Flames Trade Jaffray for Logan Macillan

EDMONTON, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 23:  Jason Jaffray #38 of the Calgary Flames skates against the Edmonton Oilers on September 23, 2009 at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Dale MacMillan/Getty Images)


The strangeness continues in Flamesland today. Just coming down on the Twitterwire right now is news that the Flames have traded journeyman AHLer Jason Jaffray to the Anaheim Ducks for former first rounder Logan MacMillan. While that sounds impressive, the truth is MacMillan’s stock has fallen significantly since he was selected 19th overall in 2007.

He wrestled with injuries for the remainder of junior career and has yet to see an NHL game. In fact, MacMillan spent most of the season in the ECHL last year, before being loaned to the injury plagued Abbotsford Heat (where he scored nary a point).

A 6’1", 205 pound left winger, MacMillan is just more depth for the farm. Frankly I don’t see much sense in the move, although Logan is much younger than Jaffray and may have a higher ceiling.

  • my question is this:

    when the hell are the flames gonna hire an assistant gm (or two) so that we can stop watching darryl dick around with nothingness and start building an actual, contending national hockey league calibre team.

    i’m dreading tomorrow.

  • also “more depth for the farm” is actually a misnomer cause you’re removing the HEAT’s #1 forward and replacing him with a guy who will presumeably be the HEAT’s #1 forward. it’s trading brown smarties for black smarties, IMO.

  • marty

    i hope staios goes down too. if he does another 2.7. we could come out of this alright i do think. i know im the minority but if we can get the right players we can get younger and better. i think the trade is a wash and we could actually come up on the higher end of it although the high end of this trade is still nothing that will affect the big team

  • marty

    I know Jaffray personally and he told me Darryl promised him a spot last year on the big club. I presume he told Darryl he wanted off this sinking ship. Jaffray and Playfair did not get along well either. Hope he does well for the ducks, he sure didn’t get much of an opportunity here.

  • Robert Cleave

    Looks like this guy meets three of the five qualities Sutter looks at when acquiring players.

    a Western Canadian – No

    b Former first round pick – Yes

    c Former Sutter player – No

    d Reclamation Project – Yes

    e* Son of former Flame or someone else within the organization – Yes (a Flames scout)

    *Effective June 2010

    Not bad.

  • jeremywilhelm

    While I feel for the fans of the Heat (Who now have to watch the leading scorer on their team leave) in my mind getting a former 1st rounder who’s fallen on hard times but who’s still young enough to be considered a prospect is a win in my book. A small inconsequential win since it doesn’t affect the Flames… but a win.

    • Sure. Jaffray was never really going to be a regular NHLer.

      It should be noted that MacMillan is also a long way away. He has time on his side, certainly, but his draft pedigree is probably moot at this point. In the same vein as AJ Thelen, for example. If MacMillan was worth a damn, there’s no way ANA deals him for a career AHL player.

      It’s a very low risk, low reward move.

  • Section 216

    A lot of good analysis and info comes through here but regardless of what it is it seems the majority of the resndentss are singing from the same negative song book.
    The teams which have been good recently have almost all been horrible for a numer of years 4 years before in order to get the high end talent.
    If management chooses to try to put a competitive team out there and not finish dead last like the Oilers for instance that is their right since they are putting up the $$.
    The Flames haven`t been paying out money for players no longer playing (although they probably will this year) as 16 other NHL teams did this past year.
    Although Flames didn`t make the playoffs this year they did finish higher than 1 of the Cup Finalists.
    Stop being so negative!!

    • I know I’m going to have to say this more than once around here, but here goes.

      Don’t tell people what flavor of fanship they should have. Not here. If you feel the need to be positive (or negative) about the Flames, then feel free to argue your view point. Vehemently if need be. But I’m not going to allow this place to become a staging point for battles between warring factions of Cynics and True Believers where every thread descends into screams of “hater!” and “apologist!”. A lot of Flames messageboards have become nearly unreadable because of this issue recently.

      The tone of each post and thread will be set by the content and quality of the arguments. Not partisanship.

    • Section 216

      Two way contract. If Anaheim doesn’t want him on the roster they don’t have to pay him 850K to play in the AHL… that’s all I got.

      If they really want him you gotta figure that they’d have been able to get him when he was invariable waived for AHL assignment, oh well I guess there’s got to be some logic to it.

  • Hey Kent, not that it matters now but do you know the counting stats (I think that is what you call them (?) ) for Jaffray while he was with the heat? I do agree in that getting a former first round pick is probably a good thing, but I do think Jaffray didn’t get much of a shot with the Flames. I am not saying he was going to produce a point per game or score 50 goals, but maybe on the third line he could contribute 15 goals like Dawes did, and Faffray is at the league minimum. Jaffary put up some pretty decent offensive numbers albeit in the AHL.

  • Section 216

    There isn’t anything wrong with this trade. Jaffray is 29 and wasn’t going to make the Flames. He is a 225K hit on the farm and was taking up top line time away from developing prospects.

    In addition to losing Jaffray we get a player picked 19th overall with good two-way play. He reminds me in a lot of ways to Nystrom.

    I think this was a win for the Flames all around.