Game 34 – Flames vs Wild Live Chat

The Wild remain on top of things for the moment, but it looks like the inevitable deflation is beginning. Injuries are starting to hit and they’re still getting grossly outshot (-70 shots at ES during December alone so far). Minny goalies still sport amazing save rates, but it remains a morbid waiting game to see when the floor will fall out from under them. Not to say Harding and BAckstrom aren’t rpetty good goalies – only that they aren’t .945 at ES good.

Minnesota is likely to make the playoffs this year by virtue of their hot start, much like Colorado did in 2009-10. Flames fans may be tempted to feel some envy towards this outcome, but the truth is it’s kind of good news: it just means a rival mediocre (or worse) club won’t be getting a high draft pick this June. Silver linings folks!