Draft Day Open Thread



With Pat Steinberg on the scene in LA, expect more updates from the ground as well as on topical analysis from myself and Robert Cleave if (when!) the Flames make a move this weekend.

For now, feel free to use this open thread to discuss rumors, speculate about trades or just simply wail and rend your clothes over the Flames unenviable position.

To get things rollings, I’ll make some predictions:

1.) A Flames defender will be dealt this weekend. Ian White or Robyn Regehr for some sort of player + daft upgrade or Adam Pardy for a third rounder.

2.) Sutter will find a way to sneak inside the top 60.

3.) An "extra" forward will be dealt, making room for Chris Higgins to be re-signed.

Let ‘er rip folks.

  • Robert Cleave

    When I did my preview, I maybe should have added Nigel Dawes. He’s dirt cheap, relatively speaking, but with the way he was left in the press box for the likes of Mayers and Nystrom late last year, he might be on the move. He’s worth much more to the club than a pick, of course, unless it’s pretty high.

  • I’m hearing a lot of the top-5 or top-10 picks are for sale this year. I can’t imagine the Flames having the assets to move up…but if you could, would you? Is the likes of Granland, Neiderreiter, Connolly worth it?

    • Oyo

      to get that pick youd have to give up someone pretty dam good.

      why give up a very good asset for essentially a question mark.

      i realize cap implications but it doesnt make to much sense to me.

      boston was genious last year with kessel cuz he wasnt doing much and to get a top 2 is a good deal. now the asking price will be TO HIGH.

      not worth it, my opinion

    • Robert Cleave

      What’s the price? I gather the Isles are looking for a “good young player” in return. Well first of all, who the hell isn’t, and second, how much payroll to they want to take on? Even if I loved Nino or someone of that ilk, why would I trade a cheap young talent for a lottery ticket? That leaves trading that pick for someone who’s already getting paid, and I haven’t heard that NYI is looking to bump the payroll all that much. I do suppose if the market gets flooded with top-15 picks, the price will drop, but there are a few GMs that are a bit mental about the value of their assets.

  • Oyo

    deal regher + nystrom and 3rd rounder for a center.
    at this point i dont even care who it is.
    if all sutter does is get a top 60 pick im not going to be pleased.

    he better do SOMETHING this summer to upgrade offense

  • Clyde Frog

    *Tumbleweed blows by*

    Ummm, sooo would anyone honestly take Burkes trade looking at Hall or Seguin + a top 5 next year? We don’t even need to discuss the second rounder portion, lets just pretend it would have been wasted even if the trade didn’t go through…

  • Graham

    Draft picks as free commodities, Sutter has done a pretty decent job of moving picks
    (typically 2nd rounders) for useful NHL assets,
    so the lack of picks in a particular year isn’t a huge concern. (and to be honest we don’t draft that well anyway.)

    If we are going to trade up (which isn’t typically Sutters MO) the draft appears to be pretty deep, so maybe we should be looking at a second round pick, but I would not over pay for it.

    At this point, I would rather see us trade for prospects than picks.

  • Word is the Blues may be shopping Berglund.

    I’m a big fan of the guy. I don’t really know if he’ll be moved at the draft (or at all), but that’s a young player I’d target. His results this year were poor, but it was mostly the bounces.

    • Robert Cleave

      I’ve heard the Ballard for Berglund chatter. I’m loathe to move White, but if Berglund’s in play, I’d sure think about that sort of move. He’s got one more cheap year left, and he does look like a real player.

  • Robert Cleave

    Doesn’t Reg have a no trade clause? I am hearing his name popping up alot and I imagine Garth Snow would maybe think of giving up their #1 for someone like Regher and maybe one of 3rd round picks.

    I wonder if Columbus would like more experience on their D-line and maybe go for Sarich or Staios and a pick.

    I really hope we can keep White, but if he fetches something good in return then so be it. We have a surplus of D-men both on the big club and down on the farm. We need fast, gritty yet skilled forwards. I can’t see us getting that #1 center we crave without offering someone like Robyn and other roster guys or prospects.

    It’s been a couple of months since the Flames season ended so I’ll ask this question now that we’ve had a bit of time to reflect. What should Flames management do to this team?

    1. Rebuild…get what we can for what we have and start over?
    2. Renovate…keep the foundation but build around it?
    3. Refrain…do nothing, the guys just need to try harder and we’ll be fine?

  • As it stands, with the amount of 1 goal gmaes lost last year, White alone tilts the scales of offensive productivity compared to Diane.

    Combined with Hagman and Stajan to the mix that’s at least another 10pts in the standings and confirms a spot in the dance.

    Sutter is always off the radar regardless of draft day. Tanguay, Cammalleri, Bertuzzi, Amonte, Cujo the list goes on…

    The enevitable is obvious, Defence get’s shopped and traded to benefit a draft position or add an NHL forward.

    My predictions of ANY not all:

    Regher and 3rd rounder or prospect for RFA Tomas Fleischmann

    White, Pelech and Erixon for Spezza and a 3rd rounder.

    Regher & ______ for Savard straight up.

    Third Rounder and a defensive prospect if a player that internal scouting has ranked in the top 15-30 that falls…

    Similarly, a player that is internally ranked 30 – 45 that falls below 45, a roster player (salary dump) & or prospect.

    Lost touch with reality wish list: Pick up the rights to Kovalchuk sign him then buyout, trade, bury Sarich, Staios, Moss, White.

  • I wish there was some way we could acquire Mikko Koivu. I think he’d be an excellent first line centre and has a fantastic 2 way game. That’s kinda the problem considering Minnesota’s destitution. And the fact that they love him for all the same reasons. And he’s their captain…

    Langkow + Nemisz + 3rd?