Yegor Sharangovich joins a long, eclectic list of Calgary Flames who’ve scored 30 goals

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Ryan Pike
18 days ago
The Calgary Flames franchise has existed for five decades, and during that span a lot of really good players have put on a red jersey with a flaming initial on it and played hockey. However, out of the 600 different skaters who have played for the Flames, just 33 – 5.5% of all of them – have scored 30 or more goals in a season for the club.
With Yegor Sharangovich joining this group on Saturday, and teammate Blake Coleman sitting on 29 goals, let’s take a look at the 33 30-goal scorers.

Eric Vail

One of the first homegrown stars of the early Flames, Vail was a second-round selection by the Flames in 1973. He scored 30 goals on three non-consecutive occasions: 1974-75, 1976-77 and 1978-79. His 39-goal outburst as a rookie in 1974-75 was a career high and won him the Calder Trophy. Vail was the first 30-goal scorer in franchise history, beating Curt Bennett to the feat by 11 days.

Curt Bennett

Acquired by the Flames from the St. Louis Blues six weeks into their existence in 1972-73, Bennett became a really reliable goalscorer for a Flames team that was out-gunned quite often as an expansion team. He scored 30 goals twice – in 1974-75 and 1975-76. His 34 goals in 1975-76 was his career high.

Tom Lysiak

Another early homegrown star, Lysiak was the Flames’ first-rounder in 1973 – they got him and Vail with picks in consecutive rounds, which is just great work. Lysiak scored 30 twice – in 1975-76 and 1976-77 – and scored 30 again after being traded to Chicago in 1979.

Willi Plett

A fifth-round pick in 1975 that really blossomed into a strong NHLer, Plett was akin to a modern power forward. He was 6’3″ and played a physical style, crashing and banging around the net and along the boards. He scored 33 as a rookie in 1976-77, winning the Calder Trophy, and then 38 in the Flames’ first year in Calgary in 1980-81.

Bob MacMillan

The brother of Bill MacMillan, another Flames alum, Bob MacMillan joined the Flames via trade from St. Louis early in the 1977-78 season and ended up scoring 31 goals after his arrival. He followed it up with 37 goals the next season, which also saw him capture the Lady Byng Trophy for gentlemanly conduct.

Guy Chouinard

Arguably the Flames’ first quasi-superstar – he never won any individual awards but he was great – Chouinard scored 30 goals in three consecutive seasons: 1978-79, 1979-80 and 1980-81. A second-round pick from 1974, Chouinard was the first Flames player to ever score 50 goals (in 1978-79).

Kent Nilsson

The “Magic Man” himself, Nilsson was a fourth-round pick in 1976 – there’s an entire chapter in On The Clock about the Flames’ pursuit of him. When he finally joined the team in 1979 after a stint in the World Hockey Association, he was pure offence, scoring 30 goals in five of six seasons: 1979-80, 1980-81, 1982-23, 1983-84 and 1984-85. He peaked at 49 goals in 1980-81, and his 82 assists and 131 points from that season still stand as single-season franchise records.

Kevin LaVallee

A second-round pick in 1980, LaVallee only played six NHL seasons. But he scored 32 goals in 1981-82, his second season in the league.

Jim Peplinski

A veritable franchise legend, Peplsinki was known more for his two-way play (and physical style) than for goal-scoring, but he potted 30 in 1981-82 as an NHL sophomore.

Lanny McDonald

Acquired mid-season from the Colorado Rockies in 1981-82, McDonald scored 34 that season with the Flames, then set a franchise record with 66 goals in 1982-83. He scored another 33 in 1983-84 before injuries slowed his production a bit going forward.

Eddy Beers

A college signing, and owner of one of the best names ever in sports, Beers scored 36 goals in 1983-84, his first full NHL season. But he wasn’t able to follow it up and his career was cut short by injury just a few years later.

Hakan Loob

Another low-key Flames legend, Loob played a handful of seasons in the NHL and then returned home after winning a Stanley Cup. A late-round pick in 1980, he played six seasons in the NHL and scored 30 (or more) goals in four of them (1983-84, 1984-85, 1985-86 and 1987-88). He was the first (and to date, only) Swedish player to score 50 goals in an NHL season.

Dan Quinn

A first-round pick in 1983, Quinn scored 30 goals in his third NHL season and was traded the following season in a trade that landed the Flames the services of Mike Bullard. (Quinn scored 40 for the Penguins a few seasons later, so you could argue everybody got something good.) Speaking of…

Mike Bullard

Bullard scored 48 goals for the Flames in 1987-88. He wasn’t with the Flames for a long time – he was traded to St. Louis in the Doug Gilmour trade – but he was quite good while he was with Calgary.

Joe Mullen

Acquired from St. Louis in a trade, Mullen played four full seasons with the Flames (1986-87 to 1989-90). He scored at least 30 goals in each of those seasons, peaking at 51 goals in 1988-89. He won the Lady Byng twice with the Flames. He was a consistently dangerous scorer before, during and after his Flames run.

Joe Nieuwendyk

Drafted by the Flames in 1985 (with a pick acquired when they traded away Kent Nilsson), Nieuwendyk scored 30 or more goals six times over nine seasons with the Flames. Heck, he began his NHL career with back-to-back 51-goal seasons in 1987-88 and 1988-89. He was traded to Dallas in 1995 for Corey Millen and a player whose name escapes me for some reason.

Gary Roberts

Another homegrown stud, Roberts was a first-round pick in 1984 that became quite good. Roberts’ tenure was hobbled by injuries, but he scored 30 or more goals four times in 10 seasons. His offensive peak was 53 goals in 1991-92.

Theo Fleury

An eighth-round pick in 1987, Fleury played 11 seasons with the Flames and eclipsed 30 goals in seven of them. He had 51 goals in 1990-91, his career high, but maintained a really consistent scoring pace right up until his trade to Colorado in 1998-99. Heck, his final goal with the franchise was his 30th goal of that season.

Sergei Makarov

The reason the Calder Trophy now has an age limit on it, Makarov was a 12th-round pick in 1983 that joined the Flames as a 31-year-old rookie in 1989-90. He scored 30 for the Flames the following season, 1990-91.

Robert Reichel

Another European draft choice, Reichel was a 1989 fourth-round pick that came over shortly after being drafted and impressed. He reached the 30-goal mark in back-to-back seasons (1992-93 and 1993-94), scoring 40 goals in each campaign.

Valeri Bure

Best known as either Pavel Bure’s little brother or the guy that married the girl from Full House, Bure scored 35 goals in 1999-2000.

Jarome Iginla

Acquired from Dallas in the Joe Nieuwendyk trade, Iginla played 16 seasons for the Flames. He scored 30 or more goals in 11 seasons, peaking at 52 goals in 2001-02. It feels like we’re underplaying this a bit, but Iginla’s the greatest goal-scorer in Flames history and one of the top in NHL history.

Kristian Huselius

Huselius was a trade acquisition from Florida and had a brief run with the Flames. He scored 34 goals, a career high, with the Flames in 2006-07.

Daymond Langkow

Man, pre-injury Langkow was fantastic. Acquired from Phoenix (and subsequently traded back to Phoenix), he reached 30 goals in both 2006-07 and 2007-08, peaking with 33 in 2006-07.

Mike Cammalleri

Another fun short-term Flame, Cammalleri had a pair of runs with the Flames. His best season was 2008-09, when he scored 39 goals.

Jiri Hudler

A free agent signing, Hudler rode shotgun with Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan during 2014-15 and scored 31 goals that season. He won the Lady Byng that year, as well.

Sean Monahan

A 2013 first-round pick and one of the more reliable goal-scorers in modern Flames history, Monahan reached 30 goals in 2014-15, 2017-18 and 2018-19 before injuries began slowing him down. He peaked with 34 goals in 2018-19.

Johnny Gaudreau

Another really reliable offensive weapon, Gaudreau was a fourth-round pick in 2011 that reached 30 goals three times: 2015-16, 2018-19 and 2021-22. He peaked at 40 goals in 2021-22.

Matthew Tkachuk

A first-round pick in 2016, Tkachuk reached 30 goals twice: 2018-19 and 2021-22. His offensive peak was 42 goals in 2021-22.

Elias Lindholm

Acquired in a trade with Carolina in 2018, Lindholm was the defensive compliment to Gaudreau and Tkachuk in 2021-22. As happened with Hudler with Gaudreau and Monahan in 2014-15, Lindholm ended up having a career offensive year during 2021-22, scoring 42 goals.

Andrew Mangiapane

A sixth-round pick in 2011, Mangiapane had a superb season in 2021-22 and scored 35 goals that year.

Tyler Toffoli

Acquired the previous season from Montreal, Toffoli scored 34 goals in 2022-23, his lone full season with the Flames. He was coincidentally traded to New Jersey during the 2023 off-season for Sharangovich, the next player to score 30 for the Flames.
Will Sharangovich be able to follow up with a second 30-goal campaign? Or will his goal-scoring prowess be one-and-done? Let us know in the comments!
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