Quotable: the Flames lose to the Oilers 7-1

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Ryan Pike
1 year ago
The Calgary Flames weren’t awful on Saturday night against the Edmonton Oilers. But they made a bunch of critical lapses at critical times that the Oilers, and especially Connor McDavid, exploited. The Flames lost to Edmonton by a 7-1 score to begin a six game road trip.
Here are some selected quotes from the post-game media addresses.

Mark Giordano

The Flames lost 7-1. They never had a lead. Giordano was asked his thoughts on how the game unfolded.
Well I think after the first, you look at the first period, it’s 3-1. Their power play was going tonight. We felt like we had… I think we had 18, 19 shots in the first. Five-on-five we were okay, but the quality of chances we’re giving up are too high-end to be okay with it. I mean, you can’t give, especially when you have the fire power they have over there, you can’t give them high quality chances that we’re giving up throughout the game. But at 3-1 you feel like you’re still obviously in the game going into the second, you need to get that next one, and they found a way to make it snowball on us. Obviously we’re pretty disappointed and we need to get back to obviously playing the way we know we can. I think it starts individually. You’ve got to look at yourself, get your game going, and then the team will get going as well.

Matthew Tkachuk

Tkachuk was asked his thoughts on how the game unfolded.
[Long sigh] That sucked. That sucked. Let’s call a spade a spade here. That was probably one of the toughest moments since I’ve been here. Just the way it went, the way things are going, it’s just not… Things snowballed. They just, they got out of hand pretty quickly. My one thought is I feel terrible for our goalies, really. They come in and they battle every practice, every game, and if it wasn’t for them right now, I mean, who knows where we’d be in the standings? It’d be pretty close to the bottom. Gio said it perfect. I think everybody’s got to look at them-self first and… [sighs] …yeah.

Geoff Ward

Ward was asked about his team’s performance.
The gaffes that we give up are big ones. And they’re coming at inopportune times. We created some things tonight we didn’t convert, but we talked about it before: in this game it’s not always what you make, it’s what you leave, and what we’re leaving right now is huge. And that’s got to be fixed. We talk about it all the time. It doesn’t take talent to play away from the puck, it takes desire. We’ve got to get back to being better in that area because we were earlier. It’s fixable. It’s all fixable. But we’ve got to put our minds to it and we’ve got to get going here.
Subsequently, Ward was asked if it was the details of his team’s defensive game were what he meant – in terms of little mistakes that came back to haunt them – and he agreed with that assessment.

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