Columbus Lands John Davidson



This isn’t really Flames news, but in the barren desert of the on-going lock-out, we’ll take just about anything…

The Columbus Blue Jackets announced recently they have hired John Davidson as their President of Hockey Operations. Davidson had been connected to both the Blue Jackets and Flames since it was revealed he’d be leaving the St. Louis Blues during the summer.

The Ottawa native played a lot of his minor hockey in Calgary and is said to be very fond of the city, which is why he was connected to Calgary via various rumors. He also seemed like a natural fit in the organization, potentially shunting Ken King to a more marketing/operations overseer, leaving Feaster and Davidson to take on the hockey side of things.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Davidson now lands in Columbus to help get the BJ’s over the proverbial hump, much like he did in St. Louis with the Blues. Apparently he noted the team needed to "keep pucks out of the net" during his presser, so he’s off to a good start…

Other News

Not at all Flames related, but the Islanders are moving to the Barclays center in Brooklyn starting 2015 (assuming there is hockey by then, of course). The team will apparently keep the "New York Islanders" moniker.

Barclay’s only has a capcity of about 14,000 and change – not that that has been a concern for the Islanders for some time. That said, If the team ever lifts itself out of the basement, they’re going to want to expand that ticket base somehow.

  • RKD

    The Calgary Flames missed the boat on this one, JD took over the St. Louis Blues from dead last to first place in a span of 6 years.

    Had JD been hired here, Ken King could have stepped back and JD could have worked alongside Feaster not to just get the Flames into the playoffs but back to being a strong regular season team like in ’05/’06 when the Flames won the division.

    Under JD’s tenure he brought in McDonald, Steen, Stewart, Shattenkirk and Halak. This is the second time the Flames have missed out, could have had Bob Nicholson as president with Steve Yzerman as GM.

    Flames management likes to do things the hard way.

  • Colin.S

    It’s not the biggest deal because we don’t even know if the Flames were ever interested. There was a lot of talk before the lockout and towards the end of the season the flames had interest, but was it ever real?

    So if the Flames really did have interest and JD turned them down, why?

    Does JD want the Challenge of Columbus? Was he given more freedom of how to run Hockey Ops in Columbus(thats an easy one), does he think Calgary’s in worse shape than Columbus?

    It could just be a case he wanted to stay closer to STL, while exploring new options, but I think the Flames really dropped the ball by not hiring an actual HOCKEY guy in one of the most important positions in the management of this team.

  • RexLibris

    I was going to say, maybe the Flames approached Davidson and he declined? That isn’t the sort of thing that a team usually makes public out of embarassment. But Davidson moved from St. Louis to Columbus, so maybe he also wanted to stay south of the border. Family? Travel? Personal interests? Who knows.

    Extending the offer doesn’t mean it will be accepted. When Yzerman moved to Tampa Bay it made perfect sense. A lot of heavy lifting had already been done in Stamkos and Hedman. Calgary might be a nice city with an enthusiastic fan base, but the roster doesn’t exactly say “come hither” for prominent hockey executives. It will probably take a more radical approach, and perhaps a less well-known candidate. Not to mention an organizational shift.

    One thing is certain, though, while Columbus does now have some very attractive player assets for a new manager, I don’t envy him the work ahead.

    • everton fc


      Saw your comment on a prior thread. Much thanks…

      As for Davidsion; hard for me to care, really. The strike has made me focus on other things. Everton’s having it’s best season in years, and how about Celtic’s incredible run at Barcelona earlier this week. Incredible drama. Super fans. Celtic FC – go Hoops! I’m learning to enjoy life, without the NHL

      Davidson will certainly get all the latitude and autonomy he needs in Columbus. And Calgary seems to be a place to avoid, in the NHL. Or am I simply venting strike-agitation?

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    @ Rex

    The “organizational shift” you mention could be why he didn’t land here.

    He may have seen an opportunity for more autonomy and a chance to rebuild properly whereas Calgary’s perpetual mediocracy and refusal to look in the mirror would have been turn offs (at least if I was offered jobs with both CGY & CBJ.)

    All speculation at this point.

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  • I was going to write about this but Kent beat me to it.

    I’m pretty pissed. On my own blog, I wrote that the Flames had no choice but to hire Davidson, for many of the reasons outlined by basically everyone, and look what happened.

    Damn that Ken King!

  • everton fc

    Flames have a newspaper guy (Ken King) running there operation. Blue Jackets now have a top notch Hockey man leading them.

    Another lost opportunity for the Flames!