Flames Pick Jon Gillies in the Third Round



With the 75th pick, Calgary chose Jon Gillies of the USHL Indiana Ice. He’s a goalie with a .915 SV% in in 53 games last year. He was the 4th ranked NA goaltender in central scoutings mid-term rankings. Like Jankowski, Gillies has committed to play with Providence College in the NCAA next year.

Im not thrilled with a goalie in the top three rounds, but as always willing to take a wait and see approach. Reel scouting notes he’s a big kid (6’4") and is currently a good "first shot" stopper but has issues recovering and stopping rebounds due to sluggish foot work.

  • Brent G.

    Im not criticizing because what do I know? The odds of a third rounder turning into much is slim to none but the scouting report sounds a lot like Karlsson. With Ramo, Irving, and Broisette (sp?) already in the system it seems they were pretty set in net for a while and if either of those players falter, a trade or free agency is all that is really needed to replace them. Look at how little Tampa gave for Lindback.

    On a plus note it seems the goalie market is pretty set right now everywhere but Toronto. From my stance of simply wanting to see Vancouver fail I cant see them getting anything of value (if any trade at all) for Luongo. That gives me a warm feeling :). That organization is very quickly looking like the Flames from 4 or 5 years ago. Still competitive today but the Sedins and others are getting older and going to decline, no real prospects of note (terrible D. Sutter type choice this year) and their recent trades seemed good on paper but havent overly turned into much (i.e. Booth); sound familiar? Let them get bounced in the first round for the next couple of years and you have a team that is in about as bad shape as the Flames are today. One can hope right…?

  • everton fc

    Hey Kent,

    Just a heads up that Providence College is an NCAA program that plays in Hockey East – one of the top college hockey conferences – not the USHL as mentioned in the post.

    First round selection Jankowski will also head their AFTER a season with Debuque of the USHL.

  • Colin.S

    Ortio is more than likely a bust and won’t see much if any time any more on the heat, he was pretty terrible from what I remember. And considering what happened to Iriving after he came back from the Flames, I think management wants to invest in a stable of younger goalies to eventually take the mantle over. As well Wisebrod mentioned different development paths. Broissoit will be with the heat in a year most likely while Gillies will be at least 4 years out from even joining the Heat and especially the way goalies develop thats not a bad thing.

    It’s always nice to have a goalie that is potentialy NHL ready every couple of years, that way in case of injuries, free agency or trade bait you have some assests that potentially can make the jump. A third rounder is still a little high for a goalie, but it’s sure as hell a lot better than using 1st/2nd rounder or just using your 6th/7th rounder on just a “big” goalie.

  • RexLibris

    The second round looks pretty bad for the Flames and that trade down now is going to be one that Feaster will have to defend over the summer.

    @everton fc – The Oilers took Zharkov at the end of round three with L.A.’s third round pick left over from the Penner trade.

    A lot of talent has been passed over by teams. Guys like Frk, Collberg, Sissons, and Zharkov all fell dramatically.

  • RexLibris

    @everton fc

    Seriously, we’re carrying on three conversations on three different threads here. Pretty funny!

    Yeah, I like the Zharkov pick and it is appropriately “in the range”. Might be a Tobias Reider kind of player where he turns the jets on in junior and creates some early buzz. But with either player there are still a lot of questions that need answering.

    I don’t suppose the Flames would be interested in trading a puck-moving defenseman for Linus Omark, would they?


    I’m pretty sure he’s heading to the KHL for a season now. Maybe if the Oilers can make the playoffs in a year or two he can be our next Kent Nilsson (hired gun for the post-season)?