Kipper announces his retirement…kinda


Casually announcing his retirement after a 10 year stint that saw him become perhaps the best goaltender in franchise history is so very Kiprusoff. Of course, this is translated from a Finnish news source and isn’t what you’d call official, so we can’t say for certain this is a reality yet.

Another strange twist is the apparent interest of the Columbus Blue Jackets in Kipper despite his public interest in hanging up the pads. According to Nick Kypreos, Columbus has asked the Flames if they can speak to Kiprusoff and convince him not to retire.

It’s a somewhat odd a choice for a franchise that has the latest Vezina winner in net. In addition, Kipper will cost almost $6M in cap space to retain (although his actual price dips to just $1.5M). It could be that Finnish GM Jarmo Kekalianen has an affinity for Kipper and figures he can buy low on a guy who can bounce back and be a worthwile back-up and mentor to Sergei Bobrovsky.

Still, I don’t really see Miikka deciding to stay in the game for Columbus. If he does, though, maybe the Flames can move him for one of Columbus’ late picks this year.

We’ll save our farewell posts for when Kipper officially retires or gets traded.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Rumor has Bobrovsky being offered somewhere in the region of ten million bones per year in the KHL.

    If someone is offering your goalie a cheque with that many zeroes on it, you probably want to have a Plan B.

    • That’s true…it’s just that Kipper isn’t a very good one. 37-year old coming off the worst performance of his life with a cap hit that far outstrips his value.

      If Kipper plays, I don’t think he’ll be as bad as he was last season, but it’s not a good bet that he’ll be very good either.

      • JCDavies

        “That’s true…it’s just that Kipper isn’t a very good one. 37-year old coming off the worst performance of his life with a cap hit that far outstrips his value.”

        I don’t get this. Why would a non-cap team like Columbus be concerned with the cap hit?

  • Colin.S

    I love how Eric Francis is calling this retirement and announcement of said retirement as a slap in the face to the Flames, like the circus around the trade deadline day wasn’t a slap in the face to Kipper either.

    Either way, Thanks to Kipper for all he’s done to this team.

  • schevvy

    Kipper is awesome. Him and Iggy made the Flames relevant again. Wish him the best. Also, we will never see him again, other than when he gets his number raised to the rafters

  • Wouldn’t that be something, if Kipper went to CBJ and won them a Cup next season? Real slap in the face to CGY there.

    Wish him all the best on his ice fishing adventures, in his vodka drinking, and cigarette smoking. Kipper was smoking 3 butts at one time before Carey Price was even born.

  • Flames just released a statement:

    “As we indicated when we addressed the media on June 14th, having just spoken with Miikka at that time, we realized that if pushed for an answer Miikka would have said that he was finished with his professional career. In light of our most recent meeting with him, the statement attributed to him by the Finnish National Team does not come as a surprise. However, as we have said consistently, we will continue our dialogue with Miikka.”

    Calgary Flames General Manager
    Jay Feaster

  • Graham

    Other than pride, there is no incentive for Kipper to play out next season for the $1 million in actual salary. Best of luck Kipper!

    If he retires, does Calgary still get hit with his ‘cap hit’ next season? (is he technically still under contract?)

  • Kipper was the best goalie ever to don Flames pads & I liked Mikey too. He gave me & my kids a thrill none of us will ever forget in 2004. There were saves in that Vanc series alone that defied human anatomy. It’s too bad we couldn’t build anything special around generational players like Iggy & Kipper after 2004.

  • RKD

    Let’s wait and see, we all thought Iginla was heading to Boston only to have Feaster surprise everyone by announcing he was traded to the Pens.

    Sounds like CBJ isn’t too confident about Bobrovsky’s loyalty. The KHL is ready to throw boatloads of money at him. Kipper would be a good back up and mentor to him in CBJ.

  • RKD

    Holy peee batman!! Flyers announced they are buying out Bryzgalov!!! How does Holmgren not have concrete boots after that lovely contract. Wow! Luongo next? Philly in the market for a goalie now?

  • If Columbus is interested in giving Kipper big $$$ to be their goalie, Calgary should be all up on trading him for a pick. Make it conditional on him signing. Just take the deal from the Leafs and transpose it on CBJ.

  • please cancel acct

    Sounds to me like Kipper did retire at the end of last year but management has begged him to please consider getting us a draft pick, for your rights, should you decide to change your mind.

  • House

    My favourite memory of #34 was Game 2 of the 2004 Western Conference Quarter finals in Vancouver. Talk about silent confidence. RESPECT from that day on. Long live the Ice Man, and long live our memories of who is to-date our greatest Gatekeeper. Thanks for the memories, Miikka!!!!!!!

  • McRib

    This whole situation has been handled horribly it would actually surprise me if things end smoothly and the Flames just let him retire… Teams must be offering Calgary a fairly decent return for us to drag him in the mud again like this, after the Toronto fiasco. Imagine if we somehow could get Columbus’s second rounder for him, which is basically a first this year. It seems other teams have a higher value than most in Calgary do for Kipper..

    Only semi related but what a bazaar move from Toronto to acquire Jonathan Bernier??? What is TOs fanatical need to get another goalie??? Reimer is already better than Bernier by a long shot. Not a fan of Bernier at all to be honest, he reminds me of Anders Lindback when he was with Nashville he put up good numbers against mediocre opponents as the backup. Not to mention I am a big fan of Matt Frattin, think he easily has Top Six potential and a second this year… Plus Ben Scrivens can put up similar numbers in favorable action as the backup in LA.

    What a wasted trade for Toronto, if I was Reimer I would be pissed!!

    • House

      I gotta say, my seats at the Dome are 3rd row to Kippers left(now underwater) & Kipper looked amazing the last few games of the year he played. We discussed how this guy still has compete in his blood. His numbers may have dropped last year, potentially due to injury & lockout reasons. But this guy still has the God given skills & 36 years of age is not too old for elite goalies. Everyone wrote off Brodeur in the Vanc Olympics, what did he do the next year, but carry Jersey to the Finals.

      Now, with new management, Iggy & JBO traded, the trade attempt while his family was in crisis, the $$$ of next years contract way lower, the team heading to be lower 3rd in the league. Add new goalies who will get starts over him & you get a once franchise goalie getting put out to pasture, well now no wonder he is pulling the pin. So, now what if a fellow Fin GM convinces him they want to ride him into next year & would like to extend his contract 2-3 years too boot. He convinces Kipper they are not a rebuild team but a proven playoff team now. I find it hard to believe Kipper doesn’t want the chance for playoff hockey again, he just needs the right situation. In this situation, I think maybe one of Columbus’s late 1sts could be had. I know I’m a dreamer but maybe this is why the Flames don’t want to announce the retirement yet. Sure would love to know someone who drinks beers with Kipper to really see if he just doesn’t want to play at a high level anymore or whether he is just pissed at his situation here in Calgary. I believe Kipper still has a few good seasons in him, if he wants to play.