Flames Trade Tim Erixon



According to Jesse Spector, the Flames have traded Tim Erixon to the New York Rangers for Roman Horak and two second round picks. Flames also sent a 5th rounder to the Rangers in the deal.

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Horak is a former 5th round pick who scored 78 points in the WHL last year for the Chilliwack Bruins. He was second on the team in scoring behind Ryan Howse.

Analysis and reactions later…

    • wattree

      I’ll lay this on on the head of Dutter. If the IIHF says you can’t negotiate during the season then this deal should have been done last summer. I’d say we got something more than just a replacement pick for a guy that didn’t seem to want to be here. Who knows, maybe Darryl pissed him off last year and he was never planning to sign here this year. Not that Darryl can be abrasive or anything.

  • Greg

    On the trade itself, I think it was as good as could be expected. There was no chance the flames were getting a first round pick for erixon, they had no leverage to negotiate with. It’s not like they could threaten “give us a first, or we’ll hold on to him”. Every team new they only had to beat the 2nd rounder they would get otherwise. Unless they got a bidding war going, they weren’t going to do much better, and even then, no team would give up an early first round pick for a guy they could probably draft with that pick instead, especially when there’s a chance they could do better (you never know when a cam fowler is going to drop all the way to #12). Erixon isn’t exactly a can’t miss prospect yet either, according to bob mckenzie some teams still had him pegged as a 2nd rounder. I was merely hoping they’d get a 2nd and another depth pick, so to get 2 seconds and a prospect who may never make the NHL but has at least surpassed what you’d expect for a fifth rounder is actually a pretty good return. It’s still a terrible trade, but given the circumstances, I think Feaster can rightfully say it was the best that could be done.

    On not being able to sign him however, ugh. but I can see erixons point of view. There’s 4 NMCs of various flavors ahead of him on defense, and the cap situation is ugly enough that there was a non-trivial chance he’d get put in the minors because the flames wouldn’t be able to keep his contract and bonuses (which count against the cap this year) on the roster. It’s not like we haven’t seen that done here before. And yes, if he looked at how Backlund was treated last year, I don’t blame him at all for not wanting to be here. That’s all legacy problems from Daryll-Days, and I think we all knew we were going to have to be patient and wait for that to work itself out. Personally I think Feaster took a suicide mission because he could very well get blamed and fired for everything that goes wrong here the next 1-2 years that no GM, dead or alive, could do anything about.

    That said, if details come out that it was just a $200k difference and erixon wanted the org to show some faith in him and tell him the 5th/6th spot was his to lose, then I do think blame shifts back from Sutter to Feaster, cause the hit we took on having to make that trade was certainly greater than that.

    • CitizenFlame

      “There’s 4 NMCs of various flavors ahead of him on defense, and the cap situation is ugly enough that there was a non-trivial chance he’d get put in the minors because the flames wouldn’t be able to keep his contract and bonuses (which count against the cap this year) on the roster.”

      With the cap going up, and if Calgary traded or buried a couple of contracts they could have made Erixon’s ELC work. Not to mention, how many defense are under contract right now? Erixon was practically guaranteed a 5-6 spot with the club. And moving beyond this year, Regehr’s contract would be up before Erixon’s ELC so there would be room to manoevre when the time came. Those are all excuses created by the Erixon camp to provide him with justification for going to NY.

    • Robert Cleave

      Co-sign, shep.

      It’s sad. He’s a serious prospect that they’ve pissed away for magic beans, and even if he didn’t want to be in Calgary, there had to be a better way to get fair value than waiting until the very last minute.

  • Sanintarious

    So basically the Flames traded arguably their best prospect for 2 second round picks. Ugh.

    (Roman Horak just replaces our 5th round pick being sent over)

  • This is freaking horrible. Worst case scenario, I have been a devout flames fan for years, and I’m thinking this is the last straw. Not that I am giving up on my team, but wtf you all know what im talking about. ROMAN HORAK!?!???! great job feaster, go stuff yourself with 100 slices of american cheese (I know the joke was used earlier). Cmon, I cant think back to a Flames trade in years that has gone right for this team. We JUST LOST OUT BEST PROSPECT FOR NOTHING, NOT EVEN A FIRST ROUND PICK WTF.

    • Resolute

      Actually, best case scenario is Feaster drafts two players who turn into quality NHLers, and Horak continues to improve to become one of those unlikely success stories from the bottom rounds of the draft.

      Sucks that we lost Erixon, but the more I read, the more I think this is a case of a spoiled brat seeking to dictate where he will play. I read his complaints and see excuses. That he chose to be a punk does set the organization’s development program back, but under the circumstances, the trade was really quite good given we were a short time away from getting barely a third of that we did.

  • We should wait before passing judgement. Maybe Erixon strung them along. Why else would they have waited for deadline day? They must have assumed they could sign him and when things met an impass, they had to bail quick.

    I agree: I would have preferred Erixon to what we got, but it could have been worse (i.e., one second round pick).

    I’m just upset I pegged my hopes on him for the coming year. I will never love another draft pick again…

  • Graham

    Pretty tough day for Flames flames, and a big black mark against Feaster. Not an encouraging start to his FOUR year tenure… The Glencross signing was a small positive, not keeping Erixon who looks like a top two d man is pretty much a disaster!

  • Sanintarious

    Not to mention, ya maybe the 2 second round picks do great and exceed Erixon(unlikely) but there is also now the factor that they need time to develope while Erixon was almost if not already NHL ready.

    Flames basically taking 1 step forward(earning draft picks) but giant steps backwards(given up a top prospect)


  • Scott

    @Scott: Without a doubt. People can blame Erixon but I would assume that any respectable GM would tell some 20 year old kid to shut the f*** up and sign, but Erixon saw the gong show that is King and Feaster and thought “Screw this noise, I totally have an out from these clowns”

    • Robert Cleave

      I left those festivities for you younger folks. I am looking forward to attending NHL games without needing to spend a couple of hours aboard an airplane first, though.