10 Dougie Hamilton Facts


The Flames organization made one of its most significant trades in the last decade when they acquired Dougie Hamilton at the draft this weekend. The 22-year old defender is already one of the best defenders in the game and figures to help anchor Calgary’s blueline with TJ Brodie as the club emerges from rebuilder into contender. 

I began digging around in Hamilton’s background and numbers. Here’s a few things worth knowing about the newest Flame. 

1.) Hamilton was drafted by the Boston Bruins, but the pick was originally the Toronto Maple Leafs’. Brian Burke dealt two first rounders to the Boston in a package for Phil Kessel. The other first rounder was the pick that turned into Tyler Seguin. Ironically, Burke is now part of the Flames front office. 

2.) At 9th overall, Hamilton was the 2nd defender taken in the 2011 entry draft behind Adam Larsson, who went to the Devils. New Jersey is probably regretting that decision at this point. 

3.) Hamilton exploded for 17 goals and 72 points in just 50 games in his draft+1 season. That’s a point-per-game pace of 1.44 and an NHL equivalency of 35.4. To put those numbers into perspective, they are better offensive results than either Emile Poirer (1.38 PPG) and Morgan Klimchuk (1.29 PPG) managed in their draft +1 seasons. And they are former first rounder forwards.  

4.) At 19 years old, Hamilton appeared in 32 games for the Niagra IceDogs before being called up to the NHL. He nevertheless led the team’s blueline in scoring with 41 points.

5.) Although he only recently turned 22 years old, Hamilton has already played in 178 NHL regular season games. His offense has increased each season, from 16 to 25 to 42 points last year. 

6.) Since 2005, Hamilton is one of only 25 NHL defenders to score more than 40 points and play more than 20 minutes in a season under the age of 22. The list contains mostly stars and superstars, including Jay Boumwmeester, Drew Doughty, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Alex Pietrangelo, Shea Weber and Erik Karlsson. The only dubious name of the 25 is Cam Barker. 

7.) With 188 shots on net last year, Hamilton finished the 15th in the league in terms of getting rubber at the goalie. That’s a rate of 2.6 shot per game, which would have led the Flames blueline last year (Giordano was close at 1.57 shots/game). 

8.) Hamilton averaged just over 21 minutes per night for Boston last year, good for third on the team behind Dennis Seidenberg (22:06) and Zdeno Chara (23:20).

9.) Despite being the youngest defender on the team, Hamilton led the Bruins blueline in relative possession rate (+4.72). He also faced the second toughest quality of competition behind only Chara.

10.) At 6’5″ and 215 pounds, Hamilton is now the biggest defender on the Flames blueline, though not in the Flames organization – that honour goes to 6’6″, 240 pound Keegan Kanzig. He is also just one of three natural right hand shots under contract at the pro level. The others are Dennis Wideman and Deryk Engelland.    

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  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    This was just a great, all around pickup by the Flames. I don’t believe for a second the rumors that the Boston media have created. If I were on their team, I would be a loner too, given their team’s personalities. They are just jealous that Flames fans will get to enjoy seeing him play.

    • Canadian Hockey Fan

      Brett Burns is considered a loner as was Mario Lemieux. Shane Doan doesn’t go party with his team due to his beliefs. How is being a private person a negative?

      • Canadian Hockey Fan

        Where did I ever mention in my quote that being a loner was a negative thing? It is only the Boston media that are portraying that it is. I am a private and shy person as well, and there is not wrong with being that way.

  • Curtis

    Griffin Reinhart had 22 points in the AHL last season, while Hamilton had 42 in the NHL. Hamilton is only 7 months older, and costed us an extra second rounder when comparing the trades. This trade is beyond amazing.

  • MWflames

    I know from a friend who bartends here in Calgary that there are some heavy, heavy partiers on that bruins team.

    Purely speculation, but perhaps Hamilton is just a quiet straight edge kind of guy, and perhaps that wasn’t well received in the bruins locker room. If that’s the case I don’t suspect that would be an issue here in Calgary. But who really knows I guess.

    • SoCalFlamesFan

      Haha so they traded Seguin for partying too much and Hamilton for not partying enough?

      Not saying your story isn’t true or anything, but if that’s the narrative the Boston media are gonna run with that’s pretty hilarious

      • MWflames

        The report suggests he was not well liked within the locker room which apparently led, in part, to management souring on him a bit. I was merely speculating as to what the cause of that is, and not suggesting what their management values.

        I spared names and details as I don’t believe its my information to share.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    How does it feel that the hockey gods dropped a gift on your lap?Pretty good i would think. Almost as good as that ping pong ball dropping.Bruins are idiots and the flames cashed in big time.Guess we wiil just have to settle for Mcdavid….

      • Canadian Hockey Fan

        A shrewd move? Even though the Oilers offer was higher for Hamilton?If Chiarelli doesn’t sign with the Oilers then the bruins would have taken the Oilers offer first. It was just pure spite that he made a deal with Calgary.Anything other then admitting that FACT would just be ignorant on so many levels….Your welcome. Its just pure luck and has nothing to do with “a shrewd move”.Worst NHL trade since Gilmour went to the leafs for Gary Leeman…

    • SoCalFlamesFan

      The difference is the Flames have done it the right way and our management was proactive, instead of sitting on their hands collecting 1st overall draft picks. Our management team is experienced, smart and not trigger shy; while your management team was busy devising a 15 year rebuild plan.

      • Canadian Hockey Fan

        You mean the management team that traded Hamilton and Seguin for Kessel?Seem to have forgotten that brutal move.This is more about how bad Sweeney is as a GM and not about Flames management shrewd moves. I could go on about all the mistakes the flames have made over the years but i got some steaks to throw on the Bbq.Enjoy your weekend everybody.

    • Canadian Hockey Fan

      And if McSaviour doesn’t meet expectations in the first year the Oiler “fans” will run him out of town like they did to so many others!!!!

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    If the Flames sign both Hamilton and Giordano wont this rapidly reduce the available cap space and make it imposable to keep the current core moving forward?

    • Franko J

      Hudler, Wideman, and Jones might off the books by then, therefore the Flames still might have some flexibility with the salary cap. While I would hate to see the team in “cap jail” again, the ownership will pony up to make this team as competitive and are not afraid in spending money.

  • Franko J

    The last time this team left the ice after their loss to the Ducks, it was apparent he was target by Treliving. So between the time the trade was made and when Treviling targeted him, if there were any “character” issues had time to change his mind and go in a different direction. Last time I looked the Flames have some outstanding leadership in the organization and some really young players who display great character which I think he will mesh well with. Only upside for this young man.

  • OKG

    “2.) At 9th overall, Hamilton was the 2nd defender taken in the 2011 entry draft behind Adam Larsson, who went to the Devils. New Jersey is probably regretting that decision at this point. ”

    I doubt it. Larsson’s a very good player who was buried under a dumbass of a coach. He’s arguably better than Hamilton too. When NJD changed coaches, Larsson finished the second half of the season playing the kind of minutes he was expected to from the start, where he put up 0.47 PPG from January thru April. Hamilton put up more offense, but Hamilton also played with forwards who don’t qualify for a pension plan.

    I would have been just as happy to score Larsson as I am to score Dougie at the draft.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    Hey trolls, let’s not forget that the same genius that you’re currently celebrating dug the very salary cap pit that eventually got him fired and made it impossible for them to keep their franchise defenseman. Fitting he should end up in that open sewer the map labels ‘Edmonton’. Out.