Total Shots on goal under 61.5 (-110)

A $1 bet pays out $1.90 – I don’t think the Flames are going to prioritize perimeter shots anymore and everyone’s going to want to be in a nice spot to get a shot off. Again, if the ice conditions are even remotely off trying to hit the net is going to be harder than you think

Tertiary Bet – Calgary Flames to win Moneyline (+135)

A $1 bet pays out $2.35 – Since both teams are in the dumps pick the one with the positive money and hope the other one continues to stay down low. The Oilers starting 1-6-1? I mean come on it’s hilarious.

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