Report: Flames Hire Brad Treliving as GM

According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Calgary Flames have their man.

Treliving is both the son of Dragon’s Den star Jim Treliving and an experienced hockey executive. He’s served as:

  • GM of the AHL’s San Antonio Rampage
  • GM of the AHL’s Portland Pirates
  • Assistant GM of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Also…(per his Coyotes website bio):

Treliving, 44, joined the Coyotes after serving as the President of the
Central Hockey League (CHL) for seven years. During his tenure,
Treliving guided the CHL to remarkable growth and development. Numerous
successful expansion franchises were introduced including the Arizona
Sundogs in Prescott Valley who began play in a new arena in 2006-07.
That season, the CHL led all North American “AA” professional hockey
leagues in attendance for the sixth consecutive campaign.

Treliving co-founded the Western Professional Hockey League (WPHL) in
1996 and served as the league’s Vice President and Director of Hockey
Operations for five seasons. The native of Penticton, British Columbia
played an integral role in the merger of the WPHL and the CHL in May
2001 upon which he began his tenure as President of the league.

    We’re awaiting an announcement from the Flames confirming the move. CBC’s Elliote Freidman recently reported that Treliving had interviewed with the club.

    If/when it’s official, Treliving would become the 7th full-time general manager in club history (after Cliff Fletcher, Doug Risebrough, Al Coates, Craig Button, Darryl Sutter and Jay Feaster).

    By all accounts, a pretty smart, bold move by Brian Burke. Treliving has a strong reputation in hockey circles.

    • prendrefeu

      I didn’t see his name connected as being one of the potential candidates. I think it’s good that Burke didn’t hire one of his buddies; McPhee, Nonis (had he been fired), one of his Toronto buddies or bringing in a former player might have also added extra pressure. This way Treliving can just focus on hockey moves, should be interesting to see what moves he makes. At least Burke stayed true to his word that he didn’t want to be the GM and he got a guy in place before the draft.

    • Burnward

      In the past year we have brought in one of the most respected hockey minds in the game and a man regarded as one of the brightest of the new breed.

      I don’t think Ken King gets a lot of love around these parts (and not all unjustified), but I have to tip my hat to him (if rumours about his involvement previously were accurate) for taking a step back and giving this franchise a chance to be great.

      Godspeed good sirs. May Edmonton look up to us for decades.

    • Burnward

      As an Oilers fan, I hate to admit but the Flames are doing this rebuild with some very competent men. Good hire. Daryl Katz has destroyed a once proud franchise with hiring a bunch of old boy goofs.

    • mattyc

      I don’t know anything about this GM, but this was what I was hoping would occur. A young GM with new ideas, but has Burke to lean on for advice. I remember the Craig Button era. That’s what I thought he was at initial hiring. He might have been a half decent GM if he wasn’t fed to the wolves early on.

    • Byron Bader

      Hire looks ok to me at first glance. Nobody from Toronto … aces. Younger guy … yep. Also , the Coyotes have done quite a bit considering their circumstances. That team is in or just outside of the playoffs every year with not very much in terms of noticable elite guys. I have a feeling that organization might have a lot of analytical things going on in the background that nobody really knows about. They remind me of the Oakland A’s of the Early 2000’s. Hopefully at least some of that is being driven by Treliving. Can’t wait for the draft.

    • BitGeek

      I think the most reassuring thing about this hire is that Burke just didn’t go with someone he used to work with – like Nonis for instance. Nor did he try to seduce a name that just has brand recognition (like a former player might have). He went in an unexpected direction and grabbed a guy that has plenty of hockey and business experience but isn’t a current GM either.

      Will Brad Treliving end up being just a paper GM that Burke can control? Maybe, but it’s too early to tell at this point.

      The draft will be an interesting time to see what Brad does with the information he brings with him in addition to the information the Flames scouting staff has already collected. Even if he goes off the board on some of his selections it will be years before we can get a sense of their success or failure.

      Like others have noted, at face value, this seems like a good hire, but performance will be the true indicator.

    • Ed Wailin'

      I’m really curious about how he is going to add his stamp to this team. I’m pretty excited to see how this all goes.

      On a side note. At first I wasn’t too thrilled about the Burke hiring but his actions have been very different than his words (in a positive way). I’m impressed with his willingness to asses and sign on talent that he wasn’t attached to.

      All in all I’m very pleased with how the Flames are doing. Great franchises are built because of good leadership and management.

      Maybe I’m just drinking the kool aid but I can’t help but be very optimistic and excited about the Flames.

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        I’m with you. I think Burke catches a lot of unnecessary flak and I think he will let the GM do his thing. This team has got to be way better than the schmoz up North!

        • loudogYYC

          Yup. It seems like the Flames management are making thoughtful decisions. There is no Knee Jerk reactions.

          Also I want to note that It appears that Ken King has vanished from discussions. He deserves some credit for taking a back seat and hiring Burke.

        • Jeff Lebowski

          I think it is fair to say Burke allows a healthy distance for people who work for him.

          Conroy has mentioned that Burke let’s him make decisions and they talk about it if Burke didn’t like it AFTER the fact.

          Or Burke’s comments about if you discuss things and provide persepectives reasonable people can have a healthy debate.

          I had big issues with Burke, simply because I enjoyed what Feaster and Weisbrod were doing in terms of adding skill. I didn’t like that Burke fired those two rather than imposing his philosophy on people.

          That defines not sticking your nose in.

          Burke’s personality rubs me the wrong way in the amount he is in front of cameras.

          However, Burke didn’t do anything stupid and things he said, although I didn’t like them per se, weren’t selling state secrets. He just likes the sound of his voice.

          Upon reflection I’m less worried about Burke – I looked at his actions. That doesn’t mean I’m a fan. This new regime (Burke as acting GM, Burke as POHO) hasn’t really put their stamp on the org…yet.

          We’ll see.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Great question by Pinder regarding advanced metrics and the response by Treliving in my mind was encouraging. “we will lead the league in gathering information”. Sounds like they did use that type of info in Phoenix.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      Steinberg asks the same soft ball questions every time.

      How proud are you of your time in PHX?

      Who cares?!!?? Ask him questions about this team!!!

      What does he think of the coach? What kind of playing style does he prefer all things equal – chip n chase or puck possession?
      What was his impression of Hartley’s team this season?

      BT says he thinks there are areas of strength and areas that need improvement – what are those areas?

      What is he looking for in an AGM? What kinds of knowledge does he value – former player knowledge, analytic knowledge?

      Calgary media are too damn meek. Ask direct, pointed questions that unearth what makes this guy’s hockey mind tick?

      What did you dad mean to you? Good god.

      • McRib

        “BT says he thinks there are areas of strength and areas that need improvement – what are those areas?”

        I know as fans we want this knowledge but strategically from a team perspective it makes more sense to be vague. If every other team knows what your perceived weakness is how are you supposed to negotiate from a position of strength.

        It makes sense for a GM to be tight lipped as much as fans hate it.

        • Jeff Lebowski

          Then let him be vague. It’s a good proxy for his poker face. If you don’t ask the question at all – that’s lame and reflects on the media not the GM.

    • beloch

      Sounds like a pretty good hiring from the word around the hockey world. Phoenix has dealt with a lot of issues and have still been competitive (with a decent playoff run 2 years ago). Maybe we might be able to nix Pizza 73 and get BP’s in the Dome!

      I’m glad we didn’t hire Nieuwy for the job. Not that I don’t think he would have done a good job, but you could tell he just wanted to focus on his family after his departure from Dallas, and being the GM in a hockey town would have done the opposite towards this. This is great news for the Flames and for Joe!