Staios! Is! Available! Hudsons Contest


Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I’ve been actively trying to "sell" Steven Staios to other fanbases and teams as the trade deadline approaches. The tag-line I’ve employed, stolen from so-many informercials and shopping channels, is contained in the title of this post. 

Today it was suggested to me by a few followers that the meme deserved a photoshop or two. The first suggestion was Feaster head atop Slap-chop Vince’s body with a slogan or two ("You’re gonna love my Staios!"). 

With apologies to Steve, it struck me that this would make for a pretty good contest, so that’s what I’m currently prosposing – send in your best Staios! Is! Available! photoshop work and Flamesnation will send you $100 worth of Hudsons gift certificates, redeemable at both Calgary locations.

Of course, the true reward for such an endeavour will be the finished product, so all entries will be featured in a single post celebrating everyone’s handiwork. Even if you don’t live in Calgary and may not be able to use the ultimate prize, please don’t let that deter any efforts – the real goal is to have fun.

The contest will close a week from today, Thursday Feb. 24. Send all entries to

Happy selling!