FlamesNation Contributor Search



Yesterday I floated the notion that we here at FN would appreciate some new blood on twitter. The response was fairly strong, so I decided to run with the idea.

With the site getting busier and a number of the regulars here taking on expanded roles across the Nations or in their day jobs, I feel we could use some supplementary content now and then. As such, I am looking for at least one more writer to become a regular part of the rotation here.


– Should have some writing (preferably hockey writing) background.

– Should be familiar with the site and conversant in the type of discussion and analysis done here.

– The availability to write at least semi-regularly is required. Two-to-four articles per month is the minimum.

– Experience with twitter and the ability to interact with people and promote your work is a plus.

The position will initially be unpaid, but has the potential to blossom into a regular, salaried gig depending on level of commitment, performance, etc. The opportunity is primarily one of exposure for anyone looking to write to a reasonably big, Flames-focused audience.

I’ve already recieved a number of inquiries from interested parties. I’ll be accepting applications for the rest of the long weekend, after which myself, Pat Steinberg and Robert Cleave will narrow down the finalists. We may also have a sort of competitive "blog-off", where each finalist will submit a fresh article or two that will posted here to be judged by everyone else.

Forward all comments/questions/inquiries etc. to myself at kent.wilson@gmail.com.

Have a good long weekend everyone.