Flames New Arena Design Leaked?


Screen grab from Daily Planet


Metro News contacted me today to talk about this topic. It was all news to me when they called to tell you the truth.

Short version: apparently a recent episode of Daily Planet showed off a new sports arena concept animation. The concept featured Flames logos and branding pretty prominently. 

Robson Fletcher of Metro News asked me if Ithought that was suggestive. As noted in the linked article, I told him it certainly pointed to someone working with the Flames since it’s rare companies will release branded material if they aren’t actually at least talking with the company in question. That said, I also metioned (in the part of our conversation that didn’t make into the article) that sometimes a concept will have a logo arbitrarily slapped on to make it seem more realistic.

Overall, I don’t think you can say one way or the other. It’s an eyebrow raiser given how close the organization is to making a decision on a new building, but it’s by no means a guarantee of anything either.

The rest of the story at the Metro.