Report: Flames’ Curtis Glencross expands trade list to include at least 5 teams

The Calgary Flames seem likely to trade second-line winger Curtis Glencross before the NHL trade deadline. 

The Flames are reportedly working with Glencross, who is on the final year of a contract that carries a full no-trade clause, on expanding the list of teams he’s willing to be dealt to. Their efforts have proved successful as the 32-year-old middle-six forward has expanded his list to five teams. 

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Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman updated the situation during the Headlines segment on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night:

The Calgary Flames are working with Curtis Glencross to try and facilitate a trade.

Glencross has (no-trade) protection, initially it was believed the only team on his list was Anaheim. Now it’s believed to be expanded: L.A., Tampa Bay, Nashville, and Chicago, among them. The Blackhawks are believed to have interest.

Of course, they continue to work, player and team, to see if they can make that list grow larger.

Glencross is a useful piece, and has played very well in extremely difficult minutes for the Flames this season. He remains an above average middle-six forward, and if the Flames can’t move him or find good value in a trade before the NHL Trade Deadline, then at least he’ll provide value as something of an “own-rental”.

If the Flames can net a decent return, something which becomes more likely as Glencross’ list expands, then it may well make sense to move the veteran forward. It goes without saying that, for a club that is still several years away from credibly contending for a Stanley Cup championship, a second-round pick or a B-level prospect is more likely to helpful when it matters than a 35-year-old Glencross would be. 

    • Rockmorton65


      You seem to have an unusual hate on for Treliving. I wonder why he invokes such a reaction. It cant be, as you say, incompetence. Sutter and Feaster are both idiots, but you never spewed venom at them.

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        Nothing personal; I’m sure BT is a lovely man…..

        All my comments are in reference to his professional accomplishments as GM of the Flames. To date not very impressive in my opinion…..


        • Rockmorton65

          Fair enough, But remember, it’s taken a guy like Ken Holland over 20 years to become the GM he is. Stan Bowman has developed slightly faster, but that’s because he’s had daddy (the greatest hockey mind of all time) holding his hand the entire time. While I agree BT hadn’t made any earth shattering moves, he had only been on the job for about a year. Don’t forget, not only is he a new GM, BB has never been a PoHO before either. Lots of learning and adjusting going on. Give it another year or two before you start calling them a failure.

          • Rockmorton65

            I get good chuckles from WW’s posts, it’s more of an entertaining factor. BT has been GM of the Calgary Flames for less than 1 year. A team that had just blown up their core a year earlier & embarking what many felt was a long rebuild. It’s just ludicrous to make judgements on performance of a GM in this scenario. I cannot even get my head around why anyone would take this harsh of judgement at this point . All I do is look at the post, same ole same ole , hit trash & move on. How do you discuss anything on such an unreasonable view point.

        • “All my comments are in reference to his professional accomplishments as GM of the Flames. To date not very impressive in my opinion….”

          Sometimes lack of action is the best form of action to take. Further, lack of action does not necessarily stem from lack of analysis. The Flames team is a house of cards right now, with a very bright (but still very much uncertain) future, and on top of all that they are in the hunt for the playoffs.

          Maybe BT just knows when to hold em and when to fold em? He won’t be able to lay in wait forever, it can’t be contested, but if you are waiting to be impressed, you should wait a little longer. After all, isn’t the alternative scenario the “accelerated rebuild” that another B man has hinted at before which no Flames fan really wants to see happen?

  • RedMan

    count me among those who do not feel bad about GlenX showing some emotion and honesty, and not sugarcoating his frustration.

    I don’t think his words were damaging to the team or the teams position. I do agree with Elliot Friedman (i think it was) who, on the 960, suggested that while the words weren’t THAT bad, it is likely that at some point in his future Glennie will think to himself, “I wish i would have chosen a different way to phrase that.

    I respect Glencross and all he has done in Calgary off and on the ice, and I hope he is able to get on a legit contender and have a killer run and a fat new contract afterwards.

    This is an extremely hard decision for the team an the fans, but the bottom line is the Flames are shifting to youth, and the roster needs room for young guys and someone has to be bumped.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Addy wins tonight. Ferland’s second goal in as many games. Man Sven with no shots. With all the Glenny rumours you’d think he would be motivated to do something down there.

    • everton fc

      This is a significant development. Ferland is finding his game again. Not sure if it’s a change of line mates, but he’s coming back into form at the right time – playoff time. Can he play left wing? Can he make that transition quickly?? Does anyone know if he’s been moved to the left side in Addy?? Someone find out!

      Sven had no shots… Ferland went multiple games until late with the same stats. No need to fear. These kids will be called upon soon enough. The positions are there for the taking. They should know this. They do know this…

      And I don’t see Backlund as expendable, but Stajan. Jooris can centre the 4th line. You’d get more pop, more zip, and more importantly more goals, from Jooris. That’s how I see it. And I like Stajan. More than most.

      We also have Granlund, who the brass likes. Now perhaps Granlund makes Backlund expendable in the eyes of the brass. I see it differently. Backlund has grown on me. His downside – streaky offence. Check the last half dozen games. He’s putting up #’s like Byron – meaning he’s not putting up #s.

      I would love to see Ferland and Poirier up here now. Poirier is already proven he’s better than Sven. And he is…

      • RedMan

        Backlund has been playing a shutdown role – so it isn’t fair to judge on goals, but on goal differential. I wish there was a fancy stat to measure that.

        • everton fc

          Fancy stats that measure a players +\- goal differential in even strength situations imagine that.

          Yes it is a flawed stat but so is corsi, it just measures if you or your teammates shot the puck a lot.

        • Rockmorton65

          I kinda agree with everton that Backlund is getting caught in a situation here where Flames will be having to make a very difficult decision. I have no doubt that Bennett & Monahan will be our top 2 centres in the near future. I also agree that Shore/Granlund/Arnold & Jooris are going to catch up to Backlund. But right now, nobody does it better than Backs & I think he is critical to sheltering Bennett next year & possibly the year after. Stajan to me is very expendable, not sure how much of a market there is for him.

          Please trade GlenX soon, even for a 2nd. Please no Bickell,of all salary dumps, not a LW plug being paid 4.0 mill for 2 more years after this. If that happens, we better be getting back either Tervanian or their 1st rounder back.

  • redricardo

    Chicago has been interested in Glencross for years. I was talking to one of their scouts 3 years ago who singled out GlenX as a player with “grit” who any team would want. I won’t be surprised if they make a serious offer.

    • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

      I was thinking Rundblad from Chicago. Pokka is probably too important to their future (aside: when did the Hawks get Pokka?) but Rundblad is filling a similar role to Erixon for them right now. He’s not as highly-regarded as he once was (and for good reason) but he’s still a capable even-strength player right now and young enough that he has room to grow.

      And let’s not forget; Glencross is a rental. Not likely the Hawks have room to re-sign him so they’d just be acquiring him for the playoffs.

      That is, unless they unload Bickell’s contract on someone… sigh… that’s going to be Calgary isn’t it?

  • Rockmorton65

    I think there could be a hockey deal to be made with the Hawks.

    Bickell, Pokka & Teravainen for Glencross & Backlund

    Pokka for Glencross
    Teravainen for Backlund

    Hawks get almost 5 mil in cap space, a high end, young 2/3 C (RFA) that they seem to have been needing for a while and the option to re-sign Glencross

    We get a potential elite RW, a good prospect on D and more size on LW. We also give them cap space and the “thank you” is the difference between Backlund and Teravainen. Possibly picks to balance, but this seems to help both teams now and down the road.

    • Rockmorton65

      You’ll get evicerated for even mentioning trading Backlund but I’m in agreement with your proposal although I’d like to see the Hawks throw in a mid round pick.

      • Rockmorton65

        Meh, if the criticism comes, so be it. Truth is, Backlund is expendable right now. We have Monahan and Stajan to shield Bennett next year. My guess is Bennett will be our #2 by the end of next season. I’d hate to let Backlund go, but if a package he’s in get us top RW and D prospects, I say go for it.

        I personally think the writing’s on the wall as far as Backs is concerned. With Stajan having a couple years left and Monahan due for a new deal next summer, I don’t see where he fits in. Monny/Bennett are projected as our 1/2 of the vet near future. With Stajan, Granlund, Jooris, Bouma & Shore all looking like they could handle 3rd line duties, I just can’t see Backs signing for 4th line minutes/money. The team needs to make a decision soon.

    • RealMcHockeyReturns

      Given other young players developing well, I am not in agreement that Flames would want to give up 2 (not one) established top-2-lines players (including an important, versatile Centre) for just good potential (which they have in many of their own prospects) and a big lug winger (Bickell). Plus Chicago needs younger cheaper guys so that idea makes little sense. Flames do have cap space so it’s not that factor at play here, it’s Glennie’s age now and when Flames get really good in 2-3 years causing the wish to trade him. So I do NOT see Backlund going to Chicago with Glencross, maybe a cheap forward like Byron or cheap D like Diaz. And hopefully we do get either D Hjalmarsson (established tough D-man, and better for Chicago to trade away his salary) or less likely – Rundblad (because he is a young RFA) coming here, perhaps with more.

  • Rockmorton65

    Most of the teams mentioned up against the cap so the Flames would need to take a roster player of similar salary or a combination of a youngster and a salary dump. Hoping some competitors are interested as it will drive the price up.

  • Sidewinder

    Don’t let the door hit you in the but…..

    His attitude and comments tick me off sometimes for a guy who is clearly on the backend of his career.

    We will be lucky to get a second round pick.

  • RedMan


    I think Pokka was the main piece coming back from NYI when they traded Leddy.


    Hard to see Chicago trading their best forward or defense prospects (Teravainen and Pokka), would be surprised if Treliving managed to pry out either of them. Would be solid acquisitions though if they were available.

  • RedMan

    on a different subject – wow this road trip looks brutal – back to back sets of 3 games in 4 nights against eastern contenders

    could easily be that this trips seals the playoff picture one way or another. if they are going to be in the playoffs, there is no room for a multi-game losing streak.

    If we have any hope, it will be not only the play of the young guys, but excellent goal-tending, without which there will be trouble.

    If the Flames are able to come home from this road trip with a 4-3 record, it will have to be considered a big success

    • everton fc

      I do not think a 4-3 record will cut it for a playoff….with the hard charging Kings and Wild racing up our butt….good thing the Jets have cooled their heels a little and San Jose is meh…

  • KiLLKiND

    Yes Glencross will most likely be traded but any idea of trading Backlund is straight up one of the stupidest things to suggest. Backlund will still be among Calgary’s core when Monahan and Bennett are #1 and #2 centres. He is still relatively young being only 25 and other than injuries shows no signs of being anything other than a steady centre that can play against the est in the league. When he hits his peak which is most likely still 2 years away he will make you regret any notion of trading him. Besides all teams that want to win the cup need more than 2 very good centres. Also Calgary is in contention for the playoffs and you want to trade away our top centre? Yes trading to be better in the future is tempting but Calgary’s future looks bright we don’t need to part with our top current roster player who should remain on this team for many years.

    • Rockmorton65

      I agree the timing could be better, but the playoffs are not the priority right now. BT has said as much. I disagree that Backs is our top center. Monahan passed him this year. I just think that there’s an opportunity to address a need from a position of strength. We have a shortage of top 6 RW prospects and a surplus of middle 6 centers. If something around Backlund gets you a prospect of Teravainen’s caliber, I think you pull the trigger.

      • KiLLKiND

        First off I’m sorry I came off stronger than I intended. To me none of our current prospects in Addy are capable of being Backlund esque other than Arnold potentially and we haven’t even seen him in the NHL yet. Granlund has skill but struggles more in the NHL at 22 than Backlund did. Shore I do not know well enough yet to have much of opinion of but I would like to see him on the RW potentially. He is a natural right handed player and is big bodied so he can play with Truculence! Between him Poirier Calgary’s future at RW seems somewhat promising. While neither scream elite both will be solid NHL players and having 3 centres that can all be capable of playing on the top 2 lines would be amazing. Depth at ceentre wins Stanley Cups.

        As far as Jooris, Bouma, or Colborne at centre instead I once again am not overly excited for that. Colborne is clearly not quite what Backlund is, Bouma and Jooris are great energy players that have really exceeded expectations and all 4 of them are all the same age so that isn’t really a factor but will be nice as they can all peak around the time.

        Another thing to think about is do we want to play against Backlund on a powerhoue team like Chicago? He can shut down our top line while Toews and Kane go to work. If you don’t buy into corsi which too me is a useful tool but not the end-all-be-all just watch him play he does the little things right,heck he can make Lance Bouma into a 2nd line winger.

        sorry for the post length just had a lot to say.

  • KiLLKiND

    I really like Toffioli from LA but a GlenX for toffoli would be a robbery. As it is LA needs to unload the mike richards contract, and richards at this point almost demoted the value of a trade. How would a GlenX and maybe a C prospect (like Reinhart) for Toffoli and Richards. La gets rid of there cap issue and bring in a big left winger while calgary gets (finally) a right handed shot that can provide major help now and in the future.

    • KiLLKiND

      Calgary if anything wants to make room and that is why GlenX won’t be signed bringing in Richards completely ruins that idea for the next 5 years on a bad contract. Toffoli is great but why would they get rid of him just to escape cap hell? I wouldn’t if I were them and neither will they.

  • Kybb79

    Whats with all the big return expectations for GlenX? Have you guys seen him play recently? He will not get more than a 3rd round pick! Very lucky if he gets a second!

  • Kybb79

    “Earned not Given” Glenny boy. The fact he voiced his displeasure instead of trying to earn his ice time back undermines the culture Hartley is trying to instill. Period!

    • Rockmorton65

      I dont know about the others, but to me a hockey deal is a deal made with a teams mid to long term plans, not just a “deadline” or “rental” deal. An example;

      Using my Chi/Cgy proposal;

      Say the Hawks and Flames decide to do a deadline deal – GlenX for a 3rd. Hawks get him for a couple of months and then he walks. Flames draft a player that never sees the NHL. In a year, neither side has anything to show for the deal. Thats a “deadline deal”.

      Change the deal to the GlenX/Backlund for Teravainen one, and there you have a hockey deal. Hawks get GlenX for the rest of the year and playoffs (same as before), but they also get a 3C they have needed. Cgy gets a RW who projects to be a top 6 in the NHL. Both sides could reap the benefits of this deal for many years.