The Flames won’t be wearing their classic reds at home until after Christmas

Photo credit:Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports
Ryan Pike
1 year ago
The Calgary Flames are embarking upon another lengthy homestand, and are heading into a pretty busy month of December. But during the next month, it’s smart to pack away your red jerseys, because the Flames are wearing black at home for awhile.
Here’s how the the jersey schedule breaks down for the next while:
  • Nov. 29 vs. Florida; Blasty (third jersey)
  • Dec. 1 vs. Montreal; Blasty
  • Dec. 3 vs. Washington; Pedestal (Reverse Retro)
  • Dec. 5 vs. Arizona; Pedestal
  • Dec. 7 vs. Minnesota; Pedestal
  • Dec. 14 vs. Vancouver; Pedestal
  • Dec. 16 vs. St. Louis; Blasty
The “Blasty” third jersey is a slight refresh of the black jersey introduced during the 2020-21 Reverse Retro line of jerseys. That jersey was, itself, a refresh of the black jersey with a fire-breathing horse (nicknamed Blasty by fans) which was introduced to commemorate the Year of the Cowboy and worn by the club from 1998-99 through 2005-06.
The “Pedestal” black jersey is this season’s Reverse Retro, a refresh of the pedestal design the Flames wore in both their home and away jerseys from 1994-95 through 1999-2000. (Blasty and the pedestals were both worn for the 1999-2000 season before the black jersey was retired.) Anyhow, this year’s edition of the Pedestal is a black design with the classic angled striping.
The next home game where fans will get to see their classic red home sweaters will be worth the wait, though: Dec. 27 against the Edmonton Oilers in the third and final regular season Battle of Alberta of the 2022-23 campaign.

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