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What do the election results mean for arena negotiations?

It was a long, ugly campaign and a long, ugly day of voting – marred by long lines and occasional lack of ballots at some polling stations – but the 2017 Calgary municipal election is finally over. If the Calgary Flames were hoping to get a fresh start with a new City Council, they’ll probably be disappointed, because the voters of Calgary are bringing back basically the same council as we’ve seen over the past four years.

Heck, the incoming council might actually be even less likely to support big financial outlays for a new Flames arena.

The big news of the evening was that Naheed Nenshi was re-elected for a third term as Calgary’s mayor, coming on the heels of a very public spat with Flames president Ken King, dueling versions of each side’s “last offer,” and Bill Smith For Mayor ads seen during the first two Flames home games of the season.

Remember this video from mid-September, which kicked off all of the hubbub between Nenshi and the Flames? Well, expect to hear a lot more about the “Cultural and Entertainment District” as the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation continues their work in Victoria Park.

Also back from the previous council – who were more or less united in their opposition to the Flames’ “last deal” according to comments by Nenshi prior to the election – are Ward Sutherland (Ward 1), Joe Magliocca (Ward 2), Sean Chu (Ward 4), Druh Farrell (Ward 7), Evan Wooley (Ward 8), Gian-Carlo Carra (Ward 9), Ray Jones (Ward 10), Shane Keating (Ward 12), Diane Colley-Urquhart (Ward 13) and Peter Demong (Ward 14). That’s 11 of 15 votes on council carried over from the last round of negotiations.

They’re joined by:

In other words? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Everyone on council seems to support the idea of a new arena in Victoria Park and some manner of partnership between the City and the Flames, but considering the new councillors all trumpeted fiscal prudence to one degree or another, it seems quite unlikely that this council will be supportive of a big cash handout.

    • Newbietwo

      Meaning it is now clear how the flames viewed this.
      1. Back off and if he doesn’t win proceed negotiations

      2. Do not negotiate during his final term and stick it out so enjoy the daddledome for a good I would say 7 more years guaranteed it ain’t happening with Nenshi

      But it’s the smug face one has to put up with. The one that reads it in a book but never does it mentality. Never a business owner, never laced up skates.

      And what does he do when almost half of the voters did not vote for him. He goes out there and gives a speech repeating the same stupidity of not recognizing that half of this city is sick of hearing from him.

      He leans on his voters to pay his legal fees and pay for his mistakes just like us citizens have had to.

      It will take a lot for me to be in your corner again Nenshi. 7 years ago you had great potential and you took a dump on it.

      Get a gym membership

  • Seattle_Flames

    Nice going Calgarians, you can wave buhbye to the Calgary Flames in the next couple of years as they make their way to Seattle, Houston, or Quebec City. I suppose these results don’t come as a huge shock, but there will be a huge shock when they leave & all they will take with them. All their philanthropic work, jobs, a huge part of the city’s identity, gone. Ever wonder what it’s like to live in Regina or Saskatoon? You’re about to find out. Sad.

    • hank 57

      Agree Seattle Flames!!
      Well they will have more time to use the bike lanes and library when Flames leave.
      YYC why did you vote for someone so blind he can’t see what the Flames bring to your city?
      All the charity fund raisers, $$ for medical research, visiting sick children to help lighten their spirits .
      My son was in a terrible accident at the age of 19 and spent months in Foothills Hospital, and Lanny McDonald shows up for a visit a couple times to help enlighten his spirits.
      My 4yr old grandson had major neck surgery and was in the children’s hospital, the Flames sent him a gift basket and a invite to a team hockey practice when he was able. He later attended and was treated like royalty .
      Calgary and i will miss them.

    • theartfuldodger

      All of those city pale in comparison to the economic viability of a team in Calgary… All of those cities have higher taxes than we do… The Flames art going anywhere and I don’t blame city councillors for not throwing money at this deal. I am long time Flames fan but they don’t need my money for free. If municipal taxes are pitching in then there needs to be an ROI just like if it was the bank or a private investors. I give props to Nenshi for not being a pushover.

  • Flaming1

    The people have spoke and maybe this wasn’t a big issue but if it was then maybe the people sided with the mayor. Good luck getting a building on your terms King.

  • loudogYYC

    I’m not a believer in hating on the candidate I didn’t vote for so no gym comments from me. I am concerned though about Nenshis Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde behaviour pattern. The guy that says that cooler heads will prevail while also fostering a reputation for combative lash outs and belittling people that aren’t at his apparent level of intellect or opinion does not inspire confidence for a measly arena negotiation. I say measly cuz if you think the $400-500M Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corp is unreasonable, wait until the $2.4B International Olympic Committee comes to town.

    As a Calgarian I hope his next term is successful and that as a leader he finds it in him to occasionally embrace the higher ground and keep his eye on the target.

  • BendingCorners

    There will be a deal. The new building will generate more revenue than the old one, but the Flames won’t see as much of it as the owners would have liked. And if there is no deal, they still don’t have anywhere to move that would make them more money. Selling to Quebecor is an option but Rogers would expect a significant break fee for allowing a team to move out of their broadcast zone. My only concern is that KK and the owners are sufficiently lacking in class that they might disrupt our enjoyment of what looks like becoming a successful season by continuing to squawk about the building. They should simply STFU and FN should stop running articles on the subject until either a deal is finalized or the team is sold. Please just focus on the on-ice product since that is one thing that we can all cheer for.

  • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

    The hockey culture in Canada is slowly becoming sick and tired of the politicians,Commissioners,Owner’s,the sizes of contracts,and that hockey stick costs you a days wage. Change comes when you don’t buy there $200 jerseys that seem to come with new designs ever 2 to 3 years. Don’t buy that $10 piece of pizza and less than a pint of beer for $10 bucks.

    As Hockey fans we will always watch and love the game. It needs to become more grassroots and accessible to everyone because the culture of Canada is changing. Believe me its cheaper to buy them a pair of soccer cleats for $40 than to invest $1000’s hockey gear.

    I’ll get off my soapbox. But i’ll leave you with this, My handle is Borje Salming Ian Turnbull who were a d pair in Toronto in the mid 70’s to the early 80’s. I loved those guys and wanted to be them. As Bantum player in Rocky Mtn House I wanted to play the game to the highest level possible. I came from a family that didn’t have a lot of money but if I worked hard and had a break of two I could achieve my goals. Hockey has become the new Golf and Country Club built for the elite.

    As a hockey fan I hope the City of Calgary gets a new barn. But I understand if people say they’re pissed off and they’re not going to take it anymore.

    • Day1-Cfan

      “Believe me its cheaper to buy them a pair of soccer cleats for $40 than to invest $1000’s hockey gear.”
      Funny, guess my old man had it right 45 years ago because that is what he did.

      • OntarioFlame

        I bought my son brand new Bauer supreme’s for $35.00 stop spreading your lies about hockey being a lot more expensive. soccer registration was $250 (you got 1 game, one practice per week a cheap uniform and a ball / Basketball $375 you get 1 game and one practice per week, a cheap t-shirt and a ball / Hockey $425.00 ea. you get 1 practice / 1 power skating and one game per week plus socks a game jersey and a practice jersey. True you can look at the straight price point and say hockey cost more, but you are not assigning proper value to what your child gets out of it. Regarding equipment if the parent uses the argument that equipment is so expensive well that’s B.S. I can buy a full set of brand new equipment (last years gear) on clearance for under $160.00 and if the child has never played you sign them up for the first shift program $170.00 you get a full set of equipment included and 6 on ice practices.

  • freethe flames

    If the arena does not get built don’t blame democracy or this council; blame the owners for not being flexible or visionary enough to see that there is a shift happening that “corporate welfare” and the entitlement of big business is waning. The city and tax payers want to be partners in the new deal; not hostages. Personally I believe a deal will be in place by next year and that shovels will be in the ground before the end of this councils term unless the Flames refuse to negotiate.

  • The GREAT WW

    You can look forward to 4 more years of property tax increases,
    Bad art, terrible infrastructure decisions and of course hostility between the City and the Flames…..

    You have nobody to blame but yourself Calgary.


    • Styxx

      Nenshi’s “win-at-all-costs” strategy of mobilizing the ethnic vote by playing the “R” card was immensely divisive and drives a wedge through the middle of this community. Make no mistake the polls did a “U-turn” when his SOS facebook video went out to the muslim Pakistani community…all this to eke out a bare 7% victory ….but at what cost.

      As for the Flames, am taking bets the 5 owners aren’t even bothering to raise their middle-fingers, especially to Nenshi’s dig to wait until the Flames come to the table so he can dish them additional insult. They’re already on to Plan B and are mentally vacating the community.

    • CMG30

      Under Alberta law the city must balance the book every year. With the downturn the sudden drop downtown office revenue has to be redistributed across the city. A deficit cannot happen. The other option is to cut costs but 70-80% of the city budget is for fire, police, EMS and roads. Which one are you going to gut? Everyone always talks about cutting the fat, but they never seem to point out exactly where the the fat is…

  • Fan the Flames

    Both sides are pretty fixed on what they want . I don’t see them restarting negotiations in the near future and I don’t see a deal happen during
    Nenchi’s term.

    • class1div1

      Have to agree.There are 4 or is it 5 owners that would have to get together first and decide how they want to proceed.I can see ,that alone,being a problem.I could see some wanting to sell there interests and maybe new owner or owners.

  • WillyWonka

    did you all catch the empty seats at the Detroit game last night? I’d be surprised if he attendance exceeded 20%. so many teams in the US are sporting empty arenas, and the Flames and the NHL would be insane to move from a market that sells out every night to fans that wear genuine (expensive) jerseys and support the team come hell or high water. just bullshlt negotiating tactics by an owner who couldn’t get out of town fast enough to avoid taxes.

    • BlueBloods

      Did you notice all the empty seats in Vancouver too. It really would be puzzling to me if the Flames left. I think everything they did was a huge publicity stunt to scare the general public, and that didn’t work for them.

    • BringtheFire 2.0

      “Did you all catch the empty seats at the Detroit game last night? ”

      Yes I did and it was shocking. I mean, in Vancouver you might expect it, because they’re a fickle bunch because they haven’t had any real sustained success.

      But Detroit? Original six and they have fans everywhere. I know Detroit is hurting economically but like, this was like game was in Anaheim or something.

      • cberg

        Last week’s Ottawa game I got to attend and was surprised there seemed to be about 10% empty seats. No one is immune, and in a down economy businesses are not buying up tickets like they were….

  • buts

    Bill Smith who had no policy statements or campaign slogans other than its time for a change, LOST the election when the city was ready to dump Nenshi. Naheed didn’t win, Bill lost. It’s time for the flames owners to dump King and get to the table to negotiate a deal because its obvious that NN is staying and there’s a deal to be made. The land is there, the LRT will feed it from 2 lines and it makes sense tho it would be nice to start talking about a fieldhouse/stadium along with an arena.

    • McRib

      The most ironic thing about Sean Kelso‘s comments was Bill Smith who the Flamss were obviously supporting was trying to get elected off Trump style politics with no actual platform, trying to serve wealthy interest groups with groundless rhetoric like “it’s time for a change”. He might have just said “make Calgary great again”.

      How can you make a change when you are unwilling to even come out with a basic election platform? Glad Calgarians didn’t fall for this completely groundless rhetoric like Americans did in Trump. Bill Smiths “change” would be giving away the bank to the Flames and lowering taxes and regulations for all his rich home builder cronies, etc (just like the Dave Bronconnier’s before him).

        • BringtheFire 2.0

          Guys, I’ve given up speaking on the area issue and I’m not sorry if this is a bit “police-y”, but no good can come from talking American politics on a Canadian hockey site.

          It’ll just explode and there’ll be crap everywhere. Like, everywhere.

          On the walls…get on all your stuff…spray in your eyes…you’ll have to get your girlfriend to bring you a change of clothes for you at work…just bad, bad things.

      • Newbietwo

        Just for sake of accuracy trump actually had a 90 point plan and contract with his voters ie promises

        Calgary isn’t USA and for you to bring Trump into this like Nenshi brought race into it shows clearly who you are.

        I don’t care if my mayor is brown black or blue but I care about how MTV mayor behaves and I care that my mayor is a doer and not just a reader speaker and writer.

        And it’s also clear as to which way socially and politically you lean McRib and Cowtown will never be Toronto no matter how much you try to make it do it won’t happen.

        So enjoy your bike lane, enjoy sucking on his purple rain but for me Nenshi will now forever remain an adult boy

        • KKisTHEproblem

          I don’t always agree with you Newbie but shout out for that. McRib: how about a little less regulation, a little lower taxes and lets try and get the economy in this town moving again. Our leftie politicians are killing this country, province and this city. Flake for a PM, true socialist who hates the oil industry for a Premier and now a Mayor for a 3rd term who knows nothing but spend and raise taxes (half the green line for more money but lets not review what happened and take a second look, it couldn’t possible be a boondoggle because I’m the smartest guy in the room!). And as Seattle said: here’s the only thing Obama promised twice: Hope and Change, Hope and Change, Hope and Change til I almost puked

          • Nighteyes

            how about we experienced an unsustainable and mostly one-off commodity boom? and that our lovely previous leaders saved none of the crazy money were minting for the times of bust and economic hardship that is inherent to capitalism and commodity driven economies (look at Norway’s Heritage Fund)? Its not about people who hate the oil industry, its that will probably never again be able to be a sole support of Alberta’s economy. We can’t depend on globally driven prices, we should work to diversify our economy, while still emphasizing that oil industry is an important and big part of it.

        • piscera.infada

          HE didn’t bring up Trump, the Flames media relations guy (Kelso) did, in comparing Nenshi to Trump.

          I’m not even going to discuss the rest of your post, because it’s not worth it.

      • Derzie

        But Calgarians DID fall for it. Over 80,000 of them voted for Smith and ignored his failed-lawyer past and empty promises. That’s a lot of gullible people. Some of which are posting here.

        • class1div1

          I believe the Mayor addressed those 80k people.They are Racists and Haters.You’re fine with this behavior?Are you fine that he didn’t reach out to those 80k naive and gullible people after?

        • Newbietwo

          Smith isn’t exactly the example of a leader to rally behind.. half of Calgary didn’t vote for Smith.. They voted against Nenshi

          Tells you everything you need to know

          • piscera.infada

            I had originally written a very long response regarding electoral reform here. I decided against it though, because this isn’t the forum for that discussion.

            I will say though, that’s what you’re arguing here. You’re not forming an argument against Nenshi, you’re forming an argument against first-past-the-post. It’s fine if you want to do that, but you don’t get to have it both ways: you can’t despise the system when someone you don’t like wins, and love it when someone you do like wins.

        • Southboy

          And for the same reason people voted for trump…. there was no better candidate. Those 80,000 are not dumb, like people believe other people are when they do not believe in the same things. But merely tired with the current state of affairs in our city.

  • Flames fan since 83

    Thanks Ryan for writing these updates. I for one am interested in what is going on with the arena proposals, so the occasional update is much appreciated.
    Ryan, do you ever get to interview any of the Flames Brass? I would like to know with regards to proposals, how much my seasons ticket is expected to rise. I’m sure the Flames have done Costing Studies, and projected revenues from everywhere. And would certainly have an idea of the percentage of increase of tickets in the various price range of seats. (ie. seats under $100, $100-$250 etc.).
    Good question for Rollie Cyr in Ticketing and Customer Service.
    If you can’t get this information, do you know how much Edmonton tickets went up? (seat tax excluded)

  • Puckhead

    There is no panic to these discussions. The Flames are making money and the Dome is an acceptable venue for the foreseeable future. It’s not a question of ‘if’ a deal will be reached, but ‘when.’

  • Zalapski

    My property taxes have increased a lot and I still voted for Nenshi, he’s had his rough moments and has come off a little salty at times but this is Calgary, Ralphy and Bronco were both egomaniacs and no one paid them any mind. As a die hard Flames fan, Nenshi got my vote for standing up to the ridiculous proposal the Flames put forth. NEXT was bad, but when they came back to the table and did the old this is how it is and I’m not budging and then taking their ball and going home, along with trying to sewer a municipal election and threatening the current incumbent I had had enough. Bettman is a clown and doesn’t like the Canadian dollar. King is a clown who at one point was known for affecting actual hockey decisions and probably stunting the Flames rebuild, Murray Edwards and all of these guys tried to bend the city over. An arena is necessary, but they need to stop telling people it will be an economic driver for all, there’s too much proof that it only benefits the billionaires. The deal will get done. Nenshi may be brash, but he isn’t an idiot and stood by his supporters during the election campaign and didn’t look like a shill. Like him or not the man deserves a little respect. And the next person who complains about his lawyer fees being paid by supporters, it’s voluntary. Crowd funding is a big thing these days.

      • McRib

        Do you understand what Dave Bronconnier did as mayor? He gave away all of the prime land around the train line to his wife’s friends, among other things. Bill Smith represented the same “old boy political class”, who was only running because he was being propped up by major interest groups (primarily the greedy home builders). I’d rather have Nenshi Thanks.

        Nenshi’s wost “scandal” if you really even want to call it that was using public money for lawyers fees (against one of the most morally void companies in the world in Uber. Uber supports full scale automation. Considering what that would do for our society for a moment), then Nenshi repaid the lawyer fees after the fact.

        Bill Smith would have just given away the bank and cut taxes to all his rich friends. Anyone who runs with no established political platform is a major red flag (see Trump). Nenshi isn’t perfect (no one is), but I can guarantee you he’s better than Smith and his “time for a change” rhetoric.

        • class1div1

          You can guarantee Nenshi is better than his opponents.Ok. How are you going to proceed?
          My question about Nenshis crowd funding has absolutely nothing to do with his opponents.You deflected the point with the old “he’s worse”argument.And than the Trump rhetoric.My statement wasn;t made to provoke left right politics.You will not convince me that Nenshi did’t waste a lot of time in a legal battle as a result of his big mouth,and that has absolutely nothing to do with politics.

        • Seattle_Flames

          His worst scandal is befriending Riaz Mandani. I’m sure you’re unfamiliar with him so I’ll give you the jist. Riaz along with a few of his partners helped swindle 300 million dollars from mostly retired Calgary investigators. He survived an assassination attempt last December…

          I’d say his second biggest offence is his disinterest towards this ownership group. A group you would call the old boys club but a group I would say were instrumental in changing the city for the much much better than it was before they brought the Flames here. Lately we’ve been seeing it slide backwards. Coincidence?

          • dontcryWOLF

            Wow. Are you actually suggesting that Calgary economy is down because nenshi and the flames owners can’t make a deal?

            That’s so ridiculous I don’t even know what to say.

        • Newbietwo

          You are clearly mummy’s good little boy who has no actual life experience or true mentorship.. I’d say you are in your 20s and still very naive.

          You ever helped a buddy on his farm, helped a buddy build and frame his house? Ride a horse? Lace up skates?

          You sound just like every other metro sexual still trying to figure out what it takes to be an alpha male.

          Do us all a favour and shut it politically for the next 4 years because then Nenshi is done and Calgary will be Calgary.

          In the meantime the flames will not negotiate with Nenshi as they will wait till he is gone that much is clear now.

          I’ve met this mayor, I’ve conversed with this mayor and in my city where handshakes still mean something I find him wanting insecure and unhappy and nothing foundationally can ever grow from written soil

        • Newbietwo

          Oh and before I squish matters politically I appreciate your point of view no matter how slanted or naive it may be..

          I just want to remind you that after energy the second largest driver in Canada’s economy is building and developing including repair men, renovations plumbers and electricians amongst them so you call them greedy but many have depended on them for jobs for their families.

          Who has Nenshi ever given a job to? He’s the definition of a talker hence made a living as a consultant and you are his bandwagon because you like talkers and not the men that do.

          It’s rather strange that an immigrant from Africa who has a BF and was voted twice as mayor in this city becomes the one that brings race into a damn election. If it’s so racist why did the majority traditional Christian values Calgarians give him a shot for 7 years? Yes go ahead a prey on the openness inclusiveness of all calgarians.

          Canada and Canadians of all walks are amazing and we have never had significant division and I speak for all that we would like to keep it that way so the next time a political figure wants to bring in race into politics I highly recommend telling him or her to get stuffed. Mrs Nenshi contracts and enjoy your four years I’ll bare it.

          What I know profoundly is Calgary isn’t better than it was 7 years ago and that speaks for itself

    • Newbietwo

      Hey here I am again bringing up his lawyer fees. And I will keep doing so is that a problem for you?

      You can’t underline his strengths so you attack those who can and you say you aren’t the divisive one? Think again

      • Newbietwo

        Night eyes yes because he is an immigrant and has a boyfriend and yes many white folks voted for him. Were those white folks all racist including me 7 years ago?

        Sorry I know a brat when I see one and Nenshi is a Bratt.

        And no! 99 percent in Canada racism does not exist and it’s that kind of mentality that ensures it never will because it’s not even a foresight even briefly.

        But to have the arrogance to call me a racist because I am white and this time am not voting for him I will never find acceptable behaviourly towards anyone. And to pull the I want something and if I don’t get it racist card f@&k I didn’t even know that crap still existed

        • piscera.infada

          And no! 99 percent in Canada racism does not exist and it’s that kind of mentality that ensures it never will because it’s not even a foresight even briefly.

          Bull. Straight bull, right there. Let’s leave aside general attitudes towards immigrants and a broad discussion of general issues involving non-whites in Canada, and the narrow the scope considerably to focus solely on aboriginal peoples.

          Not only are there legitimate racist attitudes on an individual level (largely rhetorical) towards aboriginal peoples in this country, but there are also considerable systemic issues. Aboriginal peoples face astonishingly disproportionate levels of incarceration across the country. They face disproportionate levels of crime levied towards them (that whole “missing and murdered indigenous women” thing that consistently gets swept under the rug–regardless of who’s in power). Moreover, news coverage of aboriginal issues is quarantined as if it doesn’t exist–remember the publicity Omar Khadr got (I digress, but a rightly determined settlement, based on its legal merits)? where is that level of furor regarding residential schools?

          They face unconstitutional property claims against them with virtually no means (short of pro bono action) to fight them–and those are rarely heard in the correct forums, because it’s simply too expensive and too arduous to fight the good fight. There are significant issues with access to justice in Canada, and aboriginal peoples (and immigrants) are again, disproportionately affected.

          All of that, that’s the tip of the iceberg for one particular (and very important) minority group. So no, no racism here…

          • class1div1

            What has gone on with indigenous people is a disgrace. The word racist to anyone who does n’t understand that fits.The word racist, though, gets thrown around way too easily these days by people who should know better.

        • Flames fan since 83

          If you believe Calgary/Canada is 99% racism free, and you are white, then you are a racist.
          Racism exits in this city and in this Country.
          It’s not as large a problem as in other countries, but it still exists here.

          • canadian1967

            Of course it is wrong to think that there is no racism in Canada, because of course racism comes in many different colors. It is NOT only white people who are racist, and until “white people” stop being blamed for all the racism in the world, nothing can change.
            I would think that you could define a lot of the “religious wars” around the world as being based on race.

          • Flames fan since 83

            1967, You are correct. You don’t have to be white to be racist. I apologize for saying that. I responded emotionally above.
            Newbie, just got me going from his rants. Anyone, white or other, who believes the status quo in this city and country is 99% fine in regards to racism is not helping. And if your not helping, you are contributing.

          • hank 57

            Exactly ! Thats the big problem! If your white your a racist ! and I’m getting sick of it.
            and we are always guilty as charged because of it. There is as much or more racism against white people as any colour . So please quit using that card

  • Burnward

    I think we all need to take a step back. The Flames were pushing hard because they are a private company with one directive: maximize profits. If Smith got elected…chances were, a better deal is in the cards. So they voiced their support in the hopes of saving millions.

    Nenshi needed to energize his base and by posing the spectre of evil sports corporation abusing the city, he got his deal done.

    Now both are spent. They need each other and they know it.

    Another year of silliness probably, then we see these clowns get down to business.

  • Squishin

    The Flames are not going to move. It won’t happen. They can’t make anywhere near the kind of money they make here. They’ve already sold hundreds and hundreds of Jagr jerseys at $275 a pop.
    It my mind, we have the right mayor to negotiate with the Flames. He’s not going to cave on this deal. Calgarians have declared that they don’t want to line some billionaires’ pockets with more of their hard-earned money, and Nenshi will make sure that things remain fair.

  • Backburner

    I didn’t vote for Nenshi, but I do respect his stance on the new arena.
    Question: Would it be feasible for the city to put up all the money for a new arena, build and fund it for an Olympic bid, similar to the model for the Saddledome? As a way to side-step the Flames and give the city more control?

      • class1div1

        I think i am finally catching on now.The person who trashed my comment must be a racist ,hater and probably a neo nazi.His or her ignorance is probably a result of there lack of education.I should vehemently dismiss everything they say or risk losing my position as a human and caregiver to the masses.

        Or .they are full of S–t.Please tell how or why the NHL would want to partner up with the city.

          • class1div1

            I can’t cope with how politics has evolved into WWE. The guy in the right corner is as phoney as the guy in the left corner.I have no favorites.I despise the “rhetoric”of both equally and the total disrespect they have for each other.This particular election was no different

            Iam a old bastard .I can’t cope with the new digital world.It’s all zeros and ones.
            I love my analog with all its distortion. and noise.Lots of colour ,not just black and white.

            My livelihood is being destroyed by liberals who seem to think small business”s are cheating.
            I will concede that i am cheating,when they do.

  • dvoilfan97

    Just drive 2.5 hours north Flames fan. We have a beauty new arena you can come check out. You can finally see a legit superstar instead of a wannabee one like Johnny Hockey.

    • Captain Ron

      Yeah but the Oilers are lousy right now and beer is 12 bucks a glass. No thanks.

      I might make an exception though if you can accurately predict when the next jersey tossing event will happen during a game. I’d be down to witness that live for sure!

    • dontcryWOLF

      Its so funny when oilers fans brag about their arena and Calgary not having a new one yet.

      ..its like bragging about falling for a ponzi scheme.

      Katz fleeced Edmonton and you lot up there will be paying for it for decades.

      • Newbietwo

        Not as long as we will for the billions in transit construction.. council will always spend money no question there so it’s a matter of which what and where and why

        • dontcryWOLF

          Transit is a public works project and helps thousands and thousands of people get to their jobs. That’s the kind of project cities are expected to pay for.

          ..private sports facilities are a different thing completely.

        • class1div1

          Not really. Bike trails and transit are on the top of the list.Toxic land is of little or no concern as the multitude of lawyers need to collect there pounds of flesh and money before deciding the obvious. This scandal should be huge ,and will involve a hell of a lot more money than 250 million for sports arena,s.Where is the outrage?

  • madjam

    Does the re election change anything on the arena situation for the owners ? Their stance , or plan B , seems to be to move the club . I guess your about to find out shortly if they intend on doing just that .

    • dontcryWOLF

      Its just like when a 5 year old says to their parents that they are going to run away if they don’t get some toy they wanted.

      Of course it’s not at all that easy, and is just meant as a form of emotional blackmail.

      Calgary obviously didn’t buy it and I won’t be expecting the flames to be going anywhere.

      Nobody moves a business that’s making lots of money. You move a business because it’s not. Even if a team is losing money, look how hard it is to move a team (arizona)

      • class1div1

        Speaking of emotional blackmail,a mayoral candidate who suggests that voters are racists and haters if they are not voting for him is a lie and a exaggeration.Kinda like a 5 year old having a tantrum.
        His misuse of the word Racist and context he used it in is dangerous.

  • Captain Ron

    Nenshi lost my respect forever when he did this:

    Shamelessly goes to a specific segment of society warning them that they had all better get out and vote or they will “lose him”. It is exactly this kind of behavior that divides communities and there he is fueling the fire. Every time I hear him talk now about what “Calgarians” do and don’t want it makes me sick. I can’t believe I actually supported him early in his career.

    It makes me wonder what the reaction would have been if for example Bill Smith was filmed during the campaign doing something similar with a specific segment of society.

  • Ari Yanover

    In the interests of transparency, I want to make it clear I did not just ban Newbietwo for his views on Nenshi/the arena/public financing/politics/whatever. He’s been a prominent voice in many of Ryan’s arena articles and it hasn’t been a problem.

    I’ve banned him for the repeated instances of sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia that have all come unravelled in this comment thread to a point where it’s impossible to ignore or give benefit of the doubt to the sheer and utter hatred he has spewed off. That’s not welcome here and will not be tolerated.

    • Captain Ron

      Ari this is a very good example of why politics and religion should rarely if ever be brought into this Hockey forum. It can bring out the very worst in people without much provocation.
      We are all anonymous here and two people who may have communicated in a friendly and constructive manner for years on this site can become enemies in no time when politics and/or religion enter into the picture.
      Let’s leave politics, religion and area debates for the Herald and Sun publications of the world shall we. This is a much better place as an oasis for Hockey discussions.

      • Ari Yanover

        I mean… aside from one question asked in a mailbag, all of the politics here have related very specifically to the Flames. This is one of the most prominent Flames fan sites out there; we’re not going to ignore news about the building they play in. Certainly not when a handful of us have received word of praise from people in the hard news business for the work that’s been done here (ESPECIALLY by Ryan, I cannot emphasize the outstanding work he has done nearly enough), and had the majority of mayoral candidates respond to a questionnaire before the election. Like it or not, FN is a voice in the arena discussion now. (And, on a selfish note, these posts get mad pageviews.)

        Newbietwo made his position on the arena conundrum very clear over the years. That was never a problem. He never crossed a line. Arena talk was fine… until he, without any prompting, coming from his own heart, had a meltdown over an incumbent’s re-election and decided to start dragging disadvantaged groups through the mud out of absolutely nowhere.

        What changed that he could passionately, but civilly, talk about the arena without problem until today?

        I’m all for an oasis of hockey discussions but this subject pertains to hockey and nobody made him fly off the handle but himself.

    • Nighteyes

      I appreciate your awareness and prudence on this issue Ari. To claim that Canada is 99% not racist is very much not true. I was born right here in CowTown but have been told before to go back to my country because of the colour of my skin…I think we can talk about the Arena and criticize/praise Nenshi’s policies without race baiting or references to “immigrants from Africa” and sexual orientation.

      Newbie in so many words was trying to say he was not racist, still managed to indicate that he kind of is by denying it exists! Truly strange. The blatantly mysognistic comments didn’t help either..did he wake up in a time machine or something?

      • Ari Yanover

        I’m white, but I think one of the best ways to learn about racism, or at least not be so racist oneself, is to just listen to the experiences of people of colour. I’ve been lucky to have some amazing friends who stuck by me in my more ignorant moments and who made me a better person as a result. I’m never going to get it in full but that doesn’t mean it’s not a real thing that happens and brushing off those experiences others have to go through is really painful (I can attest to that as a woman, so why wouldn’t the same be true for someone who isn’t white?). I’m sorry you have to deal with horrible people like that.

        “I’m not racist, but…” is one of the easiest ways to identify somebody who is. Replace “racist” with any other bigoted viewpoint and, well.

  • madjam

    Beginning to sound like you might be getting into a situation like Quebec City have now . They built a new arena out of tax payers money and now await an expansion of NHL or a relocation of a team . Will Calgary go same route without any money from Flames going into new arena ? Hamilton built one to no avail . Does Calgary have the corporate backing to help fill a new building , as that is a drawback perhaps to Quebec City . Quebec City also has volatile political situations (separation possibilities) that makes expansion iffy , along with Canadian dollar flexibility . Hamilton was once in running but building now not up to par for new arenas . If Calgary pays for entire cost of a new arena will the Flames still remain ?

  • Chelmsford Leafs

    I haven’t followed this closely but in all the articles that I have seen about financing the arena, no one has mentioned naming rights. In the UK we have very few arenas that sit more than 10K people (we are not big on indoor sports so prime income is concerts), but I find it interesting that multi-use arenas in big US / Canadian cities cost so much. Perhaps Calgary wont get the $$$s that Toronto will get but there must be enough naming rights out there to help. Perhaps the city should get the naming rights in return for the effective tax-free loan that their portion of building costs would be