Flames select Cole Jordan at 141st overall

Photo credit:Keith Hershmiller/WHL
Ryan Pike
2 years ago
After taking the fourth round to catch up on other tasks, the Calgary Flames have made another selection at the 2021 NHL Draft. In the fifth round, with the 141st overall pick, they’ve selected defenseman Cole Jordan.
Jordan was ranked 64th by FC Hockey and 88th among North American skaters by Central Scouting.
Listed at 6’2″ and 200 pounds, Jordan is a left shot defenseman playing with the Western Hockey League’s Moose Jaw Warriors. He had three goals and 10 points in 23 games this past season. He’s a September 2002 birthday (and one of the oldest first-time eligible players in this draft class).
Here’s a portion of FC Hockey’s evaluation:
Jordan’s game is based around his efficient skating ability, intelligence, and subtle platform skills which can fly under the radar but will allow him to carrying his game forward by adding ancillary skills. he isn’t flashy but is effective in facilitating play. He’s quick and clean on his feet, showing effectiveness in speed changes and angling with strong edgework. He wisely utilizes shoulder checks, surveying the landscape on his puck retrieval and make his passes seem incredibly easy. He can handle pucks relatively clean and move pucks with time sensitivity but isn’t about flair unless he reads a situation where he needs to change lanes and then his ability to express a skill is on display. He angles off wingers to the outside and
can then close on them very quickly. He is often separating the player from the puck or causing them to lose control, but he’s usually focused on boxing them out or pinning them so he’s not the one transitioning the puck out. Jordan can leave pucks unprotected at times but shows a conscious effort to get pucks back to his hip and mask his intentions and enable more effective handling methods.
The knock on Jordan in scouts’ minds might be (a) a perceived lack of flair and flash in his offensive game or (b) his relatively small sample size at the WHL level, just 61 games over two seasons.

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