Meet the 2017-18 Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames have finalized their opening day roster for the 2017-18 National Hockey League season. The Flames roster features 23 players – two goalies, seven defensemen and 14 forwards – and carries a cap hit of roughly $71.7 million (including buyouts and cap penalties), comfortably fitting under the salary cap by $3.2 million.

(Daniel Pribyl and Marek Hrivik are on what’s known as the “season-opening injured reserve” since they were injured in the NHL camp, but it’s primarily an insurance-related thing. Jaromir Jagr has not been officially signed as of yet, so he also doesn’t count against the cap or the roster limit right now.)

Here are the 2017-18 Flames!


Defenseman (shoots left)
Captain (since 2013-14)
From: Toronto, Ontario
Age: 34
Cap Hit: $6.75 million
Last Amateur Club: Owen Sound Attack (OHL)
Acquired: Signed as a free agent
NHL Games: 673
8th in Norris Trophy voting in 2016-17
Won Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award from ESPN in 2016-17


Defenseman (shoots left)
From: Chatham, Ontario
T.J. stands for Thomas James
Age: 27
Cap Hit: $4.65 million
Last Amateur Club: Barrie Colts (OHL)
Drafted: By Calgary, 114th overall in 2008
NHL Games: 418


Left/Right Wing (shoots right)
From: Lethbridge, Alberta
Age: 31
Cap Hit $1.75 million
Last Amateur Club: Kamloops Blazers (WHL)
Drafted: By Boston, 134th overall in 2004
Acquired: Signed as a free agent
NHL Games: 619
Won Stanley Cup with Chicago in 2010 and 2015


Center (shoots left)
From: Vasteras, Sweden
Age: 28
Cap Hit: $3.575 million
Last Amateur Club: Kelowna Rockets (WHL)
Drafted: By Calgary, 24th overall in 2007
NHL Games: 461
4th in Selke Trophy voting in 2016-17


Left Wing (shoots left)
From: Carney’s Point, New Jersey
Age: 24
Cap Hit: $6.75 million
Last Amateur Club: Boston College Eagles (NCAA)
Drafted: By Calgary, 104th overall in 2011
NHL Games: 232
Won NCAA Championship with Boston College in 2012
Won Lady Byng Memorial Trophy in 2016-17


Left Wing (shoots left)
From: Regina, Saskatchewan
Age: 33
Cap Hit: $650,000
Last Amateur Club: Dartmouth College Big Green (NCAA)
Drafted: By Florida, 265th overall in 2003
Acquired: Signed as a free agent
NHL Games: 511


Center (shoots left)
From: Mississauga, Ontario
Age: 33
Cap Hit: $3.125 million
Last Amateur Club: Belleville Bulls (OHL)
Drafted: By Toronto, 57th overall in 2002
Acquired: In a trade with Toronto (with Jamal Mayers, Ian White and Niklas Hagman) for Dion Phaneuf, Keith Aulie and Fredrik Sjostrom
NHL Games: 935


Left Wing (shoots left)
From: Scottsdale, Arizona
Age: 19
Cap Hit: $925,000
Last Amateur Club: London Knights (OHL)
Drafted: By Calgary, 6th overall in 2016
NHL Games: 76
Won Memorial Cup with London in 2016
7th in Calder Trophy voting in 2016-17


Center/Right Wing (shoots right)
From: Salmon Arm, British Columbia
Age: 22
Cap Hit: $950,000
Last Amateur Club: Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL)
Drafted: By Ottawa, 17th overall in 2013
Acquired: In a trade with Ottawa (with Michael Kostka) for a 2016 2nd round pick and Jyrki Jokipakka.
NHL Games: 180


Right Wing (shoots right)
From: Naples, Florida
Age: 25
Cap Hit: $650,000
Last Amateur Club: Brown University Bears (NCAA)
Acquired: Signed as a free agent
NHL Games: 39


Center (shoots left)
Alternate Captain
From: Brampton, Ontario
Age: 22
Cap Hit: $6.375 million
Last Amateur Club: Ottawa 67’s (OHL)
Drafted: By Calgary, 6th overall in 2013
NHL Games: 319


Defenseman (shoots right)
From: St. Malo, Manitoba
Age: 27
Cap Hit: $3,857,143
Last Amateur Club: Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)
Drafted: By NY Islanders, 53rd overall in 2008
Acquired: In a trade with NY Islanders (with a conditional 2019 or 2020 4th round pick) for a 2018 1st round pick, 2018 2nd round pick and conditional 2019 or 2020 2nd round pick.
Won NHL Foundation Player Award in 2016-17
NHL Games: 444


Center/Right Wing (shoots right)
From: Toronto, Ontario
Age: 25
Cap Hit: $613,500
Dougie’s older brother
Last Amateur Club: Niagara IceDogs (OHL)
Drafted: By San Jose, 129th overall in 2010
Acquired: In a trade with Colorado for a conditional 2016 7th round pick (condition not met)
NHL Games: 59


Defenseman (shoots right)
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Age: 27
Cap Hit: $3.5 million
Last Amateur Club: Calgary Hitmen (WHL)
Drafted: By Phoenix, 69th overall in 2008
Acquired: In a trade with Arizona for a 2017 3rd round pick and conditional 2018 5th round pick
NHL Games: 343


Defensemen (shoots right)
From: Toronto, Ontario
Age: 24
Cap Hit: $5.75 million
Freddie’s younger brother
Last Amateur Club: Niagara IceDogs (OHL)
Drafted: By Boston, 9th overall in 2011
Acquired: In a trade with Boston for a 2015 1st round pick and two 2016 2nd round picks.
9th in Norris Trophy voting in 2016-17
NHL Games: 341


From: Norrtalje, Sweden
Age: 29
Cap Hit: $1.375 million ($1.375 million retained by Carolina)
Last Amateur Club: Brynas IF (SuperElit)
Acquired: In a trade with Carolina (with Ryan Murphy and a 2019 7th round pick) for Keegan Kanzig and a 2019 6th round pick.
NHL Games: 136


Right Wing (shoots right)
Alternate Captain
From: Vancouver, British Columbia
Age: 32
Cap it: $4.5 million
Last Amateur Club: Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL)
Drafted: By Chicago, 214th overall in 2004
Acquired: Signed as a free agent
NHL Games: 687
Won Stanley Cup with Chicago in 2010


From: Kingston, Ontario
Age: 35
Cap Hit: $4.25 million ($1.417 million retained by Arizona)
Last Amateur Club: Sudbury Wolves (OHL)
Drafted: By Dallas, 161st overall in 2001
Acquired: In a trade with Arizona for Chad Johnson, Brandon Hickey and a conditional 2018 3rd round pick
NHL Games: 474


Defenseman (shoots left)
From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Age: 29
Cap Hit: $613,500
Last Amateur Club: Ohio State University Buckeyes (NCAA)
Drafted: By Florida, 190th overall in 2008
Acquired: Signed as a free agent
NHL Games: 235


Defenseman (shoots left)
From: Edmonton, Alberta
Age: 23
Cap Hit: $650,000
Last Amateur Club: Vancouver Giants (WHL)
Drafted: By Calgary, 105th overall in 2012
NHL Games: 30


Right Wing (shoots left)
From: Kladno, Czech Republic
Age: 29
Cap Hit: $4.3 million
Last Amateur Club: Rimouski Oceanic (QMJHL)
Drafted: By Florida, 10th overall in 2006
Acquired: Signed as a free agent
NHL Games: 658
Won Stanley Cup with Chicago in 2013


Left Wing (shoots left)
From: Swan River, Manitoba
Age: 25
Cap Hit: $1.75 million
Last Amateur Club: Saskatoon Blades (WHL)
Drafted: By Calgary, 133rd overall in 2010
NHL Games: 173


Center (shoots left)
From: Holland Landing, Ontario
Age: 21
Cap Hit: $1.95 million
Last Amateur Club: Kingston Frontenacs (OHL)
Drafted: By Calgary, 4th overall in 2014
NHL Games: 159

  • Off the wall

    I swear that our fans are the most bipolar on any Nation site.

    Yesterday, elation over Jagr signing with us.

    Today, a full out bit** session over sending Jankowski back down to Stockton. Treliving a genius yesterday, today a fool?

    Nobody wants to see Jankowski not in the lineup. Me included.

    Has it ever occurred to you, that Treliving is brewing up something. Give it time people.
    Good gawd, patience is a virtue,
    Treliving knows what he’s doing folks. He stated in his interview with Leslie Ryan that he was impressed with Jankowski.

    Jankowski is a centre.
    Stajan is going to be used as a centre this year. I thought we already covered this?

    Glass is not taking his job!
    Neither is Freddie Hamilton.

    Take a antipsychotic if you’re going to go ape sh** over this or seek some kind of therapy.

    Jankowski will be back!

    • Anonymoustrollpolice

      I think the main point you are missing is it’s sending the wrong message to all the prospects, that you can outwork your teammates but if they are old like stajan or Brouwer then sorry you are SOL. Good gms don’t allow that. Good coaches also don’t allow that. That’s how bad cultures are created.

      • Off the wall

        Sorry, disagree with you.
        Treliving is one of the best communicators I’ve heard as a GM.

        There’s no doubt in my mind, that Jankowski was given the information he needed to hear, so as to not be disheartened over being sent down. I agree he deserves to be on the roster.
        I suspect we’ll see him by November.

        I’m disappointed for him too, but I believe there’s a bigger picture here that is being overlooked.

        The Glass signing was going to happen. I could see it a mile away. I believe that’s what GG really wanted, was one tough SOB to look after our players.
        Gadzic wasn’t the answer.
        Hathaway brings the same element, but doesn’t have the experience that Glass does.
        It was inevitable. As long as Glass does his job, I think we’ll be pleased with him.
        He was a fan favourite in NY.

        He is not going to score a lot, but definitely will forecheck the crap out of anyone on the opposition. We can complain all we want about his metrics, however with Engelland gone it was something that was going to happen.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Stajan was one of the few Flames who gave a full season last year. He played to the best of his ability despite his diminishing skills and bad contract. Don’t come down on the man because another GM decided to set him up for this life and the next life and the one after that.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    I think we should all wait until after a few games to judge this team. Then if we win..everyone here can go to oilers nation and judge them. If not you can stay here and repeat what you said today.. .win/win. Ggf

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    OK I will address the elephant in the room. I think Tre has exemplified some wizardly traits over the years. I wasn’t against signing Brouwer but like most people, I feel he has under delivered and does not show any indication of turning it around. I will never understand the Glass signing especially knowing the collateral damage that came with the signing. On the surface it seems like a Grossman debacle.

    It seems the general consensus is that the fourth line energy players are easy to replace so why replace a younger Hathaway or Janko with a fringe player. Janko was challenged to come back to camp in the best shape of his life and push for a starting position. Most experts agree….mission accomplished.

    To say that Glass won a spot because he pushed some AHL players around in some pre-season games is entertaining; to say that Janko is better off getting key AHL minutes than being on the fourth line on the Flames is concerning. Apparently, there is too much depth on the Flames especially at Center.

    Monohan, the undisputed 1C has some serious holes to his game. He is not fleet of foot and needs work on his defensive game. Backlund has paid his dues playing on the fourth line and is used to bump the productivity of players around him. Bennett has a huge ceiling but maybe not as a Center. That leaves Stajan who is respected in the dressing room but does not offer much else.

    So to say, there is no room for Janko because we are deep up the middle is a bit of an exaggeration. None of our Centers produced more than 50ish points last year so this isn’t a situation like Crosby and Malkin. There is room to crack this line up for a player like Janko…. But only if you stop moving the goal posts.

    • freethe flames

      The head scratcher is Janko down and FHamilton, Lazar still up and Stajan in the top 12. Glass was given a job; add toughness w/o taking dumb penalties and like it or not he won that job.. We can debate whether or not the Flames needed to fill that job but BT, BB and GG obviously felt they needed that element. Personally I feel we should be moving to more skill on the 4th line line and a line of guys who are defensively capable; which I think Janko can do, which is why I suggest the Heat play him with guys who fit that criteria and put them in as difficult of match ups as possible.

      • everton fc

        I think we are going in the direction you prescribe, above. Glass will move over for players like Lomberg and Hathaway next season. I also continue to hope Zach Fischer can turn into “toughness and some hands, w/o getting dumb penalties”, sometime down the road. I know, a longshot. Healey might eventually be another… Or we draft/trade for someone. So I’m not that concerned, at present. Jankowski isn’t herebecause of Glass; Jankowski’s not he because he’s the easiest asset to move w/no chance of loss, now that Jagr’s on his way. I find it interesting (typical?) no one mentioned Freddie at all, all pre-season. His name never came up by writers of threads here, nor through too many posts, in terms of being a player to waive. He seemed pencilled in, on most lists. And he should be – he’s an ideal extra forward. And, as much as I believe Lazar should be in Stockton, he did look like the Lazar BT thinks he’s found, on that line w/Bennett, late in the last pre-season game. As someone here posted somewhere, this week, he seems to be good positionally – never out of position, and seems to have a two-way game that might help us on the 4th line. Stajan is excellent on the PK, and GG has Stajan as the 4th line centre all along, though mentioned a fews ago, neither he, or Stajan, are adverse to the latter moving over to LW. So this seems to me you could see a 4th line of Stajan/Jankowski/Lazar, which isn’t bad. Glass and Freddie being the extras. But, as someone else posted here at some point this week (maybe in this thread?) we are fickle Flames fans. I’ve been guilty of it too, at times. We’ll now see if Jagr was “brilliance”, in terms of signing an almost half-century old hockey player to give our kids on the farm more time (BT’s weakness, in my opinion, is free agency). We’ll see if Lazar, who cost us a 2nd, can play like a 2nd. Or better. We’ll see if Glass can take over the role Engelland provided, w/o being a one-dimensional goon like Bollig and Gazdic (he’s never been that type of one-dimensional player, by the way, and for the record). And we’ll see if/when Jankowski is centering Stajan and Lazar, which will be sooner, than later.

        Looking forward to the beginning of this season. Who isn’t? I think Mike Smith’s competitive nature and puck moving abilities will give us that little extra we’ve needed in the crease, since Kipper left. Not saying he’ll be Kipper – saying he, like Jagr, Stajan and Glass, give our kids on the farm time to mature so they can come an be productive players here in Calgary.

        Stajan for Jankowski, though I still say we move Brouwer, keep Janowski , and once Jagr’s officially a Flame, send Hathaway back.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      If you’re scratching your head over this one, it might be lice you’ve got.

      Consider the following:

      “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

      In 4 of the Flames first 6 games, they will walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and I am quite sure the likes of Johnny and Mony and Backs will do so feeling more safe and secure carrying a Glass rod than a Janks rod.