A Call For Moderators


Greetings Flames Nation. 

The new season is almost upon us. That means daily articles, nightly gamethreads and a whole lot more. That also means lots of comments. 

As many of you have pointed out this summer, FlamesNation is in need of a few moderators. The site has grown rapidly recently. That’s good! More activity, more debates, more passion is why we started this site way back when. We want things to be lively here. 

But it’s become a big challenge for the writers to police the comment sections as throughly as is needed these days. Which is why we’re looking for a handful of resident moderators who can make sure the experience here is as good as possible. We want to keep FlamesNation aa place where we can cheer, debate, disagree and celebrate without having to fear personal attacks or fight off annoying trolls. 

If you have interest in being an FN moderator, please contact me at Kent.Wilson@gmail.com. You’ll need to be a frequent commenter in good standing with the writers and community and you’ll have to have a registered FN account as well. 

Thanks everyone. We’re super excited about this season and we hope you are as well. We’ll continue to try to make this your Flames destination of choice. Well, digitally speaking, of course. 

This has been your friendly network admin post. Now back to your regular hockey talk…