Globe And Mail’s 12 team league – Vote For Me!



Indulge me for a moment here folks.

As you may or may not know, I participated in a 12-team fantasy draft for the Globe and Mail with other notable sports writers and bloggers (including our own Cam Charron of LeafsNation and Eric T/Derek Zona of NHLNumbers). I was given the Boston Bruins and the first overall pick, so was able to put together a pretty solid team (Crosby and Datsyuk FTW!). James Mirtle, who set up the exercise, has an article up on the project today, with an option for everyone to vote on the best team drafted.

I’m glad to say I’m leading the way with more than 19% of the vote, but Pension Plan Puppets isn’t too far behind (no doubt because he is sending his army of blog and twitter fans over to vote him. Bastard!).

So head over and vote for me if you could. Or, at least, vote for the team you think is the best. Also, the article itself is worthwhile: it contains draft strategy from each "GM" and a scouting report on the club’s by Eric Duhatsechek. Former seminal Calgary blogger Matt Fenwick of Battle Of Alberta (he got the Flames) has this interesting note: 

Off-ice character is overrated. No GM wants guys who show up to the rink late or hung over (or both) but the object of the game is to outscore – not outthink, outspeak, or out-integrity. An alternate universe where Calgary never drafted Theo Fleury would be a poorer one – for Calgary anyway. Naturally, I went against my strategy with about 40 per cent of my picks. But on the spot at least, it was too hard to ignore Kane’s offense, Yakupov’s star upside, Giordano’s determination, etc. Being an NHL GM is tougher than it looks, at least when you only have 90 seconds to draft.

Check it out when you get a chance. Oh and, uh, you know…vote for me.