Report: Rasmus Andersson, NHLPA will appeal suspension to Gary Bettman

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Ryan Pike
6 months ago
The Rasmus Andersson suspension saga will continue to unfold over the next little while, folks. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman has confirmed Eric Francis’ original reporting that Andersson, via the National Hockey League Players Association, will be appealing his four game suspension for elbowing Columbus’ Patrik Laine on Friday night.
Andersson will remain suspended during his appeal.
So here’s how the process works:
Andersson and his representation will inform the NHLPA that he intends to appeal (or they may have already done so). The NHLPA submits the appeal to the league on Andersson’s behalf and represents him during this process. Andersson will remain suspended and unavailable to the Flames during his appeal. If his suspension ends before his appeal is completed, he’ll be eligible to play once again.
A hearing will be put together, chaired by Bettman, with both Andersson’s camp and the Department of Player Safety. (The Flames will also have somebody in attendance.) Both sides will provide arguments as to the rationale of their stances; Andersson’s camp will argue why the suspension should be reduced (or eliminated altogether), while Player Safety will explain the logic and relevant precedents behind the suspension and its length.
Bettman will look at the evidence he’s provided from both sides and judge if the suspension is logically bound to the NHL’s rules, and to previous Player Safety precedents. A short decision document will be produced and disseminated. Recent appeals to Bettman have been completed in about 5-7 days, give or take.
Because Andersson’s suspension is less than six games in length, there is no additional appeal mechanism after Bettman. Whatever Bettman decides in this situation is final and binding.
If Andersson has served his entire suspension and then Bettman reduces its length, he’ll get his lost salary refunded to him for any reductions.
We’ll have an examination of potential arguments and precedents published on the site on Monday.

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