Flames Hire Jay Feaster as Assistant GM



According to twitter reports, it looks like Sutter has found someone willing to make balloon animals. Ironically, it’s Jay Feaster, the GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning team that defeated the Flames in the 2004 Stanley Cup finals.

That sounds like a good resume, of course, but frankly I’m unimpressed by Feaster. His team slid into terrible territory soon after winning the cup and his writings at the Hockey News since being deposed have caused me to both laugh derisively and raise my eyebrows more than once.

So, yeah…color me less than thrilled.

  • Crap.

    All this time, I’ve been thinking that the path to winning hockey games was to get good hockey players.

    But, as it turns out, based on the insight of some of the fine commenters of FlamesNation, I have learned that the path to winning hockey games is to be more friendly to the media and the fans (because they know better) and to have at least one more Stanley Cup ring than your opponent (Kevin Lowe in Edmonton has 5, that’s why the Oilers have won so many games lately).

    Consider me properly chastised on this matter.

  • Keep up the good work Kent, P Stein, Robert ect. I really enjoy reading all your thoughts on this web site, it’s down to earth and it’s your guys actual thoughts and feelings that makes this great to read up on Flames matters.

    It really chaps my as$ when I listen to the local radio station, who are actual rights holders, not ask tough questions to Darryl and others because they don’t want to be in the bad books.


    I have to agree. It’s so annoying listening to Kerr lob in those softball questions. It’s so obvious that he’s posturing for Peter Maher’s job when Peter retires. I’ve, on many occasions, turned off the radio in disgust of him. He’ll be all gruff and surly with the less senior hockey personalities (ie Steinburg), and do a 360 when talking to Flames brass. No respect for that guy whatsover…Edmonton can have him back.


    He was brought in for one reason, media relations. When i heard this I was a little leery. Not a great GM in his time. Sure he helped to build the Bolts but dont know how much he had to do with it. He then put the team in a bad way with his signings. Maybe they can get together on how NOT to sign bad contracts?

  • I don’t see this as a bad thing but I have a hard time seeing it as too positive either. Time will tell I suppose but I am with Kent. I have read some of his stuff on THN and his articles have zero insight nor do they scream “intelligent hockey man”.

    Obviously he has some history and a ring so again…time will tell.

  • LMAO. Not even worth dignifying that with a response.

    On a serious note though

    Hunh. “Serious note”, I doubt you are capable of that.

    POINTS, they are EVERYTHING!

    don’t know why I waste my time reading these highly predictable blogs.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    The both of you. The adults here will be better off for it.

  • I think I’ve got it down cold, how Gange and his type of hockey fan rate hockey players.

    So it starts easy enough, log on to NHL.com and sort the skaters by points and the goalies by wins. The system for tiebreakers would be quite complex. I’d surmise maybe the first tiebreaker would be the number of Cup rings, followed by the number of goals in the latest All-Star game, followed by something like who was the latest to score a hat trick. Participation in President’s Trophy-winning teams would be looked down upon, though, everybody knows that the regular season doesn’t matter.

    Then the next year, they’d do the same thing. Of course the rankings would be completely different. Hockey players are fickle bitches though, a lot of the guys who are good today are just not going to be very good tomorrow.

    You can count on that, as sure as the Earth is flat.

  • Arik

    I’d like to point out to all the “yay Feaster!” guys here that Feaster might have the ring, but he was only marginally responsible for getting the team there- most of that team was built by Rick Dudley a few years beforehand.

    Remember- Stan Bowman has a Stanley Cup ring, and he’s hardly responsible for getting the Hawks there. His job was basically “Don’t screw things up”.

  • On the topic at hand, it would have been inconsistent of me to celebrate Feaster’s hiring after previously pointing out faults in his logic. As I’ve stated numerous times, I don’t think it’ll make much difference in the end. If he’s able to make a real, positive change in the org, I’ll be the first guy to start cheering him on.

  • I do lie some of the ojective analysis that Kent provides ut very much refer more balance. I too queston some of the moves toward the end of lst year ut also balance it with some positive moves.
    Iggy said he felt the scoring was upgraded on this team at low cost.
    Nystrom in an interview fter he signed with Minny was asked aout the Flames moves this year said he thought they were great moves and elieves Jokinen is a high end talent who he thinks will ounce back.

    I can handle negativity ut this sight seems to have become a magnet for those who want to vent their anger constntly and continually. If as a Flames fan I ever feel likeI’m getting a bit too otimistic I can come here and spend 2 minutes and cure that in a hurry.
    If someone could create a site with some of the good analysis ut more balance let me know-I`m ready to moe on as well.

  • Another Point Form Post.

    1. I hate Kent because he is Negative:

    If you feel that way then dont be afraid to disagree with him. Your disagreement makes for an interesting thread. So the crowd who supports more positivity in the forums, well, please post more so you can help create that atmosphere. I do disagree with Kent on a large range of issues, but, he has points, and it makes it fun for me since he looks at this team differently than I do.

    2. The Feaster Fest:

    I dont think anybody could put forward a name who is available with GM experience who we would want here as AGM. I will say what I like about Feaster is he has seen a team go downhill and probably has learned a thing or two from it. I think that is part of why he got the job, he can help Darryl with something he has already seen before and thats one of the bigger issues facing the flames right now. I like what Feaster brings for this club.

    I would also like to point out that Mike Keenan has GM experience; thank god we didnt bring him in lol.

  • I’ll be the first to say it, I like the summer moves from Sutter so far. Here is why:

    Tangs & Jokinen- Tangs had his best time here in Calgary and with no heavy expectations will perform well. Jokinen is a similar cut too, and the 3 mil cap hit is digestible for two years. NTC only makes sense, cuz lets face it, without Sutter will move you, so I can understand why it had to be back in the contract.

    If you don’t like the signing of either player, please let me know who else was in that free agency pool who could be useful? Paul Kariya? Or lets overpay Manny Malholtra.

    Feaster- Feaster has seen what happens things arent addressed now, so bringing him in at this point to me makes sense. Will he be the media conduit? Sure, but lets face it, Sutter only gives a good interview when he needs to, and I don’t think that will change and we wont see Sutter anymore.

    Next Season: I think the team will have a good year next year, will they be #1 in the league? Not likely, but I think this next team has a good chance at taking the NW. Not an easy task against Vancouver and Colorado, but we are in the mix in my mind.

  • Folks – good analysis isn’t “balanced”. It strives to find the truth. The truth isn’t balanced – it just is. When Sutter does something I like, I’ll say so. I’m guessing when that happens, no one will come around and say they want it balanced by the negative side.

    The year has been a poor one for the organization. Full stop. They missed the playoffs and Sutter made bafflingly bad decisions at the deadline. The team is one of the most cap strapped in the league, the prospects are middling and the core is mostly on the decline. There’s problems everywhere. The last time they were this far away from being an elite squad was when Sutter first took over the team. He’s done good things in the interim, no question, but his recent resume (starting around the first Jokinen trade) is riddled with errors.

    There’s no “agenda” here. Or, if there is, my agenda is “I want the Calgary Flames to be good”. I celebrate moves I think take the team in that direction. I denigrate moves I think don’t do that. I’m not always right, of course, but I always try to back my opinions and assertions up with facts.

    Everyone is free to disagree. If you like a move that I don’t, I can be convinced. Not through rhetoric, insults or pleas to artificially add balance because it would make you feel better about things. But through rational discourse. That’s why the comments are here.

    What you can be assured of is what I write is my honest assessment. I’m not grinding axes here, I’m not trying to be artificially controversial and I’m not serving any perceived consensus. I call it like I see it.

    For those who doubt that, I’ve frequently praised Sutter in the past. I liked the Bouwmeester acquisition, I wrote favorably about Bourque (both the trade and the recent re-signing), I was supportive of the Brent Sutter hiring. Had he actually landed Savard last week, I would have been effusive in my praise.

    I realize my style may put some people off. So be it. Not everyone can be pleased all the time. However, I hope those of you who disagree but are willing to hash things out rationally don’t run from the site. Debate and discussion are what make this truly fun and rewarding even when we don’t see eye-to-eye. I never mean my articles to be a personal affront to anyone and I’m always willing to change my perspective in the face of evidence. If you take me as too negative, so be it…bring the positivity here yourself.

  • I would have to agree with post #29 by Drew. I have only been coming to flames nation for the past few months and i doubt i’ll be back. It is a very negative site towards the Calgary Flames, analytical yes but the posters are the negative ones. Everyone in here thinks they could be the GM of a NHL team and i doubt your name would even be in a whisper of conversation so give Feaster the credit he deserves. We always talk about our Flames of ’04 and how good they were, well this guys team beat us. (technically yes, but we all know “it was in”) All the debacle that went on in TB i don’t rest entirely on Feaster. He was just the figure head, the fall guy for their ownership problems. I personally am willing to give the guy a chance because i think he deserves a chance. I understand everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but i won’t be reading them anymore on this site…

  • JT provides the first laughs for the day.

    The adults here don’t talk about the 04 Flames being all that. It was Iginla and Conroy and a hot goalie and then varying shades of poo-brown. I think RCleave made the point once that the shot differential implied a better regular season team than expected, but luck drove the post-season play.

    It’s alright if you or others don’t like it here, it really is. Not everyone can perform the intellectually arduous task of thinking before speaking.

  • To get back on topic, Puck Daddy actually found a Feaster Hockey News article I actually agree with:

    Overreach in any area – such as when owners solicit the input of players about signings or who the player would like to play with, or when players decide they know more than the coach and don’t need to play his system – and you create an environment in which success may not be impossible, but will be inherently more difficult. The no trade/no movement clauses are perfect examples of overreaching. While GMs may have great reasons for agreeing to them at the time, in short order they find their hands tied and options limited.”

    So that’s encouraging, assuming Feaster can convince Sutter of this stuff.

    • I realize hockey players are professionals, but in terms of who works together and who doesn’t (I’m speaking in terms of who becomes trade bait, not who to acquire), I would think that player input could be quite useful; maybe there’s someone on the team that very few people get along with.

  • CitizenFlame

    I have only been a citizen for a short period of time (a few months anyway) and I have also found the overall tone to be fairly negative especially directed towards Sutter. That being said, I also believe that this site is one of the better ones for the informed writing (especially you Kent) as well as the connection to the team (mainly through Pat). The voice here can often be critical but is usually honest in its assesment, which a lot of fans don’t like to hear. Unfortunately, the team had it’s worst season in nearly a decade, so it’s not surprising and should be expected that the overall tone is going to be more on the negative side. Even Mr. Optimism (Iggy) has said that the fans have every right to be mad. Calgary is a city with passionate fans and a knowledgeable fanbase. This site is evidence of that. Despite the outpouring of honest assesment/negativity, I still am hooked and log in everyday (usually a few times a day) to see what is going on with the team that I love and to hear from other hockey crazed fans who still want to talk hockey in July!

  • CitizenFlame

    Now that I got that last part out of the way, I would actually like to comment on the article. I’m not going to say that I’m a huge fan of Feaster but the man has won at every level. I mean, a Calder Cup and GM of the year in the AHL, a Stanley Cup and Sporting News Executive of the year. Those are solid credentials. Not a lot of GM’s can claim that success, so either he is the luckiest SOB in the hockey world to just walk into that kind of success or he’s been able to build a winner (even if it’s only in the short term). Look at his bio, he had quick success in both the AHL and NHL winning a few years after taking over in both leagues, so maybe he can help turn the team around in a hurry with a 1-3 year timeline. That fits with this aging core.

    Oh ya, RO you crack me up sometimes. Way to pile on, to the guys who are saying they want to leave if there isn’t more positivity!

  • Don’t worry Kent, I love the stuff you spew. Personally, I like that someone out there is doing the math and presenting it in a way that can be easily digested. I think that’s how you make comparisons among teams/players meaningful.

    A lot of the negativity is just coming from the off-season absence of actual hockey after a bad season. Once we get to camp and start seeing what we’ve got out of these prospects and trades, I fully expect to read lots of quality commentary on actual performance (good and bad), just like you always read here (or on M&G and FHF).

    In the spirit of positivity, I’d like to take back any comments I’ve ever made calling the ownership a bunch of lying liars because they didn’t follow through hiring an AGM. I was wrong, they did what they said they would. For what its worth, he’s a very different sort of manager from what we have, we’ll see how he does working with the jolly rancher.