Potential Flames trade deadline partners

As we all know, the Flames are probably going to be deadline sellers. That means almost all of their pending UFA’s should be be available to the highest bidder, even if the org kind of wants to keep Kris Russell around (*spoiler* they can’t really afford to).

So the question is where will these guys land? Here’s an assortment of potential destinations.

Jiri Hudler (RW)

Perhaps the Flames’ biggest trade piece, Hudler seems to have awoken from a long slumber this month and may have done enough to resuscitate his perceived value around the league. Which is good because top-6 scorers are often demand a premium around the deadline. 

Here’s who could use some offense on the wings:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins – The Pens have three top-6 wingers currently: Patrick Honqvist, Phil Kessel and Chris Kunitz. Hudler could round things out nicely for a team that is constantly looking for guys who can complement their 1-2 punch down the middle in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.
  • Minnesota Wild – With just one win in their last 10 games, the Wild are sinking badly. One of their main problems is offense: amongst other playoff contenders in the West, only the Ducks have scored fewer goals than Minnesota so far. 
  • Montreal Canadiens – Montreal’s scoring touch vanished right when their goaltending went south, which is why they’ve been the worst team in the league since December. Hudler might be of interest to them if they want to make a final push for the post-season.
  • New York Islanders – After their top four scorers (Tavares, Okposo, Nielsen, Nelson), things fall off for the Islanders pretty quickly. Garth Snow and the entire Isles fan base are desperate for a taste of playoff success, so I can see them wanting to load up.
  • St. Louis Blues – The Blues have assumed the mantle from the Sharks as the best regular season team who can’t seem to win in the playoffs. Up front, they boast the deadly Vladimir Tarasenko and capable Alex Steen and then a lot of middle tier weapons after that. Hudler could be seen as another arrow in the quiver in the fight against other Western heavyweights like Los Angeles and Chicago. 

Kris Russell (D)

With Bob McKenzie’s stating that Kris Russell could be in line for a $25M+ pay day in free agency, the decision to move him at the deadline was essentially made for the Flames. Russell is a guy whose reputation completely outstrips his actual utility, so this is the one trade the Flames absolutely need to execute at the deadline for a variety of reasons. Even if the team somehow claws its way into the playoff picture they should still put Russell on the auction block. His stock will never be higher. 

  • Chicago Blackhawks – The Hawks’ blueline is hilariously top heavy with things falling off a cliff after the top-3 of Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Nikals Hjalmarsson. With Chicago poised to take another run at the cup they will no doubt be in the market for defensive depth. 
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – Pittsburgh has even less depth on the back-end than they do on the wings. Aside from Kris Letang, no other Penguins defender makes more than $3M aside from Trevor Daley. It’s depth players and kids all the way down. 
  • St. Louis Blues – A recent knee injury to Alex Pietrangelo may have the Blues in the market for another defender heading into the stretch drive. St. Louis considered Russell expendable last time he was in town, but maybe they’d like him as depth rental this time around.
  • Colorado Avalanche – If they manage to stick in the wildcard spot, Colorado could have interest in Russell to bolster their top-4 rotation. The blueline is easily the Avs biggest area of weakness, with only Tyson Barrie and Erik Johnson as legitimate top-4 NHLers at this point. 

Karri Ramo (G)

Ramo has improved his stock since being waived early in the season, but the truth is he is a career .906 SV% goaltender. Even if you want to limit things to his post-KHL stint, Ramo is a .911 SV% ‘tender. Competent results, but completely replaceable. Which means the team should consider moving him if someone comes calling. 

Obviously this is all moot if Ramo’s recent injury is long term, but for now we’ll assume he’ll be healthy by the end of the month. Some teams who might be interested include:

  • Nashville Predators – an excellent club… except for their goaltending. Pekka Rinne has had a dreadful season (.903 SV%) and the club doesn’t seem to trust backup Carter Hutton very much (only eight games played). They could use an established NHLer to spell off (usurp??) Rinne.
  • New Jersey Devils – Cory Schneider is legit, but backup Keith Kinkaid is not. If the Devils are convinced they are headed to the playoffs they may want to acquire some Schneider insurance.
  • San Jose Sharks – Martin Jones has established himself as an NHL starter this year, but Alex Stalock has stumbled badly with an .884 SV% in 13 games. At 28 years old, Stalock likely isn’t considered a “future asset” worth developing either. Desperate for post-season success, I can see the Sharks shopping for a more capable 1B option. 
  • Montreal Canadiens – Assuming they manage to pull out of their tailspin and challenge for the playoffs, the Habs could well be in the market for another goaltender. Losing Carey Price has been disastrous and their second best option behind him right now is Ben Scrivens.

Other trade options

  • David Jones (UFA)
  • Josh Jooris (RFA)
  • Markus Granlund (RFA)
  • Joe Colborne (RFA)
  • Jonas Hiller (UFA)
  • Jakub Nakladal (UFA)

The Flames might listen to offers for some of these players, but chances are there won’t be much interest. 


While Calgary’s newly complicate goalie situation might dissuade a Ramo (or Hiller) trade, both Jiri Hudler and Kris Russell should garner significant interest for Treliving at the deadline. At the very least, the club should be aiming to get some worthwhile picks and prospects for both of these players. 

  • RealMcHockeyReturns

    What kind of return do you think each of these players would garner? Who on the teams lists or in their prospect pools would be of long term value to the Flames? Is there anyone you would target?

  • RealMcHockeyReturns

    There are a lot of teams on the cusp of making the playoffs and teams looking to stack up for the playoff run, either way you have to think Russel and Hudler are hot commodities, especially Hudler who has valuable playoff experience.

    I don’t think the Flames can get any worse by unloading a few players, as rookie energy (with confidence of not being sent down) can sometimes push a team for a short period, although plateau or dip over time.

    You would have to think Colborne could attract some interest also, being a big centre who can do well in the shootout. And hopefully someone takes a flyer on Raymond for a 5th or 6th round pick, why not?

    Either way, the Flames should stack up on picks/young talent and let Agostino, Grant, et al, get a chance once the team falls out of the race by 10 to 12 points fairly soon.

    Just my 2 bits

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Colborne in shootouts. Don’t see why any team fighting hard to get in the playoffs wouldn’t take an interest in him. If he wins a couple of shootouts for you and gets you in the dance, he has already paid his way.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Colorado has an awful defence. You would have to think the Flames could deal one of their unwanted blueliners to the Avs. How good might Wideman be in Colorado with all the skilled forwards they have?

    In my dream last night–and I almost never dream NHL–Calgary became the landing spot for Stamkos, Drouin and Bishop. Going east were Monahan, Russell, Jouris, 1st round pick and a pair of Heaters. Don’t know who they were as I woke up.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    I look at Kent’s list of trade partners for the Flames and wonder do any of them have someone who fits the Flames organizational needs; a potential rw/pf fit who might develop into a line mate for Johnny and Monny, or someone who might be a fit for the RW with Sam? A young goalie who is just waiting for a chance?

    I went looking through each teams AHL lineups but don’t know much beyond the stats. Anyone feel confident enough to enlighten the masses?

    • RealMcHockeyReturns

      Here you go. I also used other NHL rumours, not just Kent’s list. Focus is mostly on ridding Flames of expensive older players and gaining extra draft choices and a decent goalie.

      1) Tampa apparently needs Right-shooting D-men this year thus : Trade Wideman (perhaps just as go-for-it rental) plus left-shooting Russell (who they re-sign) to Tampa Bay. Meanwhile flames get Kucherov (top 2 lines RW for Flames) and Nesterov (young depth D-man coming back)

      2) Detroit wants D and to get rid of Howard thus: Trade them Engelland as depth option only plus Ramo for their backup. Meanwhile Flames take Howard with hope for bounce-back but with 1.5M retained by Detroit and also get a draft choice (conditional 3rd in 2017) perhaps depending on play of Howard (e.g games started) for Flames in 2016-17.

      3) Minnesota needs scoring so send Granlund to play with brother along with 3rd rounder, while Flames get 2nd round draft choice.

      4) Pittsburgh needs extra winger for playoff run (rental) so take Jones for 4th rounder or perhaps a conditional choice (3rd or 4th) if they make 3rd round of playoffs

      • Kevin R

        Sorry, Tampa never does that. Here is some bold moves:

        1/ Ramo is healthy & playing by next Friday & at the TDL we trade Ramo & Porrier to Montreal for Fucale & their 2016 1st round pick.

        2/Trade Wideman & Colborne to Detroit for Howard & a 2016 2nd pick

        3/Russell to Chicago for Hartman

        4/Hudler to LA Kings for Zykov & a 2016 3rd pick

        5/ Jones to Penguins for a 2016 4th round

        • RealMcHockeyReturns

          Hahahahahaha. No salaries involved? Three of your proposals are unrealistic. No way we get that much for poor-performance Poirier and Ramo…Fucale well-rated and Poirier no longer a top prospect so won’t net a 1st. Detroit trade gets maybe Howard and 3rd and they can’t afford nor need Wideman for next year. Hudler does not garner that much return and Kings cannot re-sign so would give up far less.

          • Kevin R

            WTF are you talking about. Russell, Hudler, Ramo & Jones are all UFA’s, salary is prorated & most teams have the ability to absorb the prorated salary coming from a rental or they wouldn’t be shopping if they had no limit left on their trading credit card.

            The only deal with salary coming back is Howard, 5.3 mill for 3 more years after this. Howard is going to be hard for Detroit to unload. He’s not a bad goalie, but he has lost the starting job to a younger kid. Personally, I would not do Wideman for Howard straight up because of the 2 extra 5.3 mill years of cap to a goalie that may not be the best fit. I added Colborne to get Detroit to include their 2nd round pick. Detroit probably jumps all over this deal, but not sure Tre would. Maybe pay attention to who plays “all” of the Detroit games in net these days. I know, I have Howard in a pool.

            Kings gave up their 2015 (deep hyped draft) for Sekera. They also just lost Gaborik long term. Fact. Hudler will get us a decent return.

            Ramo has been playing great. So we have a significant difference in opinion. Canadiens have just started to win again. Ramo is the perfect rental and if we want to score that 1st out of them, well we had to throw Porrier who is a FC kid who they had their eyes on & we scooped him before them. Fucale was a2nd round pick. I thought it was a pretty functional proposal, hardly unrealistic.

          • RealMcHockeyReturns

            First, NHL teams don’t pay that high of prices for rentals, at least this year. All the media is saying so and they do speak to GMs unlike us. Second, GMs would thus expect them to keep most of the players for longer term so their expected salaries must fit under a flat cap (expected) going forward….and they don’t. Third, your expected return is STILL too high. Fourth, look at regular and advanced stats and Ramo is just barely average, same with Hudler (a bit above) who seems to have regressed, while Wideman and Russell are bad in advanced and regular stats. Montreal may want Ramo and Poirier but won’t overpay as you suggest or media & rabid fans will roast them, not worth the risk for Bergevin

          • Burnward

            You bring up some strong rational points except for one thing…common sense tends to go out the window in desperate times. To say that GMs won’t overpay is in accurate. You need to remember that winning a championship at any level, in any league is difficult.

            So, any teams that are deemed designated buyers at the trade deadline are motivated. They have a small window so they need to improve the team’s chances of making the playoffs and advancing in the playoffs. Playoffs are big business and can bring in significant revenue. Along with this added pressure is, the pressure GMs and coaches feel to deliver for the sake of their jobs.

            Strong rational and well thought out planning can most definitely take a back seat to spontaneous, irrational, and impulsive reaction. The Trade deadline and the NHL Drafts are perfect platforms to swing for the fences. Logically, players like Hudler and Russell won’t yield higher than a 2nd or 3rd round pick in return but if your an organization that needs a crafty creative top 6 winger and a gritty defender who block shots these 2 players are more than worth the risk.

          • cberg

            This belief in the truth of various rumours and articles we read is kind of laughable. On the one hand, for example, some guys dismiss the Nichuskin rumour out-of-hand as fantasy, yet at the same time (perhaps other guys) trust the “no high payments for rentals” idea as gospel.

            Really, I’m pretty sure we’ve got very little if any insight into reality and the future. Teams are probably in the same boat. A team may want to do something, but it takes two to tango and you need a willing partner. BT may wish to trade Hudler, Russell and Wideman for example, but lots of things can happen (suspensions, poor play, injuries, other trades) that can change even the best laid plans instantly. Actually I would think that most of the rumours we hear are failed trade investigations…

            In any case, arguing whether a proposal is likely or not is kind of moot. Almost any trade can be evened out by throwing in a lower level pick or prospect.

        • RealMcHockeyReturns

          Do that Russell for Hartman every time. Was annoyed when we passed on him with the Klimchuk pick and chi took him 5 picks later. 3 years later Hartman proving to have progressed more..

  • Kevin R

    If Hudler’s gonna go, let it be to NYI. Package him + any expendable roster player (Colbourne, Granlund, Jones, Raymond, Jooris, Bouma, Hiller) or even Hudler + a 2nd and/or 3rd for Hamonic.

    If it’s the Blues, Hawks or Pens, take their 1st rounder or 2 seconds. Done.

    For Russel, you take the best combination of picks & prospects on offer. And there will be offers.

    I’d be willing to throw in any of the RFA’s or UFA’s in any deal that thins our vets that brings back multiple picks and gets some of our farm kids into the line up for the remainder of the season. It’s time to evaluate what we have now, and plan for what we draft for this summer.

  • MontanaMan

    The key piece for me is to move Wideman and Russell and acquire Hamonic. Gino, Brodie, Hamilton and Hamonic as a top four d core. Outstanding. The Flames must move Hudler – best offer. I’d be open to moving both goaltenders but they’d need to find an NHL ready tender until Gilles is ready. And last, and most contentious, I would move Backlund as his stock has never been higher. The centre spots go to Monny and Bennett, with Backlund’s 3C spot taken by a farmhand. Moving Backlund may bring in the right winger needed for JG and Monahan.

    And how or why are the Flames mentioned in the Stamkos discussions? Yes he’s a pure goal scorer but the Flames should not be tying up $10 million plus on Stamkos – never.

    • Burnward

      I love the player and here’s how I would approach that one. Minny needs help up front. We can’t do a player straight across for Coyle because it’s just a lateral move. However we can create a package.

      Backlund, Hudler, and Granlund
      Coyle and a 2nd.

      Coyle has scoring, potential and plays 3rd line center. Backlund replaces the scoring and 3rd line center role and Granlund replaces the potential. Then they add Hudler for the stretch drive and a 2nd rounder comes back.

      Calgary gets bigger up front, a good support player in the right age demographic and a RHS which they are sorely missing. Hopefully they immediately moves Coyle to first line RW, promote Stajan to 3rd line C and moves Bennett permanently to center.

      JH- mony – Coyle
      Ferland – Bennett – Frolik
      Bouma – Stajan – Jones
      Raymond – Colborne – Jooris

      Not without it’s holes, much better balanced in my eyes.

  • Canrock 78

    How about Russell to Edmonton for Nelson (I know ahl but Edmonton temporarily wreck goalies) and their 2nd 2016. If you guys are correct about Russell this will help us in the long run. This should help Edmonton out of the basement which helps us.

    Hamilton and hudler to NYI for Hamonic and Strome. May need the Edmonton second in there.

    Ramo if healthy to Montreal for a second if possible.

    Don’t know if cap works, just spitballing.

  • RKD

    Treliving isn’t scared to pull the trigger and pull the trigger he shall. Lots of teams will/are already calling and are interest on both Russell and Hudler. The fact they haven’t even talked about a new deal for a new deal means he’s probably as good as gone. He needs to heat up in the next week or so. I’m worried when I heard the Flames brass is trying to resign Russell, it’s time guys like Kulak, Wotherspoon, Nakladal get up here in an everyday role.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      I’m not sure we can talk about BT in the same breath as Trader Cliff. He doesn’t have a track record yet. On the plus side, he dealt Glencross for picks. Hamilton trade was bold, but it is too soon to declare a winner.

      Not sure why he didn’t go all out to deal Wideman last offseason. Price was never going to be higher and did not fit in any LT plans.

      Hudler’s stock was also at a record high last summer, but were I BT, I would not have traded him them and bust up what had been one of the best lines in hockey. He should have no such reservations now.

      As for between now and 01 July, BT needs to do some serious cost cutting. $11M for the Flames 5th, 6th and 7th defensemen is screwy.

      He also has to figure out net. Ramo is not the answer. He’s a stopgap. Don’t think anyone in the system is ready, and no, Jimmy Howard is not the answer.

      Who plays RW on the top line assuming they want to keep Backs, Benett and Frolik together next season? Ferland perhaps, but barring some unexpected development, it will be RW by committee.

      Bottom 6 need to get cheaper. I have no problem keeping Bouma and Stajan next season. I can live with Jouris. Woulld like to see these final couple spots filled by Heaters.

      If BT clears cap room and after signing the Tankard Twins, he should allocate a big chunk of the leftover to a goalie who can steal wins.

        • brodiegio4life

          Stajan is an interesting case, the Flames have never used him above a 3rd or 4th line role player. Toronto tried to force him to be a top 6 player which is not reasonable but I think he offers far mor than we see especially in the playoffs. Stajan could be a great utility player and a key piece for a contending team.

          He is good in the face off and plays with bangers and skilled players. Add in the fact that he is well liked and respected in the dressing room….this is the perfect time for the Flames to test the waters.

          • BlueMoonNigel

            Interesting to note that Stajan is the only player from Sutter’s blockbuster trade from 6 years ago who is still on the same team.

            No, Stajan is badly overpaid for a 3rd or 4th centre, but I’m not sure he can be traded because of that contract also known as Sutter’s Revenge. Nevertheless, Stajan has value to the Flames in that he performs his role well, seems to be well-liked by his teammates and is as healthy as a horse.

            To pare cap space, Wideman, Raymond, Englland, Smid and Bolig should all be moved before Stajan.

      • brodiegio4life

        I think the whole playoff thing did influence him a bit and make him lose sight of where this team actually is. Had wideman had the same type of season but the flames finished bottom 10 last year, I think wideman would’ve been gone during the offseason. The upcoming trade deadline will be really telling on if treliving can look to he future and not let a potential first round playoff exit cloud his judgement. We need a fantastic Finn!

  • prendrefeu

    Looking at his m.o, thus far, either Brad Treliving will do no trades or pull of a completely surprising stunner that few, if any, saw coming.

    At some point, aside from getting clicks on articles and audiences to listen to radio voices talk sports, you should simply hold tight and see what happens because making predictions or spending time on analysis becomes a moot effort in futility with BT at the helm.

    And that’s a good thing for Flames fans.

    • cberg

      I think we’re going to learn a lot about BT over the next 4+ months. What we know so far is:

      1. He is very reluctant to give up on anybody. He’s only really traded out one player-Glencross, and I think that offer was too good to pass up on a declining player. He did trade Baertchschi but he was reportedly ready to walk away from the team as an RFA so I don’t include that one. He has also traded several prospects reaching waiver time, for other similar prospects. None of them have really gotten a solid chance on the Flames.

      2. He is very “loyal” to his vets (my word, I’m sure others would substitute something else). After the run last season he started the year stating the team that got them there “deserved” a chance to prove they can do it again, and even better after a couple key additions. This hasn’t happened and at least from the outside he has been very reluctant to make changes/trades when things didn’t work out.

      3. In addition, he has been very hesitant to send guys down to the minors (McGratton, Raymond, Ramo) even when its been very apparent that was needed. This has resulted in a lot of dead-weight sitting around not offering much to the team, as well as what I would perceive as festering and discouragement on the farm. A side note to this is the three-headed goalie monster to start the year which BH didn’t like either and turned into an unmitigated disaster for the team.

      4. He is willing to look anywhere for talent, picking up Morrison and Nakladal as free agents last year. Unfortunately it seems the promises turned out to be much more than the realities for the two as neither has gotten a sniff. Take that back, Nak’s gotten 1:42 in the NHL, shortest career ever.

      5. He has a definite vision for the future, and able to pinpoint apparent deficiencies and fill the needs through free agent signings, like Frolik this year, and Engelland, Raymond et all previously.

      6. Unfortunately, he seems to believe in a step-wise, methodical, incremental-improvement approach of team-building which has led to signing multiple guys to way too much term which is killing us now. The other factor weighing the team down is the same apparent belief in prospect development. This causes big problems when a Johnny Gaudreau bursts onto the scene in year 1, dragging the team with him, or perhaps even a Poirier/Baertschi who may have been ready earlier but never given enough time with the big team to earn their spot at the optimum moment. The Detroit “over-simmering” prospect development model may work for them, but the NYR/Chicago “bring up the kids but surround them with solid vets” model also seems to work for a number of teams and certainly helps land some prized free agents as well as keeping Cap down and youthful excitement/energy up.

      7. BT’s not afraid to make a huge splash trading for a needed piece while giving up picks, i.e. Hamilton. It looks like a great deal but still was a steep price to pay in potential futures, especially early on in a rebuild.

      8. Drafting has been mixed, but overall positive. I’d say the last couple drafts we’ve definitely added more than the ~1.5 NHL’er average for the league to the team so that’s good, and we have some blue chippers currently playing and perhaps a few more still developing in lower leagues. It has also addressed needs and been spread over a multitude of types of players. I like what I see so far, it needs to continue.

      9. Philosophically there has been zero interest in going “all-in” for the draft, but honestly we were chasing playoffs last year (and made it) so it remains to be seen if that is different this year. If we lose today we’ll be 10 points out and 3-4 teams to climb over to get into the play-offs. I believe its already over but that will pretty much put the last nail in the coffin. If so BT should be moving contracts/players out just as aggressively as he was trying to fill specific needs last summer (and did).

      Overall I give BT an above-average passing grade. However, the coming few weeks/months will go a long way in determining his true benefit to the organization. We are definitely at a stage where we require a major overhaul of our average/aging players and infusing the team with some new talent. We are waiting….

  • MontanaMan

    The new NHL is loading up with top players (4 forwards. 3 defence men, 1 goalie) with light contracts and pay the rest as fodder (Blackhawk model). This means 5/6 d-men and fourth liners need to be under a million. Looking at the Flames, they need to replace Stajan, Engelland, Smid, Jones and Hiller with younger, cheaper options. It also means you cannot under any circumstances sign Russell. The Flames need to sign contracts with Gio, Monahan and eventually Bennett and the three should be their focus. Gio, Brodie and Hamilton are all signed for several years so the d is set. Tre needs to find some decent goaltending, then round out the squad with fillers who don’t break the bank.

    Edit: Not sure how spellcheck gave me light contracts but it was meant to be “loading up top players with big contracts”.

    Edit: This isn’t my best writing; “The Flames need to sign contracts with JG, Monahan and eventually Bennett.”

    Sorry for the mistakes.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    I can see a ramo for price straight across and hudler for ovechkin trade coming.. Russell will go to Montreal for subban and their 1st..I think if we sell the Stampeders because nobody watches golf anyways we can fit it under the cap

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    I was saving that trade for just before the trade deadline it was a surprise..thanks for ruining it lol..anyways colbourne is about double the size and Chicago decides to get bigger so they throw in panarin just to equal out pound for pound and take on all three players caps. Then edmonton realizes they can’t compete with just 5 first overall picks and tanks for 3 more years

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    The whole team throws a party and they don’t invite Hartley. Every player shows up late for practice and Hartley scratches them in game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs resulting in Chicago winning the cup 3 years in a row colbourne gets the game winner

  • Burnward

    Anaheim could be a fit in my mind. Tons of cap room. Built to win now.

    Hudler, Russell, Hiller for Freddy Andersen and Josh Manson would be gold to this guy.

    • piscera.infada

      Never going to happen.

      Picture it this way: you’re the GM of the Anaheim Ducks. You know Andersen should probably be traded–although Gibson is currently injured and has been unable to stay healthy throughout the majority for his pro career (including the AHL). You also know that Andersen currently has NHL number-one goalie pedigree. What does it take for you to trade him? Three UFAs, all of which you probably can’t resign? Now, what does it take for you to trade him in division?

      No. Just no.

      Any Andersen trade to the Flames is going to start with this year’s first. It’s going to entirely un-palatable, simply because team’s don’t make a habit of trading relatively young number-one goalies to divisional rivals–teams you’ll have to beat out 5 to 6 times a season, and in the playoffs.

      • Burnward

        Forgot Gibson got injured.

        Renders that trade useless.

        Healthy, I think it’s pretty fair though. Reigning even strength scoring champ, league leading shot blocker, and a goalie who has a track record with the organization and decent ES SV% stats.

        • piscera.infada

          Doesn’t change the fact that the Ducks aren’t going to trade Andersen for three players that are extremely unlikely to still be on the team next season.

          I also don’t understand why they’d want Hiller. They clearly didn’t when they let him walk. It’s not like his play has drastically improved (or improved at all) since.

          • supra steve

            Truth is, you never know. The Erat for Forsberg trade a few years ago being a good example. If a manager REALLY feels that this year is his big shot at winning a Cup, then shipping out a spare tender plus for a few useful pieces that could potentially help get you that ring, may be something he seriously considers. Or not. Trade deadline often provides some WOW moments.

          • piscera.infada

            Fair enough. I won’t argue that GMs go ridiculous at the trade deadline, but there are limits. the Erat for Forsberg deal was horrible, but Forsberg still wasn’t being traded within division, and wasn’t a goaltender.

            The optics of trading a starting goalie to a rival team you’ll have to compete with could be disastrous–even if you win a cup, it could lead to a GM’s head**. Imagine how much it would have taken for Vancouver to trade Schneider to Edmonton. Apparently there was a good amount on the table from Edmonton at the time, Vancouver didn’t take it simply because it looks absolutely horrible if you get beat by that goalie six times a year (to say nothing of the playoffs). Goalies are, for all intents and purposes, the sole position that can have the biggest impact on an organization’s future. General Managers aren’t falling over themselves to give that away to a direct rival (one whom they will have to compete with for playoff seeding and playoff success) for market rate.

            That also says nothing of the fact that Andersen is an RFA, and can be held under the team’s control until a sensical trade presents itself.

            I’m not saying Andersen to the Flames won’t happen, but it will either take a very stupid move from a very astute GM (Bob Murray), or it would take an unpalatable package of assets.

            **As an aside, imagine if the Smid-Broissot deal ends up finding Edmonton their next legitimate number-one goalie. You don’t think that Feaster/Burke will go down in the annuls of horrible hockey trade lore for that one? At least in that case, Feaster/Burke could vehemently argue “goalies are vodoo”, but it doesn’t really change much.

          • cberg

            Regarding Erat for Forsberg: Those deals happen and it’s heartbreaking when the team you cheer for isn’t in on them (because they are such steals), but they aren’t something you can bank on happening. Which is why until I see Hudler and Russell moved for Nichushkin, I regard it as fantasy.

    • piscera.infada

      Your not trading a bunch of scraps and spare parts for a number 1 goalie and an upcoming stud D…………did your 5 year old give you that trade idea……..be better!

  • piscera.infada

    I’d trade monohan straight up for Andersen in Anaheim….our goaltending is settled and yes we would have a hole up front….but you win from the backend….

    Do it BT

  • cberg

    Of the many proposals out there the ones I see with the most traction, but not the main characters that everyone sees are:

    Poirier going to Montreal. He’s someone they wanted, is French-Canadian and I’m sure would love to get back there. In addition, in spite of what we may think of him this season, he’s an aggressive, very fast scorer who would probably go great on their team. I’m not really interested in trading him, as I always thought he wold be a key piece of the future here, but if he can get back a great prospect we need I might be OK with dealing him.

    Another guy Granlund, especially the idea to Minnesota to work with his brother. Not sure what we’d get back but perhaps a good pick or higher-end prospect.

    Third guy, Derek Engelland. This year he’s played very well as a 6D, and has proven he can fill-in higher on a short-term basis. He is physical and would bolster a lot of D’s with a Cap going forward reasonable, and only a year left.

    Guys have mentioned Ramo, I would add Hiller. Trade them both for playoff insurance which I think they could both do well, especially to teams with weak back-ups. They are both UFAs so zero issues going forward and could easily re-sign at lower $s for next year if a team liked what they see.

    Smid wants to go and play. Solid insurance as a 6/7D, but with one year left so he’d have to fit for another year.

    Bouma, a solid, physical tough player that can play on bottom two lines and chip in some goals as proven last year. He would be a solid addition to a playoff team and is signed for a fairly low $ going forward. We apparently have other guys on the farm who could replace him (Hathaway?).

    Stajan, solid 3C who can shut guys down and chip in some offence as well. Still a year left on a reasonable term.

    • cberg

      I don’t disagree with your Poirier thoughts, but I’m not sure moving him brings back anything better than by just keeping him. How you describe him is accurate, but that’s exactly what the Flames could use too.

      Totally agree, or at least hope, in regards to Engelland. He’s been far better this season and would love to see him have played his way out of here. Only one year yo go, but admittedly, it’s an expensive year for what he brings.

      Replacing Bouma seems redundant to me, at least at this stage.

      Stajan could be moved if he had a year left, but correct me if I’m wrong, he has two years left on his contract after this season. Ugh.

  • Sock

    Any thoughts on the fiesability of us landing any 2, of the following with dead-line/post season moves…pipe dream but looking for feedback (assuming we do not win the lottery – Arggg Oilers).

    J. Puljujarvi
    PL Dubois

    Ranked in my order of interest/suitability.

    Chances of turning any combination of:

    Backlund – Macleod is IMO a better #2/3 future C.



    Into; 1st, 2 2nds, 2 3rds
    Get an additional top 10 pick?