Flames’ Deryk Engelland has instigator penalty rescinded; Hartley fined $50,000 for inciting late line brawl

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA TODAY Sports

The NHL got this one right.

On Saturday the league announced that the instigator penalty assessed to Calgary Flames defenseman Deryk Engelland during a late line brawl in Game 2 of Calgary’s opening round series against the Vancouver Canucks has been rescinded. As a result Engelland will avoid an automatic suspension and be available to play in Game 3 on Sunday night.

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Though the league decided that Engelland’s behaviour didn’t warrant a suspension, and I think most people who watched the game were rather confused when they got a look at how the penalties broke down, the NHL has fined Flames coach Bob Hartley $50,000 dollars for his role in inciting the brawl.

Here’s the full wording on the Harltey release, per NHL.com:

Bob Hartley has been fined $50,000 for his responsibility for the incident that took place with 1:17 remaining in regulation of the first-round playoff game in Vancouver on Friday, April 17, the National Hockey League announced today. The fine was issued in accordance with By-Law 17.3 (a) for conduct prejudicial to or against the welfare of the League.

The NHL news release also referenced the Vancouver incident from last season – the one which effectively ended the John Tortorella era in Vancouver – for which Hartley was fined $25,000. 

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Engelland, 33, has averaged over 20 minutes in the first two games of the series and his efforts filling in for injured Flames captain Mark Giordano in a top-four role have been key. 

That the veteran defender will still be in the lineup for Sunday is actually a pretty big deal for Calgary, particularly because Dennis Wideman appears to be banged up a bit and it’s abundantly clear that that Hartley doesn’t trust David Schlemko or Corey Potter. 

  • Burnward

    There are 16 powe vs power centers
    There are 11 shared power centers

    Top 3 producing pvp centers
    Sedin 48evp
    Toews 46 evp
    RNH 41 evp

    Though 1/8 of the season was shared with lander.
    RNH was 1.25 PPG.



    If Rnh is a third line center.
    Then so is Datsyuk Orielly Kopitar koivu the rest of th pvp centers who produced below him.

    • Franko J

      The guys below Skinny Nuge had to play in their zone too because their teams were trying to win games, not pad stats of their delicate top draft picks to keep them happy.

  • Franko J

    Personally I think that with Edmonton winning the draft lottery “McDavid Sweepstakes” will make the rivalry much more competitive. Although the Oilers will now have their next “Gretzky”, I will still take the season that this Flames team has provided for me. I firmly believe that no matter what the teams North or the West do on draft day, I just hope Calgary can continue draft well and develop talent. So far it appears to working for the team.

    As for the Hartley fine, I think this will further galvanize the team.

    Now if I was one person who is feeling a wee bit slighted it would be Eichel. While there has been plenty of discussion on this post about McDavid, how about Murray the GM in Buffalo in not so many words saying that drafting Eichel is like a slap in the face for the fans and the franchise. If I were Eichel I would pull a “Lindros” and refuse to play for the Sabres.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      Agree on your Eichel comments…The Buffalo GM is a dummer ass than McTavish….He traded away key veteran assets in order to design the team for tanking. He not only failed to realize that he had a 80% non chance of drafting McDavid but has now pissed off Eichel his greatest asset before he even plays his first game….

  • bigdaddykane

    Wow, this thread is an Alberta show. Lots of flames/oilers fans on here. Us canuck fans are just happy we won at home. I forgot what it felt like. Its been game 6 and 7 for us for three goddamn years. So far this series is exactly as billed. Last night’s game sure got everyone in the series, eh Flames fans? Now its on. I look at it this way: i HATE the flames…..but how rad is an all Canadian series with some history and lengthy mutual dislike? Beats playing Nashville any day. Pretty hard to hate the predators. Other than their tailor. Those unis are hideous. Plus this guarantees two Canadian clubs in the 2nd round.
    As for the McDavid thing, good for oilers fans. You deserve it. You’ve witnessed just awful hockey for what, a decade? Better he goes to you then Arizona where nobody will care. Sucks that its in the division though. He isn’t gonna solve your D, goaltending, willingness to get to the greasy areas, team leadership, size, coaching, and management issues though. Even gretzky had coffey and fuhr back there and Messier the canuck destroyer backing him up. You might be picking first again for a bit. Go Canucks go and game three is gonna be great. The saddledome is gonna explode

    • The GREAT Walter White

      Big Daddy- I forgot the canucks have won NO CUPS…..that’s NO RESULTS for 40 plus years…..that’s the definition of Disappointment LMAO

      • bigdaddykane

        You are a master of the obvious. Being a Canuck fan means you have to be reminded of this fact. I couldnt forget it even if i was a goldfish, because I’d get reminded by the likes of you constantly. Thank you. You’ve told me what i already know. While you chortle with glee, consider this: I still love that bloody team despite that fact. I shaved my playoff beard off in tears in the third period when my city burned down around me and it was 4-0. I watched my Jesus Trevor Linden go down in defeat after battling so fiercely against the New York Oilers in 94. I watched him score the tying goal in Nagano for team Canada, only to lose to Hasek in the shootout. There is NOTHING you or any other non canuck fan can say to me, ever. Ever ever, that will hurt more than my team has hurt me. i cannot wait for your feeble attempts to be more painful than the Bruins in 2011

      • pheenster

        Oh yeah, I forgot how the Flamers have been an absolute dynasty. All of those Stanley Cup championships. You sure have every right to brag… OR NOT. Wow. It was 1989. Most people here were not even born then. If we want to use your logic, I might as well remind you Vancouver and Calgary have the same number of Stanley Cup championship teams. You’re an idiot.

        I will also add the fact that we’ve had playoff hockey quite often over the last while. A couple of misses but otherwise lots of playoffs. And you know what else? We’ve been a winning franchise for years. We can go to a regular season game and see our team play well.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    My question is for the site mods.

    Was it your intent to spark some controversy or inter-team tribalism, create a ‘vibe’ about the series by sharing the comments section between Canucks Army & Flames Nation? Because right now what I see is a bunch of people who are confused that other fanbases are ‘trolling’ their website.

    Just a thought here, but have you considered putting a Flames-Canucks (or Canucks-Flames, whatever) cross-posting banner on these articles? Or doing something to make it clear that all posts about this series are being shared between the two pages?

    Because while I see a little bit of tribal ribbing between the two fanbases, what I mostly see is two distinct fanbases confused & angry about ‘their’ space being violated by outsiders.

    I’m worried that you will lose, rather than gain, casual readers because of this.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      “Mc Lindros” would be sweet………even if he does; unfortunately the Oilers still get a boat load of talent back in a trade…….

      The Great Walter White is the smartest guy in the room again; last summer suggesting that the Flames and Oilers should exchange first round picks this year……..


      • The GREAT Walter White

        Walter, I’m a long time Flames fan who occasionally posts here and I think all of us are genuinely concerned for you. Every wknd and waking moment it seems
        like your life revolves around posting on FN in a Derogatory manner, it’s sad actually that this appears to be your life and how all your time is spent, calling yourself “great” and generally being a jack ass on a daily basis on the internet. One wouldn’t know from your posts whether you are a 14 year old child or an adult with significant issues to deal with. Hopefully you actually have family and friends and a life outside this website that you can turn to on wknd’s to better spend your time.

        Your views generally don’t represent the intelligent fan base here in calgary and it’s actually become embarrassing to have you as a Flames fan, this coming from the same fan base that cheers for the Flames. To all others who aren’t flames fans but come here on occasion I apologize, this individual’s comments and behavior do not represent that of our fan base, most Flames fans are intelligent, tactful and show class, there’s always one bad apple in the crowd tho so apologies from us all.

        Let’s show class and represent ourselves and our city appropriately.


        A Long time Flames fan and proud Calgarian

        • Ruprecht

          ^ this. I actually usually feel bad for him. Like the mouthy fat kid in junior high with no friends you know is just acting out to get attention.

          I do agree that Flames fans are the best in the league. Passionate, knowledgable, loyal to the club and city (but within reason unlike the delusional a up north). Apologies to all fans of their teams reading the drivel on this blog the past 24 hours…

          • DoubleDIon

            McDavid is an amazing prospect. Crosby level I think. Crosby had Mario as a mentor though, McDavid will have Eberle and Hall. Bit of a development difference.

            Even the best tomato seeds on the planet don’t grow well in concrete.

    • RedMan

      thanks for the honesty –

      i genuinely am concerned for you too and wish you the best. You seem to have a lot to offer once you get it worked out. Don’t give up – things will get better!