Is it too little too late for the Calgary Flames?

Zach Laing
2 years ago
As it stands, the Calgary Flames sit four points out of a playoff spot in the North Division.
Struggling through the first half of the season, a massive change has come with Darryl Sutter, who took to his first practice with a bag skate Tuesday, taking over behind the bench.
But is it too little too late for the Flames?
On the DFO Rundown podcast Monday, TSN’s Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli spoke about if the Flames had a shot to sneak into the post-season.
Gregor: They’ve got to go on a real big run. And and that’s why the fact that he got a three year deal, I think Calgary was looking like, yeah, we want to salvage this season, of course. And you still can I know it’s a shorter season, so it’s harder. But everybody remembers what happened to the blues. They came out of nowhere and just went on a massive run. So, you know, the one advantage Calgary has is they will be playing all the teams that they’re chasing and so on. I’m sure Darryl Sutter will come in with a “control your own destiny” angle and everything like that and get them to play more consistent. But you know, the loss (Sunday) night to Ottawa, it’s a tough one. Calgary now is going to they’re going to have to go on a great run. It’s going to be difficult to do, but it’s possible. But I think it’s going to be hard. 
Seravalli: Yeah, I think, look, everyone probably starts with a clean slate, so I think there’s a chance for things to change for him. I think there’s a chance for things to change for this team. You mentioned the inter-division play like I’m not willing to write them off yet because, you know, just mathematically, let’s say they win the bulk of the Battle of Alberta games, like they’re going to be in the mix against the Oilers, the team they’re chasing in points percentage. So say nothing of the fact that they’re going to get their crack at the Montreal Canadiens again. I think previously in a typical 82 game season with the schedule spread out, you’d say at this point, yeah, it’s going to be almost impossible for the Flames to make it up. But I don’t think that’s the case this year. 
You can listen to the full DFO Rundown episode below.

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