Flames Take Eric Roy with 135th pick



After the *ahem* interesting Kanzig pick in the third round, the Flames chose one of FN’s darkhorse targets in the 5th round in Eric Roy. A big defender with huge offensive numbers a year ago, Roy was considered a potential first round talent before the season started. Unfortunately, Roy’s offense took a step backwards and his undeveloped defensive game didn’t improve, sinking his stock considerably.

Like most 5th round picks, Roy is a project with significant holes in his game. Most scouting reports say he is lost in his own zone and won’t be able to progress as a pro until he can find his way while defending. On the other hand, Roy is also NHL sized (6’3", 190 pounds) and with 28 goals in his last two seasons it’s clear there is some offensive ability there.

Roy is worthwhile gamble near the end of the draft. If he can improve his defense, he could be a high impact player in the future. That’s a bigger "if" than many other guys who went earlier, but that’s the way it goes once you starting picking in the 100’s.

  • mk

    This is a good pick. He may never translate to be an effective blueline offensive option in the NHL, but that’s par for the course at 135. Better than using a 3rd round pick on a zamboni…

  • everton fc

    I was a bust on Desbiens. We haven’t moved Cammy to NYR for Dorsett/picks/prospects. But now we’ve got my boy, Roy, from Brandon. I’ve been calling or this one all year!!


    (Look for Jerome Verrier to Calgary in the latter rounds. Great scrap on Youtube between he and Poirier, by the way!)

  • Robert Cleave

    Roy’s an interesting case, because this year’s Wheat Kings team was an utter abomination, so you wonder if he just didn’t get dragged down in the wash. When you get deep in the draft, though, gambling on guys with offensive skill, forward or D, is always the way to go. If nothing else, he seems a better bet to play than that face puncher from Victoria.

    • everton fc

      Because he’s a better player. And a better prospect.

      I think he was tight w/Ferland at Brandon. In a good way. Roy’s apparantly a decent kid. Hopefully he can help Ferland feel more at home in Abby. I’d lvoe to see Ferland turn it around and make it in the league.

      Still hoping!