Report: Flames and Jaromir Jagr ‘working on an exit’

The latest developments in the Calgary Flames’ relationship with Jaromir Jagr are beginning to come to light, and reports are suggesting that the relationship may soon be coming to an end. On Saturday night’s edition of Headlines, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported that the Flames and Jagr are currently “working on an exit,” which would end the winger’s time with the organization.

Chris Johnston downplayed rumours that Jagr may be eying a spot on the Czech Republic national team for the upcoming Olympics, as all indications are that he’s hoping to continue his National Hockey League career elsewhere.

(Note: Jagr owns HC Kladno, the secondary Czech league.)

Jagr’s on a one-year contract with a $1 million base salary and escalating bonuses for games played (up to a total of $700,000) and a $300,000 bonus if the Flames make the postseason. If the contract is terminated, which would be through a process known as unconditional waivers (or “$125 waivers,” after the waiver fee involved), the Flames would be on the hook for the salary and bonuses he’s earned at the time of termination. On Headlines, Johnston mentioned that Jagr would be looking at a $150,000 bonus, under the terms of his current contract, if he hit the 30 game threshold this season. That won’t happen here, but the financial and medical aspects of things are likely among the things being discussed between the Flames and Jagr’s camp.

Jagr joined the Flames on Oct. 2 amidst great fanfare, but his tenure has been marked by injuries, inconsistency, and a living hockey legend bouncing in and out of the lineup. As has been said throughout fiction – notably by C. Montgomery Burns – it appears that the heart is willing but the flesh is weak. At 45 years of age, Jagr’s career in the NHL is definitely winding down. His tenure with the Flames may soon be over.

We’ll have more on this story as it continues to develop.

  • Derzie

    If he wants to leave to go play for another team, keep him in the pressbox until the contract is done. That’s downright garbage if true. Not a chance I free him if I’m GM, unless he is going to Pittsburgh to retire.

  • Thunder1

    Jag’s never laces ‘em up in the show again… here’s to ya buddy! One of the best to ever play the game. As the fat lady said, if he was playin’ in my backyard, I’d turn around to watch!

  • WillyWonka

    This could have worked out different, yeah girl came to camp out of shape wasn’t ready to play Mist camp start of the season after it already opened then injury after injury forced the team to bring people in to fill the spots and you can’t take those guys out of the spots that are doing so well like Hathaway and Jankowski

  • RKD

    Well were all hoping for the Jagr in Florida but he didn’t train as hard, he missed all of training camp and pre-season his hands are still there but the speed and constant injuries hampered him a lot. Too bad for Jagr to end his career with an injury if he can’t play again.

  • Greg

    Sad to see him go but it’s been clear he hasn’t had the speed or health to play anymore.

    Also, don’t forget this clears up a contract spot which could mean more is coming. (Here’s looking at you Duclair).

  • oddclod

    Way to unload at the end there Pike. “Inconsistent”. Hardly. He consistently made his linemates better and was a flat out rock and progressing when healthy. They prolly asked him for LTIR and he prolly said nah. I’m done. This org is stale and I’m not going out like that. Huge talent on this team mired by deficiencies in terms of roster decisions and to make matters worse, abysmal piss poor deployment over and over. He’s just that not into you Ken & Co. Neither am I.

  • Derzie

    Look, I’m too old to care about Jagr’s legacy. He was a good player but I care more about the Flames than him. Enough with the worship. He stunk it up and now wants a trade, like the Flames are why he stinks at 46. Beat it gramps.

  • SeanCharles

    Why don’t we wait until any detail in this matter is actually confirmed until we start condemning anyone or trash talking a legend.

    We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

    I for one hope this is all rumors and he gets healthy and looks the way he did earlier in the year. He looked like an easy upgrade on Stajan, Brouwer, Hamilton and Lazar when healthy.

    Hamilton is gone and Versteeg is out long term. Even if we want to keep a young guy up after Frolik is back we have room now.

    Jagr could prove valuable later in the year considering our dearth of currency for the TDL.

  • Fan the Flames

    Jagr has had his health problems so unfortunately we may have seen the last of him . He has been very valuable with his presence by getting some of the younger players to advance their effectiveness firstly Johnny and now Sam Bennett. Sam is not the same player we watched early in the season and I give more credit to Jagr than the coaching staff.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    As I understand this story, Jagr hopes to resume his NHL career but not in Calgary with he rub being that no other club wants him so the Flames and Jagr have to harmoniously part ways with both sides saving face.

    If Jagr doesn’t want to be here, tell him to naff off and release him. He’s a non-story but the longer he lingers with the club while not playing, he keeps fuel on the fire. Just move him along and be done with him.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Too bad it didn’t work out, but after seeing him live a few times this year I can see why. When he’s not in the offensive end he is way behind the play and a huge liability on the ice.

  • slapshot444

    Well, we sold enough jerseys to more than pay for the contract. Bummer that he’s lost a step. Eventually Father Time gets you. His time in the Flames jersey won’t be remembered as a success but that is overshadowed by his amazing career.