The Calgary Flames played their second game under Darryl Sutter on Saturday night. They turned in their second strong game and their second victory over the Montreal Canadiens, this time by a 3-1 score.
Here are some selected quotes from the post-game media addresses.

Mikael Backlund

The Flames’ special teams were quite effective on Saturday night, scoring a power play goal and shutting down Montreal’s potential PP.  It was the fourth straight game without a PP goal allowed, and the Flames have only allowed one opposition PP goal in their last six games. Backlund noted they’ve been sticking with what’s worked before.
I think we’ve been sticking with what we’ve done before. Same guys. It was a big boost to get Doc back into our lineup and our PK. He’s a solid PKer. And I thought we had a good stretch there in Toronto and we’ve found a way back the past few games. We know we can be a really solid PK and we haven’t really changed much because Darryl took over on the PK side. Done pretty much the same thing and things have been really successful the last while.

Andrew Mangiapane

After two games under his new head coach, Mangiapane was asked what the biggest difference was under Sutter.
I would say it’s our work ethic. I think we’re all working hard, we’re all playing the right way. I think that we’re strong defensively in our zone and we’re playing quick. Everything’s quick. Quick on the puck, quick supporting, quick on the forecheck, quick everywhere. I’d say those are the strong things that he’s bringing to us.

Darryl Sutter

Sutter discussed his perspective on his centres.
You need a real powerful group of centremen and we’ve got four veteran guys here. And to me, they’re all pretty even players. Sean’s a guy that’s put up numbers. Lindy’s back at his natural position. Mikael’s your consummate checking guy. And Derek’s a guy who can play anywhere in your lineup. You don’t win with one guy, quite honest. By now, we should all know here it’s not like it’s a star-power, star-laden lineup in terms of the way it matches up in this division. But I think that if everybody competes and plays the same way, plays together, I think we have pretty well-rounded centremen.