T-shirts and Trade Rumors – Draft Weekend 2013


As some of you may already know, we launched the Got Loob? FN t-shirt yetserday. The red version won the vote, so that’s what we went with. The link to buy is here.

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This is only a limited edition kind of thing, so after a few weeks or a cerain number of orders, we’re shutting things down. If the sales go well, we’ll look at releasing another design in the near future (Intellectual Honesty??). So get ’em while they’re hot because they aren’t going to be around for long. Get one for your loved ones, neighbors and any Oilers fans you know.

Trade Rumors

Onto the business at hand. The draft (rounds 1-7) goes tomorrow and already the trade talk is heating up. The Flames, of course, are supposedly in the middle of stuff. Here’s the latest…

– Word is the Flyers are offering Braydon Coburn around the league. One swap that has poked its head above water is Coburn and Matt Read plus 11th overall to the Flames for 6th and maybe a roster player (Giordano).

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From a Flames perspective, that move doesn’t make much sense. Matt Read is a somewhat useful player, but his ceiling is limited and there’s certainly no chance of him ever being better than "good". Coburn is 28, $4.5M and a decent NHLer, but that’s it. Two okay pieces shouldn’t be enough to tempt the Flames to move down out of range of the truly high-end talent in this draft.

– The TSN crowd is saying Cal Clutterbuck is going to be dealt this weekend. The 25-year old is a pending RFA and the Wild have cap problems, so that’s likely why he’s on the block. Word is Minny would like to move up to the first round in the deal.

Clutterbuck is a little more interesting for Calgary. He’s known for his agitation skills and high hit totals, but he’s also played in pretty tough circumstances for his club over the last few years and mostly tread water – which is saying something on a team as possession-ally challenged as Minnesota. He’s also one of those rare PIM’s guys who draws as many penalties as he takes. On top of all that, Clutterbuck is a decent volume shooter who has scored in the double digits every season (except this recent one), despite rarely being played in a scoring role.

Clutterbuck is a useful player from a number of angles and he’s only 25 to boot. I’d have no issues if the Flames inquired about him and offered up one of their latter first rounders in exchange.

– There’s noise that the Canucks have started to shop Corey Schneider since it’s become clear Luongo’s big contract is immovable. Edmonton is the whispered destination, which makes a lot of sense, but Calgary should make a call or two as well. Schneider is one of those rare puckstoppers with the sort of numbers (.927 career SV%) and pedigree that makes sense to pay a decent price to acquire. He’s also 27, which means he should have more than a few good miles left on the odometer.

It’s hard to know just what Vancouver is asking for him, but it’s worth a call. I don’t think I’d give up 6th overall, but a lot of other assets could be in play.

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– Finally Kris Letang has apparently rejected a huge contract offer from the Penguins (for some baffling reason) and is likely on the block as a result. Letang either doesn’t want to be in Pittsburgh anymore or he’s looking to get in the range of $8M/year as a free agent. 

I have a lot of time for Letang as a defender, but the latter number is crazy. I’m also skeptical he’ll look as good outside of Pittsburgh away from Sidney and Geno, which would make a deal of that size seem even more ridiculous in hindsight. In addition, there’s no guarantee he’d decide to stick around for any amount of money even if the Flames did acquire him (rebuilding and such), so overall, that’s not a tree I see Feaster barking up.   

FN Draft Coverage

Things might get a little nuts around here what with the three first rounders and potential trades and all. Tomorrow the full FN crew will be on call and updating frantically whenever something happens. Thomas Drance of Canucks Army and Robert Cleave of JN (formerly of FN) are on the ground in Jersey and may provide updates or info whenever possible.

Today we are going to finish up the Flames top-15 prospects series and post a few more potential draftee profiles.

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 Should be a fun – or at least interesting – weekend.

  • aloudoun

    Kent I dont think Barkov gets past 3rd seeing how Tampa is in need of a 2nd line centre.
    With all these rumours I sincerely hope the Flames don’t poach the future (like usual) for the here and now. The way to contend is to build through the draft and get younger, lets hope that continues. I would be more than happy sticking with our 3 picks and having lets say Monahan, Hagg and Rychel when the first round is done.
    Draft the best players available with the picks we have and we’ll be fine.

  • I can’t believe what I’m reading. People are actually saying “no thanks” to Tyler Seguin??????????? The guy has never missed more than 8 games in a season, and has finished in the top 3 in team scoring two years in a row.

    But yeah, the Flames have no need for a player like that.

  • 1. I’d really rather not Trade Johnny G until we’ve at least had a chance to see him at a pre-season camp and see how he stacks up against some NHL competition.

    Trading guys before we’ve had a chance to truly develop them has been a problem for us.

    2. I really think it would be stupid to trade #6 for anything short of a sure thing first line player. Seguin. Good player but is he truly great? Again there’s potential but a lot of questions.

    3. I’d be fine if the Flames traded Backlund in a deal for the likes of a Seguin (as long as it doesn’t include our 6th overall or Johnny G). Maybe Backs +22&28 for Seguin (i’d be willing to go that far perhaps). I feel like we’ve given Backs a fair shake and his constant little problems with injuries to the wrist/ankle bother me. If he can have a full season of production without injury I’d be more on board with labelling him untouchable. Unfortunately that has not happened yet. But, I’m definitely thinking if he struggles at the beginning of this season Trade Deadline is going to be an option to try and move him on.

  • RexLibris

    I would love to get Clutterbuck.

    What aboutSwapping Markus Granlund for him? With our plethora of undersized forwards I think we could afford to do that.

    And I think the Vinny buyout kills any chance of barkov. Tampa would be crazy not to take him.

  • Franko J

    Common sense dictates sometimes the smartest moves a GM can make is to do nothing.

    Flames stay the course.

    Draft the three best prospects available.

    Trade for future picks if possible.

    However with internal pressure from management to quicken the re-tooling, Feaster might try to pull of a deal just to save his position with the team.

    I just hope the Flames can draft players who will compliment some of the younger players already on the team. For example, if the Flames strongly believe TJ Brodie will be their 1D, then the Flames should either draft or trade for a 2D who can play beside him.

  • RKD

    I am hearing on the Fan the asking price for Seguin would be Calgary’s 1st round pick at #6 and possibly a roster player.

    The thing with Monahan, Lindholm, etc. is that you don’t know what you have or what they will turn into. However, a lot of players in the top 10 are usually NHL ready.

    With Seguin you know what you have and could still be more as he is still really young at 21. He would certainly help our top 6 right away. He had 32 points in 48 games this past season and 81 points in 67 games the year prior. However, this was on really good Boston teams. How good would Seguin be on a team like Calgary? Would he sink or swim? I’m not too concerned about his hip, but I am his attitude. We don’t want someone who’s going to cause problems or be a distraction. I’m not worried about his partying, Richards and Carter went to LA more of a party town then Philly and won a Stanley Cup.

    If Edwards is patient, see what Knight and Monahan/Lindholm or whoever they draft pan out to be, same with Baertschi. After they get some centers they really need a top 2 shut down d-man.

  • Willi P

    I can definitely see why Seguin traded – look at Bruins depth at Center: Krejci, Bergeron. Seguin is NOT a winger – he badly struggles at it.

    Bruins Depth Chart:

    Bruins need cap space & scoring wingers (Horton not signing with Bruins). We have two great (and very affordable) wingers in Glencross & Stempniak. Both are 30+ potential goal scorers.

    If we can keep the #6 pick and offer instead:
    – #22 pick
    – Glencross or Stempniak
    – Backlund as their 3rd line center

    With Seguin as our 1C, we can take a “bit of a risk” and draft Nichushkin – Elite player potential. I would be happy with Monahan or Lindholm too.

    • Seguin has 99 points in 129 games as Bergeron’s RW. If that’s “badly struggl[ing]”, then I’ll gladly eat my left shoe.

      as for WOWY, if there’s a passenger on that line it’s Brad Marchand.

      Seguin + Marchand: 60.8%

      Seguin – Marchand: 57.3%

      Marchand – Seguin: 51.2%

      Sequin + Bergeron: 62.0%

      Seguin – Bergeron: 54.5%

      Bergeron – Seguin: 54.2%

      Marchand + Bergeron: 61.4%

      Marchand – Bergeron: 50.2%

      Bergeron – Marchand: 57.1%

      Seguin’s and Bergeron’s numbers with and without Marchand are eerily similar. They made each other better, and both are worse without the other. As a trio, that line basically destroyed all comers.

  • Looks like CGY won’t be getting Matt Read or Braydon Coburn. Thank god.

    via Tim Panaccio ‏@tpanotchCSN

    “told the Flyers no longer in the mix for Calgary’s No. 6 overall pick. asking price too high”

    Encouraging to know that Feaster isn’t being pushed around. 1C or 2D sounds about right. Maybe some secondary parts to even out salary.

  • Willi P

    GlenX will not waive to be traded. He lives and breathes the culture in AB thus the hometown discount and NMC.

    If you can get Seguin for Stempniak, Backlund and 22, I would be all over it. Of course the doctors have to sign of on Seguin first.

    • Franko J

      @Baalzamon. I retract that statement. I guess I was referring to his play in this years playoffs. I don’t follow Boston – I actually despise them.

      None the less, I still feel he could be someone the Flames could build a future contending team around. I don’t think my proposal would be sweet enough. They will want the #6 pick, which is untouchable in my opinion.

      I still think he is moved because he does not fit into Bostons dynamic at center.

  • Franko J

    Goddamn this is one of the reasons why I love hockey. Sure!

    Lecav> If he’s willing to come here for a low price (4mil or less) then I’d be interested to see how it goes

    Schneider> Maybe? I’m a bit more baffled at the Oilers interest.. Dubnyk had a pretty solid save % this past season (.920 in 30 starts) and a .914 in 47 starts the year before…. on two AWFUL oilers teams. If the oilers can bring in a *decent* 2-3 defensemen (Coburn?) and maybe a decent 5-6 defenseman, theyll see that Dubnyk is a good #1. >.>

  • schevvy

    So the rumor from FOX Sports outta Boston is that Flames and Bruins are discussing a deal that would send Seguin to CGY for Gaudreau and 6th overall pick.

    I would do that trade. Thoughts?

  • RexLibris

    #6 and Gaudreau for Seguin ought to be an easy trade for the Flames.

    Boston could probably get more if they had the time, but the draft is here, and that 6th overall pick is as valuable as it is ever going to be.

    I’m not sure if it will be the wisest move long-term, but in terms of playing the percentages, it is the best move right now.

    • Willi P

      It would be nice to see how JG (if he signs) and #6 look on the Flames but as Justin says, neither may never play a game in the NHL. Tyler has, is and will at a high level. My concern would be that P.C. tells Feaster he has a deal and then pulls the rug out at the last minute. Payback is a bitch.