Betway Bets of the Day – Calgary Flames at Seattle Kraken

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Shane Stevenson
1 year ago
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Did you all know how great the Seattle Kraken are playing? New and in their second year they are having breakout seasons from multiple young players they took in their expansion draft. They’ve developed a nice core and – most importantly – are getting better than worst in the league goaltending this year. If they want to share that secret with the Flames they may be able to up their starters save percentage, but as for now they’ll turn to Vladar and his points streak in a huge game after such a disappointing loss.
Seattle’s major success is they are 30 goals scored over expected on the season – that’s completely unsustainable and is due for a collapse. Now being this high this late in the season means they’re still going to finish in a positive, but there should be stretches where they don’t get any bounces or are shut out. This ball will drop eventually – as will their goaltending which is still not the best – and when it does that is when Calgary can pounce.

Primary Bet – Flames Moneyline (+100)

Calgary isn’t the favourite here and that’s why they are my pick. You can’t get embarrassed on home ice against the 32nd ranked team and then not come out like gangbusters… right? We’ll find out but my recommendation to you is to bet on the horse that’s going to be the most ticked off tonight.

Secondary Bet – Over 5.5 goals (-150)

Even if the primary falters you can still get a win here. I showed you Seattle’s strength is in actually scoring goals. Calgary’s strength is prevention, so is Seattle’s, but the finishing metrics make it smart to bet on goal totals. Me picking this could mean that we’re going to see a sluggem’ 3-2 match which seems Flamesy.

Tertiary Bet – Over 63.5 shots on goal (-105)

Both teams can contribute to this. Its almost automatic to pick a shot prop with how Calgary defaults to shooting from everywhere instead of trying to get good chances when they trail. Or late if they’re tied. Basically this is only in danger if Calgary has a multi-goal lead late and we’ve hardly seen that this season at all. One goal games are great for shot props.

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