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FlamesNation player evaluation: Tanner Glass

Tanner Glass was really good in training camp. Like – really, really good. Certainly good enough to justify signing him to a contract.

Unfortunately, the regular season is not preseason.

2017-18 season summary

Following an impressive preseason in which the effort Glass put in and out each game made him look like one of the better Flames, he received an NHL contract and made the team’s starting roster. He played in six of the Flames’ first seven games, and seven games total throughout the month of October.

However, when Jaromir Jagr was forced to miss time due to injury, the Flames called up Mark Jankowski, who maybe should have made the team to begin with. Though he didn’t score any points, Jankowski looked like he belonged, and when Jagr returned, Glass was the odd man out. The Flames sent him down to the Stockton Heat on Nov. 7, and didn’t bring him back up until Feb. 24, just two days before the trade deadline.

Glass played twice, then mostly sat in the pressbox until it looked extremely likely the Flames would be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, playing another three games until it was official. He then closed out the year dressing in four of the five meaningless last few games of the season.

Games played Goals Assists Points TOI/GP 5v5 CF% 5v5 CF% rel OZS% PDO
16 0 0 0 9:23 50.96 -2.53 44.71 .934

During his time in the AHL, Glass played 21 games, scoring two goals and recording five points in total. He had 45 penalty minutes in the AHL (and 19 in the NHL).

Compared to last season

Glass split his 2016-17 in the NHL and AHL as well, all within the New York Rangers organization: he played 11 games for the Rangers, scoring two points; and 57 games for the Hartford Wolf Pack, scoring 15 points.

He also played seven playoff games for the Rangers, including scoring the first goal of the playoffs (!) on Carey Price (!!). Glass had four points in seven postseason games, somehow.

He actually had a bigger role with the Rangers, averaging 10:55 a night – so not much bigger, but still, an extra 92 seconds a game. He had a -1.39% 5v5 CF rel in 2016-17 with the Rangers, so… still not great.

What about next season?

Glass, 34, has barely been in the NHL the past couple of years. His penalty minutes were the biggest numbers on his stat sheet, even when he was being regularly dressed as an NHLer. He isn’t there to score or play solid defence: he’s there to drop the gloves and not much else.

If anything, Glass should serve as a cautionary tale for the Flames: be wary of those who earn a spot by playing really well in training camp. Glass genuinely busted ass in preseason, and he looked good probably in part because most everyone else he was either playing with or against didn’t have to try as hard because they knew they had a spot on their teams locked up. Once everyone else was ready to start trying, though – when the games actually mattered – all of the effort in the world couldn’t make up for the sheer lack of talent.

So… maybe don’t do that again in 2018-19. Or any other season. If someone has a previous body of work spanning a decade, listen to its story first, because it’s unlikely a handful of meaningless games are suddenly going to change the script.

#5 – Mark Giordano #7 – TJ Brodie
#8 – Chris Stewart #10 – Kris Versteeg
#11 – Mikael Backlund #13 – Johnny Gaudreau


  • cberg

    I’d put a different twist on the preseason, and say anyone that isn’t busting their ass in preseason should get the bench/minors. Last Fall it was painfully obvious the team was floating and that GG really didn’t care. I don’t think you can take that approach, and the season proved me out. Practice how you’ll play. Ingrain those habits by repetition and it’ll become second nature. Also, 2 points in October and November has just as much value as 2 points in March or April. Who’d have figured?

  • freethe flames

    There will likely be plenty of PTO’s coming to camp this to help fill the NHL preseason requirements. However the coaching staff must be able to tell the wheat from the shaft. If this team is going to turn the corner there is no room for guys like Glass.

  • freethe flames

    My thought about bringing players on PTO’s is make sure they are younger, fit your area of need ie bring in a number of RHS forwards that maybe just maybe can play; you can always sign them for the AHL.

  • freethe flames

    Here’s a question; Should the flames offer sheet a guy like Rust out of Pittsburg? (Note the only way I would do it is after I have my top RFA’s signed Janko and Kulak)

      • freethe flames

        The thing with the Pen’s is they don’t have a lot of space, if the offer is less than $1.295m there is no compensation; that’s double what he is making.

        • supra steve

          If I were Rust, I’d be looking for more than $1.295/yr, a lot more. 38 pts in 69 games this season, just turned 26 yr old. He’s at an age where he NEEDS to cash in now, because this could possibly be his last contract.

  • Beer League Coach

    Guys like Glass and Bartkowski should not have been on the NHL roster last season. Bart should have been in Kansas City and Glass should never have been offered a contract. Both were useless as a jock strap missing that little piece of moulded plastic.

    • Off the wall

      FN is doing a numerical analysis on each player with the Flames.
      Gaudreau #13, hence Tanner Glass next as he wore #15.

      Probably Matt Stajan(18) next.
      I like the individual synopsis on each player.

    • Dougiefred

      Team will need a tough guy again next year, so there will be more Glass type signings, like it or not. Thought Ferland was going to be that guy with some skill . Sporadic showings of skill, seldom fights, only fought twice last year, hell Brower fought three times.

      • deantheraven

        My suspicion is that Ferland had an injury that nobody talked about. His scoring skill and obvious ability as a puncher both dropped off around Christmas. personally, I hope he gets it back together and comes to camp ready to do it all for the new coach

    • Trevy

      Hate to admit it, but I agree. As long as Edm still has Lucic among others in the Pacific division, you need someone like Reeves just to keep the peace. Especially after watching Glass become a punching bag for Lucic last season. As they say, everyone plays bigger knowing they have a presence like Reeves on the team

  • Off the wall

    Anyone remember the Lucic fiasco on Smith?
    Guess who was the only guy to answer the bell after?

    Say what you will about Glass, but I at least respect him for what he tried to do to help out his teammates.

    Should he be brought back? No, but we better address our weak disposition on the ice or we’re still going to be pushed around by other teams…

    • BringtheFire 2.0

      Or do all evaluations in a cold, clinical manner in the offseason because that’s what the offseason is for, and not spare any individual player in the interests of professionalism and thoroughness.

      Also, an article a day is called “content” , which the “blog” needs for “readers” to stay “profitable”.

      No need to thank, just here to help, gang!