The Budweiser Red Light



By now most of have heard of this new Budweiser red light thing. For those of you living under a rock (or who PVR every game and zip through commercials), Bud has come up with a replica goal light which you can sync with your favorite team, install in your house, and have it go off every time your club scores. IT’S LIKE ACTUALLY BEING AT THE GAME. Especially if you like to have belligerent drunk friends over to watch the match with (err, drunk ON BUDWEISER of course. Enjoy responsibly and all that).

Anyhoo, the Bud people tracked us down here at the Nations and asked us to talk about the light to all our readers since obviously you are all incredibly cool hardcore hockey people. We hummed and hawed for awhile but then relented because, frankly, it’s actually a pretty cool idea. Also Wanye became pretty adamant we do it. I suspect they bribed him with a free light to grease the wheels a bit.

So check out the video above for more details and/or click it to see how you can get your hands on one. Or, if you’ve already bought one, you can find out how to install it there too.

  • So Budweiser gets to install a red light in your house, ostensibly to let you “experience” the feel of your team scoring goals?

    I’ll pass. Sounds like another market research ploy. Also, I can imagine when the thing goes off accidentally. You’re sitting at breakfast, with your family, and this light starts blaring and screaming like an air raid siren.

    I would buy one just to hide it in someone’s house.

  • supra steve

    Phone conversations all over Flame Nation.

    FlamesNation follower:
    “Hon, can I put up this Bud goal signal light in the family room? It lights up like a siren every time the Flames score. It’s soooo cool!”


    Kent, are they sending you some product as payment for this spot?

    • Unfortunately we run the site on more than wishes and good intentions. We actually get a lot more solicitations than what appears here and across the network, but we make sure to filter out the stuff that wouldn’t make sense because it’s too general or doesn’t relate to Flames or hockey. In addition, I usually try to negotiate some sort of give-away or prizing when I can from sponsors so we can pass something on to the readers as often as possible.

      In order to pay writers, add talent, improve our platform and do things like send people to the draft, sometimes we need to do take big companies money for stuff like this.

  • I’d rather have some ice girls over for a game at my place…

    Budweiser, if you’re reading this.. I will drink nothing but Bud for the rest of my life if you can make that happen! Cheers!

    P.S. I will settle for Budweiser girls.

  • Willi P

    As per the website

    “Don’t miss your chance. Pre-order your Budweiser Red Light for our next shipment June 10, 2013”

    Not much point ordering for this year if you are a Flames fan. Highly doubt Calgary will be playing hockey in June.

  • Willi P

    Oh and this little tidbit as well;

    “In purchasing this device, I am aware that the Budweiser Red Light data feed may only be supported for a limited period of time, and will only work during regular and playoff games.”

    What do you have once the data feed no longer works OR they want to charge you for it?

  • ChaoticBoredom

    I saw the commercial…and my first thought was ‘That wouldn’t be too hard to build’. Then the guy who has the seats in front of us mentioned he bought one, and that it was $150+ and my next through was ‘Way cheaper to build your own’.

  • Willi P

    very cool idea, way to expensive for what it is, not available till next season starts and worst of all they will only support it for this year and next then they might cut the service.

    By that i mean to get the delay just right for cable or satellite they likely have to pay the NHL to send out some sort of signal thats delayed by about 5-10 seconds. They are only supporting that part for 2 years

    Would be all over it at say 75 dollars, but its a freaking awesome idea for bars to have the home team red goal light! Add to the atmosphere

  • McRib

    Heard it was only available in the “Center of the Universe” (Southern Ontario Market)….. Am I wrong??? That move kind of turned me off of picking up a light in the future, because everyone knows the real fans are in Southern Alberta!!! Was Southern Ontario just a test market?? Still rubs me the wrong way…. Hahah

  • Derzie

    Hey Bud will likely use the delay that Rob Kerr must have. He calls plays a split-second before they happen. Drives me nuts. Hit pause when he says ‘scores!. The puck hasn’t even crossed the line yet (but does so immediately afterwards).

  • Captain Ron

    I have tried to make a purchase several times over the last couple of days. I keep on getting a message at the end that says “error from gateway” this transaction cannot be processed. I called the 800 number and they said it is happening to some people but they do not know why. They also could not take an order over the phone. Just tried again and no luck. Have tried several different cards and same results. I would like to buy one but they don’t want my business. Anyone else have this problem?