Calgary Flames fashion: hottest outfits of the week

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Shane Stevenson
1 year ago
You know it’s a darn shame that these athletes dress so snazzy only for it to go to waste most of the time. The Flames social media team this year has been very adept at posting the players walk-in photos before games and I thought why not highlight the best here! (All photos were taken from the Flames verified Instagram account – @nhlflames)
This is the first edition so we’ll include all the games so far, but going forward the goal is a Friday round-up of the best ‘fits of the week.

Simple but stylish

Adam Ružička – The grey matching tie with the jacket works – and the suit is so well fitting. Not bulky, just sleek. Some guys go off colour ties, but this one with the black shirt underneath lets the grey pop more than it should.
Jonathan Huberdeau – That’s a slick green suit and he doesn’t take away from it anywhere else on the outfit. Simple white shirt with some plain white shoes allows the jacket to really stand out. You can make out his travel buddy Weegar’s shoe in the corner.
Adam Ružička – Black on black on black is how many millennials outfit their trucks nowadays – because it works. I’ll take a bit away for how it appears the overcoat fits on his shoulders – but very simple and effective nonetheless
Rasmus Andersson – I use the word pop a lot because that’s what some aspects of outfits do – they standout. Here the baby blue shirt stands out nicely with the dark blue jacket and pants. Add in the matching pocket square – which not a lot of guys employ – and it makes the list.

Funky and fresh

Jacob Markstrom – With the amount of Swedish men on the Flames their Handsome/60 is off the charts – I would know, I’m also the stats guy. Markstrom stands out with a great plaid jacket paired with a matching blue pants/tie/shoes combo. It’s not the ordinary game day rink attire and we love that.

Above and beyond

Blake Coleman – The Texas born man who played in Florida has adapted to the climate of the north just fine. The matching toque with the slick blue coat is one of the top 2 looks to start the season. He simply appears to be an international business man waiting for an international business meeting.

Lucic vs. Zadorov

I don’t know if these two are having some sort of competition but they’ve both provided off the chart looks so far this season.
Patterned pants with the jacket – the textures mix well. Ankle boots are something we haven’t seen from many other players. It feels like a very curated outfit – hand picked each piece to make it work
I use the phrase “Bond Villain” as a compliment because they are all what ZZ Top was singing about – sharp dressed men. The shine on this in the Calgary sunlight too. There were other players that wore jacket/pant combos like this, but none done up with the matching tie – Z stands out again.
The pinstripes speak for themselves, do they not? Fantastic choice to pick shoes and a tie that match the colour of the stripes. Just an all around 11/10 look.
I don’t know what class he’s teaching but i’m sure that there would be plenty of students. Same shoes as the outfit above, but once again they compliment everything else. I saved this on my computer as “Professor Zad-Dawg” and I felt the need to share that with all of you.
The done up coat looks better than an open one typically. This gets the nice fit boost for how it goes along the shoulders.
Cuffs are undone, jacket is over the shoulder, aviator sunglasses fully being rocked. This man showed up the rink feelin good and it oozes out of the energy of this ‘fit.
Simply, the best. Turtleneck and Chain before game 1,100 and there’s not one critique of this outfit from me. Lookin’ like he’s gonna go clubbing at the Roxbury after.
While right now I believe Zadorov is winning the overall battle, Lucic has the best outfit of the year to date.
Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below! Share this with friends and let’s get as many opinions on this as we can find. If you think I missed any feel free to DM @Flash_33 or @FlamesNation and tell us what you think. 

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