Betway Bets of the Day: Calgary Flames vs. Buffalo Sabres

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Shane Stevenson
1 year ago
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To start everything off lets look at how Calgary’s attack has looked as well as the Sabres defence.
Buffalo gives up a lot of slot chances and is weak on the Flames’ RW side for defending by the net. Calgary has not really got a bunch of chances from the mid-to-high slot in the centre of the ice, but they love that low to high pass to the centre in the faceoff circle. They should be able to get a few of those off and if one guy gets those looks he usually cashes in.
Now lets look at the metrics from the last few games to see which line is rolling with the majority of chances/quality of chances so far.
Kadri – Mangiapane – Dubé continue to be higher up, although they dropped slightly after the Vegas game. Eventually we’ll have five-game rolling averages here but the team has to play five games first. A nice big jump in quality from the Huberdeau – Lindholm connection after the last match too.
Now we find what has the best value and see what makes the most sense.

Primary Bet Recommendation – Elias Lindholm, Anytime Goalscorer (+130)

With a 40 goal season under his belt it should not comes a shock to see this a few times this season. Based on Buffalo’s defensive chart and the skill of passing we see from Huberdeau regularly it is looking like Lindholm will find one of his patented quick release snipes. He’s coming off a power play goal against Vegas for his first of the year. Add in his permanent fixture on PP1 and I see this as a good value play.
At +130 a $5 bet pays out $11.50

Secondary Bet Recommendation – Jonathan Huberdeau, 2+ assists (+300)

I’m personally not a fan of parlays – but if you wanted to compound the first bet with one of these you could increase your payout. The Sabres look to be letting a lot of chances against early on. They are a young team going up against a veteran squad that has looked like a workhorse through three games. The LW who had more assists than any other LW in history last season should have a good opportunity to find some open guys for goals in this one. Not as likely as the first bet – and certainly not something I will highlight too often – but it fits the bill for this matchup.
At +300 a $5 bet pays out $20

Tertiary Bet Recommendation – Flames to win, Puckline (-1.5, -112)

So how Puckline works in hockey is like how the spread works in football. If you pick the Flames at -1.5 how it works is this: After the final score of the game is determined subtract the Puckline total from your teams goals – if they still are winning then you win the bet. Puckline -1.5 means you are betting the Flames to win by 2 or more, essentially. The negative line payouts don’t earn you as much but they are more likely to occur.
At -112 a $5 bet pays out $9.50.

Other lines you may be interested in

  • Kadri to get 1+ assist (+110)
  • Mangiapane to get 1+ points (-125)
  • Flames Moneyline – betting for them to win by any score (-264)
For any concerns or questions feel free to reach out to @FlamesNation or @Flash_33 on twitter – remember to please bet responsibly.
(Charts from HockeyViz.com, Data Table from Evolving-Hockey.com, Betting Odds from Betway)
Disclaimer: The odds at the time of writing may be different than what is currently live. 

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