Congratulations Boston, the 2011 Stanley Cup champions



The Boston Bruins outclassed the Vancouver Canucks in the last two games of the series and were full value for the championship. Congrats to them and, in particular, Tim Thomas who is perhaps one of the most compelling figures in hockey today.

Also, thank you Bruins for sparing us a summer of Vancouver fan gloating.

  • T&A4Flames

    Ok Todd, I’ll give you credit for actually showing up here to take the abuse you so rightly deserve. I hope your uncle is ok. That said, I now hope you understand why the ‘Nucks were never “Canada’s Team.” Spectors report from ‘Gange’ blog hit it on the head. The city of Vancouver played out the loss in the same classless fashion that the team itself performed on the ice during these playoffs. Biting, scratching, clawing and diving is not honourable and lacks integrity. If that wasn’t enough we had to listen to your classless GM and coach speak in seperate series about how they were not getting favourable calls from the refs. Seriously? Detroit aside, no other team in the league gets as favourable calls from the refs than Van. So, top to bottom, that organization and as of last night, your city, do not in any way, represent Canada.

  • @Brent G.

    That sounds a bit harsh… but in our defense, we deserve to rub their noses in it a little bit… seeing how we have got the gears all year.

    Just an observation…

    I think Vancouver was a little over-rated this year, because one key thing that they have lacked is LEADERSHIP! The Sedins were embarassing to watch. No Heart! if you had a guy like Reechi or Smyth the Cup would be yours no question. (Obviously with the exception of Higgins and Kesler)

    • Reidja

      Harsh? Maybe… Honest? Completely.

      The Canucks were over rates undoubtedly. They played in the worst division in the NHL. Calgary was the second best team in the NW and finished 10th. That is a lot of easy games to play which helped boost the teams points. Their run to the finals was one of the easiest I can remember. A depleated Chicago team, Nashville had no business being there, and choke show Joe? All of this is the recipe for being overrated.

  • Reidja

    Hey, I was cheering for Boston like any other good Flames fan and I don’t like the way that some of the Canucks play, but let not get delusional… The Canucks won the presidents trophy – maybe one of the most underrated accomplishments in pro sports and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are favoured to win the cup next season. With a couple of pieces added they could be even better than the team that frankly “neutered” the Flames head to head last season.

    Having them lose the way they did in game 7, to a good Boston team, is punishment enough. Gotta give the Canucks the props they deserve.

    Except on that Luongo contract… What a piece of $h*t that looks like!

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    I would agree that the canucks would be Cup favourites to start the year – by the odds makers anyway.

    I don’t expect Ro-choke-o Luongchoke to ever be able to win the Cup though. He’s too fragile, emotionally.

    Although, if they can add a bit of heart and character, they might be able to overcome their goalie and win in spite of him, just like Team Canada did.

  • Gange


    I’m willing to bet that if Crosby and Malkin hadn’t been injured this year, Pittsburg would have won the Presidents Trophy and the sisters wouldn’t have won the scoring title. They’re good, but still think slightly over-rated.

  • T&A4Flames

    I’m not trying to take away from the fact that Vancouver does have a great team, they most certainly do. So my question is simply why not just play hockey. Someone posted the Marchand on Sedin business. Take care of your own business and good things will follow. Someone should have ‘reminded’ Marchand that you can’t abuse our stars without consequence. The ‘Nucks wasted too much time looking to the refs instead of just playing the game. If they would have just played their superior game, they would have and should have won. And who knows, maybe they would have won over the hearts of some non ‘Nuck fans.

  • T&A4Flames

    Addressing my own remarks, because reading them back they may sound a little harsch, I am not so anti-Vancouver. The team is one to be respected for their talent. I have come to respect the Sedins for their off ice persona. They are perhaps the only 2 humble players on that team. I lived in Victoria for a few years and loved the atmospere in BC. It’s just too bad that so many decided to act like jack-a**es and destroy your city. That being said, I hear there is an effort going on by other citizens to help clean up the mess left form last night. That shows that Vancouver still has people that care, and I can certainly respect that.

  • Gange

    Vancouver is a great regular season team. That I’ll give them.

    They’re not built to win in the playoffs though. Chicago showed that with the return of Dave Bolland. Had he returned one game earlier they would have remained a first round failure.

    Nashville and San Jose lacked the leadership and heart that Vancouver also lacked.

    Lets be honest, if not for a couple bounces or loose play by the Bruins this could have been a 5 or 6 game series for the Bruins.

    Don’t believe the hype Boston didn’t only ride Tim Thomas to the win. They intimidated and out classed Vancouver.

    The Sedin’s, as good as they were all season, were non-factors all playoffs. Your captain can’t be that. If I have to give props to a vancouver player it’s Kesler. As irritating as he is, he was fantastic until he got hurt and even after that he was pretty darn good.

    • Captain Ron

      Yeah I agree with your snapshot analysis of the Canucks. If they ever hope to win with that group the Sedin’s can’t be relied on to score deep in the playoffs. They are great players but don’t do well (so far) when the going gets tough. Maybe when they become second or third liners they’ll do better. Is it just me or did the Canucks have the most precarious final series lead in the playoffs that I can ever remember.

      Congrats to the Bruins who I thought were one of the best teams I saw at the dome this year. Great team play in their own zone. If the Flames ever play like that on defence I’ll get excited about their chances. Until then this was a real eye opener of how far we have to go. Would be nice to have a rookie like Marchand on our team. Wow was he good! Tim Thomas was awsome and is now one of the best interview’s in hockey today. Love that guy.

      This might be one of those rare times when Taylor Hall wishes he was second best. How lucky is Tyler Seguin today.

      In an earlier post I predicted that Boston was tougher than a lot of people thought and that they would win it in seven. Sadly that only makes me slightly brighter than Don Cherry.

      I like Andrew Ference even more than I did before for his classy remarks about his former team mates in Calgary. He’s another guy who never should have been traded away.

      Thank you hockey gods, and Boston Bruins players for ultimately making our lives here in Calgary so much better knowing that the names Kesler, Burrows, Lapierre, and a few others will be kept off the cup for at least one more year, and their annoyingly arrogant fanbase will hopefully be shut up for a while.

    • Vintage Flame

      Good call Gange;

      The only credit I’m willing to give the Canucks is that this was not the team that was built to win the Cup. They did have a lot of injuries, most notably to Kesler. I know it will all come out later about who had what, but I think the most tangible one was the Kesler injury.. And even then the guy still played with as much heart as he could muster. [Gawd, that just made me sick typing that!]

      As for the Sedins, I have no doubt that at least one of them was also playing injured, but they get no accolades from me on that. They demonstrated a total lack of leadership and spine for that matter. Dank taking rabbit punches from a 5’9″ rookie Marchand is just not acceptable. If that had been Gretzky in the 80’s, Semenko would have been force feeding Marchand his own teeth. End of story. The Canucks stood around watching like it was an after school fight at the bike racks. How does anyone let their star player take THAT kind of abuse. The same could have been said when Thomas leveled Dank in front of his crease. Just no backbone on this team whatsoever.

      Bieksa “played” the series well enough, but this guy could have and should have done so much more in the “team” dynamic. He was out there like he was looking after himself and damn the rest of the guys all wearing the same colors.

      It’s so funny to hear the Canucks, and especially the Sedins repeat, we lost as a team, and how proud they are of this team..

      There is a great line from James Earl Jones in the movie, “Best of the Best”.
      “A team is not a team, if they don’t give a damn about eachother.”

      Someone on the Nucks should rent that flick, obviously the Bruins have.

  • Gange

    hmmm……….I’m glad Boston won too and think Vancouver is a city of losers, but come on people, the team itself is not exactly terrible! Had Luongo played to his potential and a couple of bounces gone the other way for them they could well be holding the Cup. They did make it to game 7 of the finals, after all. Compare what they achieved this year vs. what we achieved and yet there’s people on here who think we just need a couple of tweaks? Sorry, but I’ll take their team with a couple of tweaks to it over ours any day.

  • Gange

    “It’s so funny to hear the Canucks, and especially the Sedins repeat, we lost as a team, and how proud they are of this team..”

    Not trying to start a fight or anything, but how is that any different than what I have to hear Iginla spout every summer right before he turns down Team Canada at the WC (again) and heads for the Okanagan?

    • icedawg_42

      The thing with Iggy is that he has 3 young kids and doesn’t get much time to see them throughout the year, and he has represented Canada many times, so he has the right to turn down Canada at the World’s.

    • Vintage Flame

      One actually has nothing to do with the other..
      As mentioned, Iggy has a young family and that’s their time.. He’s put in his time with the National team for MANY years anyways. He is also usually ridden like a rented mule, so he’s a bit tired for volunteer duty at the WHC.

      Make no mistake though.. He is THAT tired and that beaten down BECAUSE of what he devotes to his team as the star player AND as the Captain.

  • icedawg_42

    Yeah Vintage, you are right that the Canucks just didnt seem to have the desire or heart or whatever you want to call it, to sacrifice all for what they should be considering brothers. Watching Sedin get punched without retribution or seeing Raymond get injured (TOTALLY unintentional IMO) without even really a scrum. As for Iggy’s canned responses the-Wolf, I cant say I disagree that they are contrived and overly PC, but on the flip side, there’s a guy who’s represented his country many times, and is never shy about dropping the gloves – so he shows on the ice the balls out heart in the big game that the Sedins utterly failed to do last night. Babcock is on record saying he was looking up and down the bench trying to decide who to send out – and settled on Iggy when he saw the intensity in his eyes….what happened next? The golden goal.