Robyn Regehr Traded – For Real This Time


According to Darren Dreger, Robyn Reger has agreed to waive his NTC to go to Buffalo. Rumor is, Ales Kotalik is also part of the package which is something that cropped up our talks during FlamesNation radio on Thursday.

No word on the return yet, but getting rid of Kotalik’s contract makes the Regehr trade a lot more palatable. Depending on what the Flames get back, it could save the club a whole bunch of cap space and open a lot more options for them come July 1.

Of course, on the other hand, you have the departure of one the cornerstones of this franchise over the past decade and a guy who remains one of it’s best defenders. This post is not the venue for a true obituary for Regehr’s career in Calgary, but there’s no doubt the big guy will be missed a great deal by Flames fans, no matter how well the trade may or may not end up for the team.

We’ll update as detail trickle in.

  • Captain Ron

    Easy now people. The negative vibe here is unbelievable. I also really hope the deal is better than reported BUT before I react to it I’ll wait until the official announcement is made. Not like McKenzie hasn’t made mistakes in the past. Just ask the Burns family. As a player Reggie has his shortcomings and I think we sometimes overvalue him. Compared to similar players in the league we also overpay him. The fact is we haven’t won anything with him in the lineup so maybe its time to move on while there is still interest in his services. Taking Kotalik off our hands is most likely going to have a significant impact on the immediate return but I’m hoping for the best. Reggie was my celebrity golf partner in the Flames tournament 3 years ago. I spent the day riding around with him and can tell you he was a first class act and very well liked. His drives with a 3 wood are pretty impressive too. I can also report that he HATED Mike Keenan. Something he muttered about the worst coach he ever had. As a fan I really liked him and hope he finds the magic again with Leopold. Wish you all the best Reggie you’ll be missed. The Sabres are getting a real leader in Regehr. Dumping Kotalik’s salary is a huge bonus in this deal.

  • Captain Ron

    @kent, when do you believe this trade will be finalized by? I really would be angry if that return is what the Flames get back. The only way I will be legitimately satisfied with the trade is if we get one of ennis/kassian/myers/first rounder or even luke adam. The proposed trade would greatly anger me and flamesnation alike. Rebellion anyone?

  • There is ZERO chance that Tyler Ennis or Tyler Myers are involved. ZERO. Not likely Kassian either. But I was really hoping Luke Adam and/or a 1st would be involved. Thing is, Kotalik severely brings Regehr’s trade value down.

    Think of it as a math problem:
    Regehr + Kotalik = x