Fn Weekend Open Thread – Coaches, free agents and draft picks, oh my!



So now that the dual topics of potential Iginla and Kipper trade returns have been beaten into submission, FlamesNation can shift its collective focus to other matters of concern this off-season.

Pick The Flames Coach

                         don’t pick this guy

Ryan Pike has been doing a good job tracking coaching candidates for the last couple of weeks. His initial list came out at the start of the month and he has looked at both Troy Ward and Mike Sullivan in depth more recently.

One gets the feeling the Flames won’t be making any decisions on the bench boss until some time in June when the season is over and every possible candidate is available to be interviewed. For now, it’s left to us to speculate in comment sections. Add your own thoughts on the front runners or suggest your own preference for Calgary’s new coach.

Remember, though, the team may look very different for the new guy a couple of seasons down the road versus what it looks like currently. An bility to "work well with Jarome", for instance, could be entirely moot later in his tenure.

Free Agents

                      Apparently this was (is?) a real show

Calgary has a lot pending free agents, both of the UFA and RFA kind. We will begin to profile those players here starting next week, but for now take a look at who is up for a new contract and discuss who should be back and at what price. Keep in mind the Flames roster hole when you do.

Draft Picks

FN will again be sending a representative to the draft this year, so expect a lot of material on potential 14th overall picks leading up to June 22. This particular draft is top heavy with quality defenders, although a few notable forwards should be available when the Flames take the podium in the first round. The 14th pick is currently the Flames only choice in the top-60 so they’ll really need to make it count (assuming nothing changes in the interim).

Add your preferences for their pick below and we’ll make sure to preview those players in detail.If you need some help, check out Corey Pronman’s on-going series on the top-100 prospects at hockey Prospectus.

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  • Colin.S

    Alright time to answer some questions with multiple answers.

    1.) Coach: It’s going to be Sullivan and have no problem with that, honorable mentions to the guy from Portland, Ward and Hartley

    2.) I’d have to try and find a really old post on who to keep and who not to keep, but lets see the old memory go back to work….

    Keep: Lee Stempniak, Mikael Backlund, Akim Aliu, Blair Jones, Paul Byron and Leland Irving. Aliu and Byron are going to the farm and will be at the front of the pack for call ups and may earn a spot that way. Irving is either going to be #1 in Abbotsford or Backup and will be his last year with the club or he finally figures it out. Strictly for farm purposes: Brian Connoley

    Maybe: Blake Comeau if the right deal can be worked out

    Let go: Pretty well EVERYONE else, no Jokinen, no Sarich, everyone on the farm thats an RFA/UFA can go.

    As far as the UFA market come July 1st, I only think we need a 3/4 D man, Either one of Garrison(FLA) or Carle(PHI) would be my top two choices(lol at anyone saying Suter, lets be realistic) and next would be Wideman or Jackman.

    3.) What to do with the 14th overall park, here are a few scenarios.
    i.) Draft the BPA, doesn’t matter forward or Defence we can use it all.
    ii.) Trade down a couple times, first with either Tampa or Buffalo(either has extra second round picks) and then trade down with Columbus again to 31. No first round pick but we would easily get at least 2 2nd rounds(so 3 total) + more picks. And then with one of the second rounders draft the Jankowski kid that the guy from TSN has us drafting at 14 for some reason. (the reading I’ve been provided looks good on the kid)
    iii.) Trade the pick to Colorado for Statsny, yeah he’s pricey, but he’s younger, a true #1 center and can produce and is a decent possession forward(if I’m reading his corsi correctly). That way we can be flexiable with Cervenka and Backlund, Cervenka can be moved to RW and Camms can play center on line two.

    So with all that settled, here’s the lineup with the trade scenario with the 14th pick:

    Coach = Sullivan.

    Tanguay – Statsny – Iginla.

    GlennX – Camm – Cervenka.

    Baertschi – Backlund – Stempniak.

    Stajan – Jones – Jackman.


    Giordano – Bouwmeester
    Garrison – Butler
    Smith – Brodie


    This does not include any Kipper or Iggy trades, that can be dealt with in a future Open Thread.

    • MC Hockey

      Colin S – Like your ideas for coach and free agents, very much what I think too as it entails keeping young guys and we need Stempy due to right-wing shortage (and no Moss is no star so let him walk). As for ideas for pick # 14, Drafting the best player available is best (except perhaps a goalie) and 8 don’t like the trade down idea as draft analysis of the past show how much drop-off in making the NHL happens after round 1. But I sure wold like Stastny if available and I believe he is not loved by the coach there (anyone know about this?) and perhaps Patrick Kane with his off-season hijinks is available so would favor that as well.

  • beloch

    I’ve been pondering this question for a little bit now, so I’m just curious what you guys think. What are the odds that Iggy and/or Kipper get traded this off-season. 50/50? 25%? 10%? just wondering.

    • Colin.S

      Iggy at 10% or less. If he doesn’t want to leave he isn’t going to leave and the Org isn’t going to pressure him and endure all the negative press that is going to generate and then get a mediocre return because of the situation.

      Kipper I’d put at 50% or great, because of the fact his NTC ends July 1st.

    • Mitch2

      I think the odds are 75% that one of them goes.

      It is simple hockey logistics at this point. In Iginla’s case he either wants a Cup or he doesn’t and I can’t see him putting the Flames in a corner and getting no return at all for him and walking UFA, so if he doesn’t go in the off-season, he goes at the deadline.

      For personal reasons for him, it is better to get traded during the summer to move his family. For the Flames it is best to move him during the summer when the most options exist for a trade.

      Iginla is Flames Lifer, he will be back with the organization eventually, maybe doing a Ryan Smyth thing at the very end of his career but the trade now makes sense to happen, the only way he stays is if he doesn’t want to win the Cup.


      Kipper, this is simple sell high tactics. The Flames may hold onto him but again from any objective perspective now is the time to move him in the off-season. The G market should have decent demand and as previously discussed their is some good fits out there with Chicago, Toronto, CLB etc.

      The Flames will have to win this trade though, to pry Kipper out of Calgary it is going to have to be a top rate offer and if it isn’t there the Flames will go into next season with him.

      Personally, I hope they do both at once, let the shock hit the fan base, give them a little time to mourn the moves and then turn the page on an era.

      I’ll personally be very annoyed if neither one is moved…

  • Colin.S

    Sullivan or Mike Johnston out of Portland would be 2 guys I would like looked at. Bill Peters in Detroit is another. Kind of worried that we may get Hartley.

    UFA’s to Keep.
    Maybe try to retain Sarich.

    UFA’s to try to sign.
    Carle, Carkner, Prust, Garrison.

    If we can get Maataa, Reinhart, Faksa, Galyneuk or Ceci, draft them. If those guys are gone, trade down and accumulate picks.

  • Colin.S

    I’d forgotten about the fact that the Flames only have 1 pick in the top 60. Something definately needs to be done about that. I suggest trading Jokinen and Sarich to somebody for a low 2nd rounder. I don’t know how likely that one is though.

    Coach: I see Ward or Sullivan getting the job. I could also see Mike Johnson be considered as well due to the fact Baertschi is surely going to make the team out of camp next year, but I don’t think that that should be a reason to hire a new coach.

    Free Agents:
    Let Jokinen go, but try and get a 5th round or 6th round to a team for his rights.

    Let Blake Comeau go, and offer to resign him for 1.5M at the maximum.

    Let Lee Stempniak walk. Resign David Moss for the same price of contract. 1.5M$ at the most. Let Tom Kostopoulous walk. Resign Akim Aliu for the same deal, keep it a two-way deal. See what he does in camp, if he can beat Bouma out for a spot. Resign Blair Jones for 1M$.

    Resign Mikael Backlund AT ALL COSTS, and do not trade him unless it involves moving into a top 5 position at the draft. At this point he’s one of our only team’s picks trending towards a spot in the top 6 next season.

    Let Scott Hannan and Cory Sarich walk. If Sarich wants to resign here, sign him for under 1.5M$.

    On the farm:
    Let Ivanans, Grantham, Meyer, MacMillan, Leblond.

    Resign Paul Byron, Guillaume Desbiens, Jordan Henry, Brian Connelly, and Leland Irving.

    Replacement FAs: For the farm, look to the college route. On the Flames, I think Barett Jackman could be signed for 3M$ or less to replace Hannan. We wouldn’t make any drastic moves to our roster (unless an Iggy/Kipper trade happens), so we could probably find a top 9 NHLer for a reasonable price come July 1st.

    Draft Day: Like I said earlier, try and find some way to get one second rounder, without moving down in the draft. For picks, I agree that we should go with the best position available. I’d like to try and see if we could get Teravainen, Reinhart, or Pontus Aberg. If one of the defensemen in the top 10 like Rielly or Dumba fall to where we are at or fall to 12th, we should move up to take them.

  • Colin.S

    Coach: I agree that it’s looking like Mike Sullivan.

    Draft: I say take the best player available at 14. I’d like to see the Flames make a move for a 2nd round pick. I think the Flames are lacking a bit of grit up front so I’ll throw this name out in case we get into the 2nd round – Lukas Sutter! Before I get verbally tarred and feathered, the scouting reports indicate that the kid’s stock has risen. Who cares if he’s a Sutter as long as he fills a team need.

  • loudogYYC

    I agree with most here that Feaster should trade down. I’ve been reading a lot of Pronman’s articles and first of all, wow does he ever produce content. Secondly it seems that once you’re out of the top 9-11, it’s a serious crap shoot.

    Unless 13 GM’s pass on Faksa or Collberg, Feaster should move down and give himself an extra pick in the top 60.

  • loudogYYC


    My best guess it will be Hartly. Though I hope it is Sullivan or Eakin. Ward is a good consolation prize.

    Free Agents:

    Backlund, Irving, Jones, Byron, and Aliu should be routine RFA signings.

    Comeau is basically a UFA. I would keep him if the price is less then 1.5 million on a 1 or 2 year deal.

    Moss can play any line or forward position and is available for a low contract. He plays a strong 2-way game. Nothing wrong with signing him if it there is roster space.

    Sarich, Hannan, and Stempniak are all passable NHLers but should only be retained if a better option isn’t available.

    We need another top 6C and Jokinen wants to stay in Calgary. If they can sign him to a 3 season deal at 3.5 million they should consider it. Anything more and they have to let him walk.

    Every other RFA and UFA get cut lose.


    Faksa, Gaunce, Galchenyuk, Collberg, Ceci, Reinhart, Trouba, or Tervainen. I hope at least one of them is available at 14 (ISS as Galcnenyuk and Faksa available).

    I think it will be Faksa.

  • loudogYYC

    Really outside of the 7 or 8 anybody could go anywhere. I’ve seen guys ranked outside of the first round as high as 15th, and guys in the lower first round as high as 10. I wouldn’t mind Faksa or Aberg or Collberg. But I would probably prefer Griffin Reinhart.

  • Mitch2

    For me there is a domino effect at play here. The first order of business is the potential trade or not of the big two – Iggy / Kipper

    If they are moved I would expect roster players back and in that case it affects the re-signings.

    For example if Iggy is traded to Boston for Krejci – the Flames have their one-two at Center, hence Backlund is on thinner ice as the Flames have no shortage of 3-4 Centers.

    The hole Iggy creates at RW, increases odds on signing Stempy and Moss becomes more desirable as a depth RW.

    Comeau is gone in my book, he didn’t impress me at all.

    Anyway I personally find it very hard to speculate on the UFA / RFA signings because it depends what happens on the trade front for roster players acquired. If Iginla is traded for prospects and picks, well, we may see Joker resigned, it all depends…

    This is also one of the reasons I am pushing so hard for one of the big two to get dealt in the off-season, it opens up a whole new calibration…

  • RexLibris

    Coach: not a clue, but when was the last time the Flames hired a relative rookie as a head coach? I know Feaster is bringing a new look to the franchise, but old habits die hard and this is a veteran roster.

    Free agents: The Flames need an extra depth center like Jones so that the new coach can dole out ice time based on performance. Their RW is also pretty thin so Stempniak probably get re-signed.

    As for the draft: trading down to try and pick up a 2nd is the best policy for this team right now. If not, then Trouba, Ceci, Girgensons, or if they are really lucky Gaunce are all possibilities. If they trade down, then who knows.

    • Colin.S

      you have to explain to me some time how getting Gaunce would be lucky. He’s Nemisz, only with worse hands.

      @everton The 2nd rounder went to Montreal in the Cammalleri trade. I’m not complaining about that, are you?

      • JR

        Actually this years 2nd rounder went to Buf in the kotalik deal, & the 2013 2nd rounder went to Montreal in the Cammy deal. It’ seems to be a familiar trend with this team.

        • everton fc

          right you are. Frankly I can’t believe I forgot that, thanks for the correction. Still, I’m not complaining about that trade either.

          the coaching question isn’t distinctly interesting for me, but at the same time, I want them to get the right guy for the job. Sullivan seems right to me, though perhaps I’m just going with the wind on that one.

          as for FA’s/signings/trades, I want to see the team take a new direction. No more pussyfooting around doing what must be done.

          the draft for me comes down to taking the best prospect available who fills a need. For example, if Malcolm Subban is somehow the BPA->don’t take him. If Gaunce is somehow (he won’t be) the best player, trade down. I’m looking at players like Olli Maatta, Hampus Lindholm, Pontus Aberg, maybe Radek Faksa, anyone who happens to fall because someone pulls a Winnipeg, and (who I really want them to get but know they won’t) Alex Galchenyuk.

      • RexLibris


        Having read a fair number of Gaunce’s scouting reports, and considering that he isn’t playing in the same position as Nemisz was in Windsor (just as Marc-Antoine Pouliot was in Rimouski with Crosby) on a stacked team, I would say that Gaunce would be a fairly good pick for the Flames.

        Adding him to their prospect pool would give the Flames Reinhart and Gaunce as two large, gifted centers who could be excellent 2nd and 3rd centers if they can ever draft a top-flight first line center. If not, then they could run Reinhart, Gaunce, and Backlund down the middle.

        Gaunce’s scouting report reads like Lucic and the Flames need to focus on drafting their franchise center.

        I’m not saying they have to draft him, but if he’s there at #14, I think he deserves a look.

        I know that many scouting services have him listed further down the ranking but with so many defenceman ranked so highly I suspect that there will be an early run on forwards in the top five, followed by several defenseman selected in the top ten and then another run on forwards as some teams, with another 1st round pick, will feel there is enough depth that they can still find a good defenseman later in round one.

        • RexLibris

          the only problem with that is there’s quite literally no reason for the Flames to pick Gaunce at 14th. Also that Gaunce is, in no way, a gifted center, but I digress.

          1. There’s no way he’s the best player available at 14–no matter how the draft shakes out above there, there will be no less than 6 better prospects available (granted, this is my opinion. But if the Flames pass up on potential for the “sure thing” one more time, I’m going to tear my hair out).
          2. He doesn’t fill a need for the team–Nemisz has been playing center almost universally since he was drafted (he was Windsor’s 2nd line center, and he’s been the shut-down guy for Abbotsford; his best stint with the Flames was as Baertschi’s center). The Flames already have Reinhart (who is not large, by the way) and Arnold for hard minutes guys, then they have Backlund and Jones (6’3″ he is) already in the NHL. I don’t see how the flames would be in any way fortunate to get Gaunce at 14th, when they could quite easily snatch a player with more upside who actually does fill several needs for the team. They would, however be fortunate to get him in the 3rd round (or the 2nd if they trade in there).

          It’s often said that you can always make room for good players–which is true; but that usually refers to, say, the Oilers taking Yakupov. There’s a difference between making room for a good player and forcing room for a redundant one. Gaunce would be a redundant player in the Flames’ system.

          • RexLibris

            Fair comments, and I had to laugh at “if the Flames pass up on potential for the “sure thing” one more time, I’m going to tear my hair out”, I have been there.

            Ceci, Girgensons, Collberg, Trouba or Pouliot are all names that will likely be in consideration for that spot. Collberg should have the edge considering the Flames serious need for right wing prospects.

            I very seriously doubt that Galchenyuk, Grigorenko or Reinhart fall to the #14 slot, but Fowler fell to #12, Paajarvi to #10 and Couturier to #8 so we will have to wait and see.

            The problem with fans and media saying that the Flames need to take the best player available is that at the 14th spot that really does become very subjective.

            Was Baertschi, head and shoulders above, the best player last year at #13? At the time this was debatable, there were questions about size and linemates. A year later and it seems unlikely that a re-draft would have him escape the top ten.

            I was discussing the prospect Mark Jankowksi with ColinS the other day as one that the Flames may show some interest in at that draft spot. Take a look, he would certainly fit the bill for their recent preference of taking Eastern College kids.

          • RexLibris

            Hey Rex, I’m just curious as to what happened with Paajarvi this year. Was it the fact that the Oilers rushed him into the NHL too early last season? Did he not get enough ice time, or good enough linemates?

          • RexLibris

            Paajarvi got off to a slow start and played a number of games on the third line with Belanger at center. That more or less put the kibosh on his offense to start the year.

            Paajarvi, like Backlund, is very good both with and without the puck, but he doesn’t play the game the same way that Hall or even Eberle do and needs to become more comfortable using his size and speed to make his own space in front of the net.

            While he isn’t noted as a playmaker he is a decent passer and is one of the fastest skaters in the league. He began hockey as a defenseman and his first instincts are almost always over defensive coverage and this tends to counteract some of his offensive skills as he “cheats for defence”.

            He ought to have played in the AHL last season, just as Lander ought to have spent an entire season in OKC. This is in part why, in a perfect world, I would advocate Baertschi spending at least half a season in the AHL. His junior eligibility obviously prevents that.

            Ideally Paajarvi could become a high-end third line LW who can play the PK, move up a line in the case of injury, and provide depth scoring.

            What would be interesting to try might be to move him to center where his size, speed and defensive acumen would be useful, and then play him eventually on a line with Tyler Pitlick and Teemu Hartikainen. Three forwards with speed, size, and some scoring ability to complement the first two lines’ smaller stature?

            To give you the short answer: yes, I believe he was put in too early (although his rookie numbers wouldn’t suggest that), he didn’t get a tonne of icetime, although none of the three did under Renney as he brought them along slowly, and his linemates were less-than-ideal.

      • RexLibris

        Due to Playfair’s short tenure and that he seems to have been widely considered as a failed experiment I wasn’t really including him in the list.

        I know he is still in the system, but the Flames have generally shown a trend towards the older, veteran-leaning coaches.

        It’s a bit like George Burnett. No one in Edmonton really counts him as a coach. 😉

  • everton fc

    Might as well throw my opinions into the fray…

    Sign Taylor. He played as well as Irving. I’d keep him and dump Karlsson. I’d give Irving a long look in camp. Would there be any chance of pryng Bernier out of L.A.? What would that take??

    A line of Baertschi/Backlund and either Moss or Stempniak would be interesting to see. We are so weak on the right side.

    I know it won’t happen, but we need some fiesty guys who are not out-and-out goons… Who canb play, but do more than Jackman, both with the puck and without the gloves. On defence, I like Engelland as a 6th man. I’d love to see Dorsett from Columbus here. I’d almost take him over Jackman on the right side of the 4th line, though Jackman’s good in the room. We have no grit on this team, outside Jackman. I know Iggy has grit. Maybe Gio. Maybe Glencross… But not the grit we need.

    We remain “smallish”. Look at the Kings Some big boys over there. We need some big bodies who can skate.

    Statsny would be a nice fit here.

    If Feaster hires Hartley, we are screwed.

    How did we end up w/one pick in the top 60? Feaster?? Can someone comment???

    I hope we re-sign Moss, but he’s awful fragile the past few years. I’d rather see a bgger body on the right side w/Baertschi and Backlund, if this indeed becomes our third line. If a miracle occured, and Aliu could actually skate, a third line experiment of he w/Baertschi and Backlund might prove interesting in training camp (I remember Tanguay having some chemistry w/Backlund in camp. Just a thought)

    I still see Byron as nothing more than an AHL call up. I’d re-sign Desbiens and Aliu. They can add grit.

    How do we move Stajan?!

    Bouma deserves a shot at retaining Kosto’s spot.

    Still see Tanguay and Iginla as 2nd line players on a team challenging for a run in the playoffs. Could Baertschi play LW w/Statsny and another RW?? Tanguay/Cammy/Iggy as a 2nd line?? Glencross/Backlund/big UFA on the third line??

    I’d go after Garrison in Florida.

  • JR

    I agree. We would not be lucky to get Gaunce. He is an exact replica. We don’t need anymore big “grinder”-like players. We need to take skill, like we did with Baertschi. I also think a lot goes into what the player’s attitude toward the team is. I really don’t see us trading down. If anything I’d want to see us trade up.

  • loudogYYC

    Let’s not forget that Playfair coached them to a winning record and we had a high scoring first line that season. Problem is the players didn’t respect him much and he was tuned out early, hence the early exit out of the playoffs.

    That’s the only reason I’d be skeptical about Ward being the head coach. I think Sullivan brings more of a presence to the bench and as long as he and Ward can agree on hockey philosophy, there’s no reason why Ward can’t be the associate coach.

    I personally think the coaching problem here is Iginla. No I don’t have any factual or empirical evidence of this nor will I have it. It’s just really clear to me that this is Iginla’s team and coaches are just guests of his Country Club. I love #12 but at this point, his largest possible contribution to the team is waiving his NMC.

  • beloch

    Here’s a question for those of you in the know:

    How often do players like Jokinen, who clearly have value on the market, get signed and immediately traded? i.e. If the Flames decide to take a pass on Joker can they still get something in the process?

    • everton fc

      happened to Jeff Carter last offseason. He signed a long contract with a no-trade (or was it no move?) and a cap hit considered lower than his value, and was then flipped the bird and sent to Columbus before the clause kicked in.

  • everton fc

    Joker will want a NTC, no way he signs & then gets traded.

    Why does everyone think Iggy wants to stay in Calgary after last year? I see Kipper wanting to stay more than Iggy.

    Absolutely do not trade our 14th for 2 2nds. Anyone ever hear of a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. Then you are leaving this straight to chance. If we had that philosophy last year we wouldnt have Baers. Sometimes really good things fall on your lap, maybe we can be as fortunate again. The only way I trade that #1 is if we do it with Backlund or Iggy or Kipper for something guaranteed to be a building piece going forward,ie. Staal, Statsny or something like that. Otherwise, our 1st round picks need to multiply. Sutter used to trade down for a later 1st & a 2nd or 3rd. It all depends what team wants a player real badly when #14 comes around. We need everything so pick the best player at #14 & we hope get Baertschi er I mean lucky.

    Resign: Jones, Backlund, Irving, Aliu, Comeau(2 year deal @ 1.4m/per)

    Target: Carle or Garrison or trade for a #3 or #4 Dman, if we get zipped by August, resign Sarich to a 1 year deal at 1.0Mil & brace for a tough year.

    Let Joker walk unless you can get a 4th or 5th to trade his rights. Do not sign this guy to any long term deal, whether we trade Iggy & Kipper or not, the official rebuild starts by no later than 2014, probably sooner, especially if management let him walk ala Sundin. Joker offers nothing to a rebuilding team other than be Edmontons version of a Horcoff. If next years starts the same for Stajan, then he needs to be bought out. No more picks to be traded to dump a contract so all the JBO haters, get used to him, he aint going nowhere.

  • everton fc

    @Baalzamon: The only reason Philly was able to trade Carter was becasue they traded him just before his new contract & NTC kicked in, he technically was still in his ELC at the time of the trade & he was choked.

  • Carter is one example of the ol sign-and-trade. Setoguchi is another big one that sticks out to me – he signed a moderately hefty contract, San Jose claimed they loved him and he was a big part of their core, then sent him packing a couple days later. It can be done.

    Jokinen just doesn’t want to go anywhere. He’s like a bad case of gonorrhea or the plague.

    As for a re-tool vs. re-build, I’d like to see something like Ottawa did last season. They jettisoned 4 or 5 of their bigger name players, got a couple picks and some other guys back, and after a disastrous season they were back in the playoffs and took the Eastern conference champs to 7 games. And that was with Craig ‘I can stop 100 mph pucks but can’t stop from cutting my hand making dinner’ Anderson tending the pipes.

    Jettison some of our players. Make a good Iginla trade. Trade some other low levels for picks. Sell everything that isn’t nailed down.

    • RexLibris

      Re: copying Ottawa

      All the Flames would need to accomplish that feat would be to have a Norris-worthy candidate waiting in their defensive prospects, an All-Star center, a breakout year from a gifted offensive forward like Michalek, and some decent offensive forward depth.

      The Flames simply don’t have the horses hanging around to do what the Senators did this year.

      Feaster had the chance to jettison some players this February as pending UFAs and chose not to. That will eventually come back to haunt this team as a missed opportunity.

      If he had moved out even two bodies in Jokinen and Stempniak (who was injured at the time, but was expected to return in early March, if I recall correctly) they could be going into the draft with at the very least a second round pick and a an extra third round pick.

      Your last suggestion sounds more like a rebuild than what could be classified as a re-tooling.

      Also, I hate to say this but the Flames are rebuilding.

      I believe that the Flames attempted a “renovation” and retooling under Sutter when he traded Phaneuf. It backfired disastrously, obviously, and everything since seems almost to have been ownership’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge that.

  • everton fc

    Flames management needs to determine which direction the team wants to go. And I think that will be reflected in the coach they hire.
    Unfortunately, I think the next head coach is going to be a member of the, “old boys club”. Meaning: more of the same old, same old.
    As far as player personnel I really don’t see the roster changing that dramatically. I see Baertschi replacing Comeau and Cervenka challenging Backlund for a center ice position. And the current Flames’
    UFA’s will be returning.

  • BurningSensation

    Coach: Hartley or Crawford.


    Keep: Moss, Comeau, Backlund, Hannan, Aliu, Irving, Paul, Connelly

    Moss has utility at multiple positions/roles, Comeau can be kept so long as tbd salary is reasonable, Backlund is a must, Hannan is a value depth veteran defender. Aliu, Irving, Paul and Connelly make our farm team better (a winning farm system is important), and all may be potential call ups. Aliu in particular has intriguing upside (and power forwards simply take longer to develop).

    Trades: If Iginla wants to stay, keep him. He’s the best Flame ever. If he wants to go, move him this offseason and target Detroit or Rangers prospects + picks, or to Pitt for Jordan Staal. Though I’m very happy if he stays.

    Kipper should go in some sort of pkg to Tampa Bay with the main return being Brett Connelly. (If we can also get Namestnikov or Galiev in the same deal – do it). Avoid a deal with Toronto unless Joe Colbourne is the prize (skilled Alberta born pivots who are 6’5″ don’t come around often).

    Target Buffalo and Colorado for deals that involve Matt Duchene, Paul Stastny, Derek Roy or Peter Mueller (in that order).

    At the draft: BPA, though I really like Faksa, and Griifin Reinhart at our spot. If possible dangle Giordano or another asset and our first to move up and select Grigorenko – he had mono this year and that depressed his stock (similar to Logan Couture). I guarantee he will be a value pick because he spent the year playing at less than full speed, and winning teams are built being deep down the middle.

    • loudogYYC

      Joe Colbourne is not what everyone thinks he is. I see him as more of a Michal Handzus than a Joe Thornton. Kipper for a Handzus? Sounds a lot like Phaneuf for Stajan. No thanks.

      • BurningSensation

        I saw him as having considerably more skill than Handzus, but your comment is fair. I just don’t want Kadri, Gardiner or Schenn for our all-star goaltender.

        That all said, guys like Handzus are definitely desirable players to acquire – the giant is simply a beast to play against.

  • T&A4Flames

    Again, I take the wait and see approach. Who is available at 14; if someone like Grigorenko falls then take him. Otherwise, trading our 14th for CLB 2nd 1st rounder and their 31st overall could be worthwhile.

    And I agree with those that believe that drafting Gaunce is redunndent. I wouldn’t be too upset but really, we have Backlund, Horak, Reinhart, Arnold and on for guys that can fill the 2nd & 3rd line C position. If we can’t get a future1st line C or a stud 1st pairing D, trade down for 2 assets.

  • RexLibris

    Galchenyuk and Grigorenko will never fall out of the top 5. Reinhart may fall as low as 15th, if he does we have to take him. I’m guessing guys like Collberg, Pouliot, Girgensons will proabably all be available at 14th. I just want to see which player is going to turn into the “Cam Fowler/Sean Couturier” of this year. The ones that have REALLY good skill but for some reasons skip them. After watching last year’s draft, I am much more confident at Feaster’s group at the draft. I’m really looking forward to a repeat performance. NOT GAUNCE.

  • T&A4Flames

    If Flames are going for rebuild (instead of yet another retool try), it would be nice if Feaster and the yet-to-be-chosen headcoach would first define a clear plan about the game, coaching and team building philosophies and only after that start building the team to fit that mold. Most probably the scouting team and Feaster et co. already have those plans in place but they remain somewhat hidden to the public as of today. For instance, if the goal would be to build a team based on a game philosophy of a 5-man mobile and cohesive team defence with high puck control, with high weight placed on individual player’s skating, passing, hockey sense and 2-way ability, defining it clearly would be a good start for a successful rebuild and targeting players in upcoming drafts and trades. It will be an interesting off-season, hopefully the selection of the new head coach won’t take too long anymore.

    • RexLibris

      That is far too cogent a request to make of management.

      I suppose you expect all the forwards to backcheck and cover their man in the defensive zone, too!


    • loudogYYC

      Feaster’s already been clear about this. He wants a fast, offensive team that controls the puck. That may just be GM talk for “I want a better team than this one”, but direction should come from the top, not the middle.

  • RexLibris

    I like Mike Sullivan as the next head coach. Leave Ward in Abbotsford for another year…

    Get Kipper in a Blue Jackets uniform and see if we can pry the 2nd overall pick out of them and draft Grigorenko or Galchenyuk.

    Draft Faksa at 14 if he’s still available. If not maybe Trouba?

    We also need to get our 2nd round pick back somehow. Can we really get something for Jokinen’s rights? Maybe not a 2nd but something??

    Keep one of Comeau or Stempniak, keep Moss (for now) get Backlund signed, Irving, Jones…

    Let Sarich and Hannan walk as well as most of the vets in Abbotsford. Ivanans, P3L obviously. Ask Babchuk and Stajan to please leave…

    Go after Carle first then maybe Wideman or Jackman ( cus you can never have too many jackmen)

    • RexLibris

      Jokinen’s NMC pretty much prevents us from trading his rights. Unless there is a specific team he wants to play for.

      But if we did trade him it will be for a low pick. Probably a 4 similar to the Ehrhoff deals last off season.

  • loudogYYC

    That’s a good direction to head. I’m not saying Iggy can’t score in the league anymore, but he did not look very fast at all last year. The days where Iggy can single-handedly put this team on his back are well over. I love Iggy, but it’s time for somebody new to take the reins. Get what we can for him well other GM’s *cough cough* Brian Burke are still too clueless.

    I would be fine with the pick of Faksa or Trouba where we’re at.