New Season Business and Site Notes



The outcome yesterday may have been disappointing but we here at FN are nevertheless happy and thankful for NHL hockey to be back on. We’d also like to take this time to thank those of you who stuck around through the dark lock-out months when we were talking about prospects and lawyers every other day. To those readers returning after the long wait, welcome back! We’re glad you weren’t too jaded by the work stoppage.

And finally to any new readers we’ve gathered, well..I hope you’re prepared to argue your viewpoint in the comments for days on end. The traffic and chatter has been excellent since the lawyers and union heads decided to get out of the way, so once again thanks to all of you.

Anyways, with the Flames back at it tonight, there’s a few sites notes I want to share before we get back to the action.

Sponsors and Stickers

In order for us to do what we do, advertising is a necessity. It can be an unfortunate, unappealing necessity at some places, but we try to get deals done with advertisers who are fun, interesting or at least willing to give us and our readers free stuff.

Which brings me to my next point – as you can plainly see, the Tilted Kilt pub is FlamesNation’s first primary sponsor this year (and in the site’s history in fact). They’re first location in town is located down on 17th and 4th and from what they’ve told us, they really, really want to be a destination bar for Flames fans.

We haven’t worked out the details yet, but the plan is to host some FN gameday gatherings there, hopefully with a few benefits for FN readers thrown in. Details will be shared when they are worked out.

In addition, our friends at Jet Label have agreed to provide us with some free swag for anyone who wants it. You’ll notice a stickers button in the navigation bar above where you can click and order some FN stickers if you so desire. We’re going to mail them out once and month and limit them to one order per household since it’s, you know, free and stuff.

Also, if you are on twitter or occasionally read the enemies thoughts at OilersNation, you probably noticed Wanye selling off ON Hoodies. I talked with him over the weekend and it’s possible we could do something like that ’round these parts, as long as there is enough demand for us to put together an order (50 or more).

For the hoodies, we’d likely do something similar to the Gaudreau shirt thing – take orders until we reach a threshold amount and then buy and ship that amount. As you can imagine, it doesn’t make much sense for us to buy a few hundred shirts and then hope to sell them – the Nations doesn’t exactly have a warehouse to stock inventory.

This is an initial fact finding mission, so let me know if a hoodie would indeed appeal to you or not. If there seems to be something there, we will take the next steps and get back to everyone with specifics.

Also, I hope some of you are participating in the First Annual Nations Charity Draft. I don’t know how Wanye and company managed to get the prizes that they did, but there’s some good stuff in there.

Finally, if you are a prospective advertiser or sponsor who wants to get involved with FlamesNation or the Nations in general, please feel free to contact me directly ( and I will provide you will all the information you require (and probably some you may not).

Anyways, enough of the business side of things. Back to your regularly scheduled hockey talk…