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Treliving: Jankowski and Hathaway are ‘here to stay’

A couple young Calgary Flames players have seemingly received a bit of good news. Appearing on Sportsnet 590’s Prime Time Sports on Wednesday, Flames general manager Brad Treliving stated that forwards Mark Jankowski and Garnet Hathaway will be sticking with the team.

After describing the contributions of some of the call-up players, Treliving had a fairly simple assessment: “Jankowski, Hathaway, I think they’re here to stay now.”

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Jankowski’s status isn’t much of a surprise. While he’s waiver exempt, he’s been superb since being recalled and installed as the Flames’ third line center back in late October. Through 37 games this season he has eight goals and seven assists, and many of his goals has been quite impressive – particularly his first career goal, which went in off his pants. He was told to find a place last month and moved in with former Stockton Heat teammate Brett Kulak.

Hathaway’s in his first season of waiver eligibility. He cleared waivers at the beginning of the season and was sent down to open a roster spot for Jaromir Jagr, but was brought back up after Kris Versteeg was injured. While he was down in Stockton he showed previously unseen offensive prowess on a line with Jankowski.

Since being called up, Hathaway has played almost entirely with his Heat linemate and been very impressive. His waiver exemption expired during the Christmas roster freeze and at that point it seemed pretty clear that he’d be sticking around as there’s no way he’d pass through waivers unclaimed. The last word from the team was that he’s been staying in a hotel, but that’s probably going to change soon.

      • FlamesFanOtherCity

        If you are keeping Bennett on the 3rd line, then yes Mangiapane would be a better fit for the speed and tenacity the others bring. If you were to play Bennett on Backlund’s line until Frolik gets back, then Mangiapane-Janko-Hathaway is probably the way to go.

        I still do not know what to think of Lazar. 31 games and his offense is somewhat similar to what it was in Ottawa. One good shift in the last game. Lazar-Stajan-Brouwer is fine for defending against some lines. Is that any better than Hrivik-Stajan-Brouwer? I think not, from the limited view of Hrivik.

        • everton fc

          I disagree.

          Mangiapane has not proven he’s a better NHL player (yet) than Hathaway. Since Hathaway has been placed on that line w/Bennett and Jankowski, they have sparked. Their collective points will come, as they get more comfortabel w/one another and their roles on this team. Everyone used to say Hathaway benefited more from Mangiapane’s presence, than “vice-versa”. I am in the “vice-versa” camp – Hathaway seems ot be making others play better, this season, whether in Stockton, or here in Calgary.

          As for our 4th line, sad to say, it’ll probably pan out as Brouwer-Stajan-Lazar, when Frolik returns, though I like Lomberg-Stajan-Brouwer, if it somehow happens.

          • FlamesFanOtherCity

            And Hathaway’s offense has dried up. I would prefer not to have to use Mangiapane on his off-wing, so move Bennett up to Backlund’s line and you can have your Stockton’s finest line Yeast-Janko-Hath.

          • The Fall

            He is scoring at an elite pace in the AHL: he got two goals last night. YeastMode needs more offensively capable better line mates. Also, Hathaway is playing slightly above his ability on the third line: sure he is making space out there, but he just doesn’t have the hands or creativity.

        • Zalapski

          They should just “give” Lazar the 4th line centre job. Make him the new right handed Stajan. Sitting him on occasion hasn’t somebody jack diddly. Run him out there night in and out, put him on the PK. Hrivik is a perfect fit for a winger/center play with him; good defensive numbers, moves the needle in the right direction, size and speed. Mangiapane has offensive instincts to help build off of, or you put Hathaway there and you have a nice energy line. He looked okay last game, and I’d like to see him given an opportunity.

          • everton fc

            Stajan’s better than Lazar. Sad, but true. Hrivik may simply be a tweener. We don’t know, but should definitely find out. Mangiapane will get his chance. It won’t be this year, unless injuries take a toll.

          • BAN36FROMPP

            I agree. Stajan is the worst option for 4the line cente. He does not belong in the NHL. Hate to say this but I hope he gets hurt. This will make Calgary a better team

          • FFFL

            I don’t wish injury on anyone but even those who trash it must admit Stajan is not a NHL player. Being a “Good guy” does not justify him being on thus team. 2 points people….2. He is tied with the goalie. That is not a good thing.

  • Zalapski

    Good! I enjoy seeing The Flames making good decisions on who Is here. If Brouwer got what he deserved the lineup could be so strong. Mangiapane, Hrivik, Should be on the 4th line with with Lazar. Hathaway, Janko and Bennett and the obvious top 6. You could rotate Mangiapane and Hathaway. Stajan, is a perfect extra body right now. Brouwer should be traded to whoever for whatever.

    • everton fc

      No one’s taking Brouwer unless we eat salary. He’s not hurting us at all, right now, on the ice. His payroll is another question, altogether!

      Again, why rotate Mangiapane, who hasn’t done enough yet, with Hathaway, made instant impacts the first few games he was called up, and continues to hold is own, on that 3rd line? Makes no sense, to this fan.

      • Parallex

        I disagree that he’s not hurting us. I think (by the eye test at least) that he reduces the effectiveness of the 2M’s. Backachuklund can paper over a lot but they shouldn’t have to paper over anything.

    • Danomitee

      Brouwer has actually been playing alright the last little bit. That Tampa game he crushed Sergachev and then beat the wheels off of Killorn. Fact of the matter is everyone is upset with his price tag but we’re not paying him and we’re not in cap trouble right now so who cares. He can still crash and bang and play a 4th line game. He’s here to stay for the rest of this year at least and I think it’s about time that everyone just gets over it.

        • Avalain

          He’s only on the 2nd line because Frolik and Jagr are both out. Maybe Mangiapane would be better and I’d love to see him there, but at the same time I understand that he may not be ready to go against the best of the other teams yet. Brouwer may be making Backlund and Tkachuk less effective, but that’s really a nod toward how good Frolik was with them than a stab at Brouwer.

    • Puckhead

      I think about the only shred of hope for Brouwer with the fan base overall is if he had an EPIC playoff performance and was integral to the team making a deep playoff run.

      Although I agree that he is playing much better lately, his cap hit gives me pucker butt.

  • Trevy

    Bennett always seems to be a wildcard to me. I’d like to think he’s better than a third line winger, but can’t crack the top six. There doesn’t seem to be a progression in his development, especially considering he’s a fourth overall pick. At this point it makes me wonder if BT is listening to offers or you make room for him on the top six and find out exactly what you got

    • The Doctor

      Bennett is all of 21 years old, fer Crissakes. People these days have ridiculously excessive expectations for young players, mainly because certain exceptional players bust out of the gate at age 18 or 19, like McDavid, Matthews and Laine. But that’s not normal. Look how long Backlund took to develop.

      • Trevy

        Hold on Doc, first of all, you can’t compare Bennett to generational draft picks and second, I’m just saying we at least need to play him in a top 6 role consistently to see what we have. Right now if all we’re doing is stapling him on the third line watching him digressing in production the last 3 seasons, then why not see what he’s worth on the open market. Personally I’d put him with Janko and Tkachuk for a while. Then have Backs, Frolik and Mangiapane as 2nd or 3rd and finally Brouwer, Lazar/Stajan and Hath as the fourth

    • Alcanivorax

      If Bennett is a “third line” player what a luxury to have. Maybe he can’t “crack” the top 6 but who would you like to knock out of the top 6? I’d argue that his line is the second line (for offense) and Backlund’s line could be viewed as the 3rd line (for doing “shut down” duty).

      It probably doesn’t matter if we stop thinking in “older” “traditional” terms of 1st line, 2nd line, 3rd line etc and actually start thinking about 4 full functional lines.

      In the end it doesn’t matter…if we can roll the Monahan line, the Jankowski line, and the Backlund line as our top 9 forwards that looks good for us.

      4th line is still a work in progress but if, for next season, we could improve the team, perhaps by trading a D-man, and adding a top 6 right wing to play in Hathaway’s place and then move Hathaway to the 4th line with say Mangiapanne and Hrivik / Lazar we could then have the luxury of rolling 4 skilled fast lines each with a touch of tenacity (Ferland, Tkachuk, Bennett, Hathaway)

      • freethe flames

        This is something I have been professing for a long time. You need 4 lines that can play a role. I see the Janko line as very similar to the Backs line; just less experienced.

  • MontanaMan

    My thought is that Hathaway has been good/steady but has dropped off since a strong start with the big club. Mangiapane was a disappointment to me and I don’t blame his performance exclusively on his usage. He showed glimpses of speed and skill but overall I was disappointed in his finesse game, and pace and strength with the puck.

  • Kzak

    I went to the Ducks/Pens game last night and I can say for certain that Feaster made the right choice drafting Janko over Olli Maatta. If only he would have done something a bit better with that second rounder he received.

  • Zesty14

    Grants to Janko and Hath. Of course Brower is playing better on a line with tkachuk and backs. Then on the 4th. Put the same time they are pulling his game up he is pulling them down. Putting Bennett on wing with Tkachuk and Backs would be more complimentary with brower back on the 4th and Lazar winging the 3rd line. I know trying to spark some offense in him is like beating a dead horse at this point but [email protected] I want to hit it one more time!

  • Stockton's Finest

    Congrats to Janko and Hathaway! Love it when graduates from Stockton stick with the big club. Makes Mrs. Finest happy as she will be sporting a red Hathaway jersey with the A during our February “call up”.
    I think Hathaway being on Janko’s line is good for both of them. Yes they have dipped in scoring but they constantly bring energy to the ice, along with Bennett. Hathaway is always buzzing around the net and getting under the skin of the opponent. He also protects Janko and Bennett.
    As for Mangiapane, his first goal last night for the Heat was what I classified as a greazy goal. He went to the front and gobbled up a rebound and roofed a backhand that glanced off of SJ goalie. Those are the goals that the rest of the team needs to start getting.
    I may be in the minority here, but I think Friday’s call up will be Hrivik and Klimchuk. Not Mangiapane. I think those last 7 games showed, while fast, Mangiapane still needs to bulk up a bit and work on his game for the remainder of the year here in Stockton.
    Hrivik should get more of a look just based in age alone. He has a nice game and does play both sides of the ice. His game in Carolina just proves to me he deserves a longer look. Plus, he has another 30 days to be reassigned without waiver (???).
    As for Klimchuk, he is bigger than Mangiapane and has stepped his game up since Andrew’s call up. Maybe it is time to prove he belongs. He has not seen NHL ice yet and it maybe the perfect time to see what he has and if there is a future there.

    • freethe flames

      It would be great if Klimchuk was called up; by all accounts he has earned a call up. We will see what BT decides. I thought Mangiapane looked pretty solid with the 4th line but was little less noticeable when moved up with Janko. I was quite pleased with Hrivik’s effort against Carolina and would like to see him get a longer look. At some point the Flames need to get a better idea of who these two guys are; I think they have a good book on Mangiapane and there is little doubt IMO that his game will transist to the NHL in time.

      • Zalapski

        This is what I’ve been saying about the games I’ve watched Mangiapane. He has potential to be a good player, to me he just seemed a little over his head and not in a roll best suited for his skill set. I hope a guy like Klimchuk gets his shot. He’s a perfect guy to call up and inject some youth and potential on the 4th line. He isn’t as small as Mangiapane, has a higher pedigree and known for his good two way play.

    • Mickey O

      One thing for sure, whoever gets called up one of them will be playing right away and not sitting. They could call up 3 guys now that Jagr has been put on the IR.

      Hathaway has been getting PK time and doing well, and the whole 3rd line has been getting way tougher zone starts. In a couple of games recently they didn’t get any O-zone starts.

      Gulutzan has almost been using the 2nd and 3rd lines as shut down lines. Part of that is probably because Brouwer is on the second line, and he’s really reluctant to break up the 3rd line.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      I was excited to see the AHL line re-United but it was arguably the worst game for all 3 of them. Maybe they wanted it too much. I still think Mangi deserves to be there, but putting him on the fourth line is a bad idea.

      There is a reason teams don’t put Debrincat or Keller on the fourth line. They play against other heavy fourth line players for 8 minutes. We have one of the worst PPs so try to utilize his creativity. Mangi has contributed to the 7 game winning streAk so he deserves to come back up.

      • freethe flames

        The thing is there is nothing wrong with him being on a 4th line if it has an identity; a role but at this time GG is still trying to figure out the role of his 4th line. It has been interesting to watch Stajan and Brouwer play since Jagr injury and when more speed was added to the lineup. Brouwer has been an adequate filler with the Backs line; he however does not have the speed to play there long term. Stajan has looked much better playing with younger guys who can skate; it almost seems like he has been renewed. But when Frolik comes back or they give one of the younger quicker guys a chance to play with Backs and Tkachuk I don’t want to see a default line of Stajan and Brouwer together but I bet that is what GG will do. Veteranitis will return to this team.

    • Stu Cazz

      Agree SF…Craig Conroy’s radio interview pretty much confirmed what you are saying…he thought there was an opportunity to give another young guy a chance for a call up…and he did acknowledge the good work of Klimchuk. He is a former 1st rounder and has rebounded nicely from last year….