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Post-Game: Flames fall in overtime against the Jets

It was a tale of two teams at the Scotiabank Saddledome on Monday night. The Calgary Flames looked quite good for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of regulation against the Winnipeg Jets. Unfortunately, their middle 40 minutes and overtime spelled their undoing in a 5-4 overtime loss.

The Rundown

The home team opened the scoring almost midway through the opening period. The line of Elias Lindholm, Dillon Dube and Spencer Foo spent a lengthy shift in the Jets zone. The Jets and Flames raced for a line change after Winnipeg cleared the zone, but the Flames got back into the Jets zone first. Andrew Mangiapane carried the puck below the goal line and found Juuso Valimaki sneaking in from the point and he beat Laurent Brossoit with a wrister to make it 1-0.

Just over a minute later the Flames scored again, as Ryan Lomberg was sprung into the Jets zone and beat Brossoit with a low wrister to make it 2-0 – it appeared that Brossoit was anticipating a pass into the slot that never materialized.

The Jets answered back with 11 seconds left in the period. The Flames got caught standing around in their own end and Sami Niku took advantage of the screen with a wrist shot that beat Mike Smith to make it 2-1. Shots were 11-6 Flames in the first 20 minutes, scoring chances were 10-2 Flames.

The Jets scored a pair in the second period and did a good job frustrating the Flames in the offensive zone. Early in the period they scored on a power play, as Nikolaj Ehlers beat a screened Smith with a quick shot to make it 2-2. Late in the period the Jets took a 3-2 lead after Niku’s point shot careened off Foo’s skate and beat Smith high. Shots were 10-9 Flames in the second, but scoring chances were 5-5.

The Jets extended their lead to 4-2 early in the third period, as the Flames kept whiffing on clearing attempts. Eventually Jacob Trouba found CJ Suess with a nice pass for a tap-in goal. But the Flames answered back with just over five minutes left in regulation, as Dube fed Mark Giordano a pass on the rush and the captain fired one past Brossoit to make it 4-3.

The locals got the game tied up right after, as Brossoit’s attempted clearing pass was intercepted by Morgan Klimchuk, and Klimchuk wristed it into the open net to make it 4-4. Shots were 17-10 Flames and chances were 12-5 Flames.

And so the ‘Dome was treated to bonus preseason hockey. Ehlers scored his second of the game on the rush 31 seconds into extra time to finish this one at 5-4 for the Jets.

Why the Flames Lost (in OT)

The Flames faded a bit as the game went on, particularly after a power play midway through the first that resulted in zero goals and very little zone time. But they rallied back in the late stages of regulation and managed to salvage at least a moral victory.

Red Warrior

Giordano was a minute-muncher all game long and he was a rock on the back end (as you’d expect). Dube, Valimaki and Mangiapane all also had their moments and factored into the game in key ways.

The Turning Point

Giordano’s goal with around five minutes left in regulation really gave the Flames some daylight, and the Jets couldn’t get anything going until the game was all tied up.

The Numbers

(Percentage stats are 5-on-5, data via Natural Stat Trick)

Player Corsi
Ryan 72.0 50.0 1.365
Dube 69.7 57.1 1.310
Hanifin 67.6 53.9 0.825
Robinson 66.7 50.0 0.475
Foo 65.6 61.5 0.850
Hamonic 64.9 58.3 0.750
Peluso 62.5 50.0 0.325
Giordano 62.5 44.4 2.150
Mangiapane 61.5 44.4 1.225
Brodie 61.3 40.0 1.125
Lindholm 60.6 61.5 0.580
Lomberg 57.1 66.7 0.915
Quine 47.4 50.0 0.330
Jankowski 46.2 60.0 0.350
Andersson 45.2 75.0 -0.025
Hathaway 44.4 60.0 0.415
Valimaki 43.8 75.0 1.100
Klimchuk 39.3 75.0 0.825
Smith -1.650

This and That

Dube led Flames forwards in even strength ice time and only Lindholm played more overall among Flames forwards.

This was the third time in seven games the Flames have gone to overtime in the preseason (and the second time against the Jets). They’ve lost all three games that went long.

Up Next

The Flames are back at it tomorrow night with their final preseason game of this year when they’ll host the San Jose Sharks at the Saddledome.


    Everything is going to be okay soon. It may not be today, but eventually, it will be okay.It may not be tonight. It may not be tomorrow or on the next day. But I am pretty sure that everything will soon turn out to be okay.they just have to fight through the bad days that have been happening in order to earn the best days.

  • SouthernFlame

    I was somewhat pleased with Ras and Vali tonight. Mangi has looked good the entire preseason, don’t think he deserves to go back to the AHL but I could be wrong. Fun game though!

    • cjc

      I don’t think Mangiapane deserves it either, but it’s a numbers game and Dube has been slightly better on the whole. That said, I question the accepted wisdom that it’s bad for players to sit a few games instead of logging big minutes in the AHL. Even if Dube and Mangiapane split time in the NHL, they are still getting ~ 40 games each. If either plays the whole season in the AHL, they are getting max 68 games. It’s not that big of a difference, and I think there is room to get both players into the mix at the NHL level. Mangiapane really has nothing left to prove in the AHL, but he may be recovering from his injury still (which may be why he looks a step behind Dube right now).

      It makes me think that the Neal (and perhaps Ryan) signings weren’t necessary. Treliving and his staff are good at drafting, but they are so – soooo hesitant to have any faith in their youth unless they are top 10 picks.

      I think the best course of action is to bury Lazar and Hathaway to make room for both Dube and Mangiapane, and even if they don’t get a full 82 games, I think the team and their development as players will benefit.

      • wot96

        Neal hasn’t done much but maybe that works out. He also hasn’t played as much as others so not as much opportunity.

        Ryan has been a pleasant surprise. Just a smart hockey player that was never over-hyped. To me, the biggest surprise of the pre-season.

      • Redleader

        They will likely not be protected in expansion draft and flames can protect the better prospects if that’s how it plays out, but either way it will fix it self .

      • Redleader

        Exactly,I’d rather smith was easing into these games instead of doing some high stretch saves or putting himself in an unprotected valunerable position and get hurt in a preseason game . This is just practice, there not the full rosters , let’s just get out of preseason with out any injuries that’s the main goal ,safety first !

  • Puck Head

    It’s still pre-season….If they are going to drop games now is the time. The main thing is that they are mixing up the lines to see what they may or may not have. Also, it has been an a-typical training season thus far. Patience…things will come together and so far I like what I see compared to the last few disparaging seasons.

  • Puck Head

    ….and that Dube guy….if more players had his mindset we would be a nightmare to play against. The guy doesn’t stop. That’s the type of attitude this team needs to adopt.

  • Smithwick

    Anyone pay much attention to Brodie moving back to the other side/hand? I thought fora moment at beginning of a power play he was confused. But also the only D. But still made me curious about the transition back that I haven’t really paid attention to.

    • Chucky

      Brodie looks a lot better on the right side both offensively and defensively. He turns so much better to his right that he looks natural rather than the uncomfortable guy of last year.

      The guy that Peters is going to have to work very hard with is Hamonic. Several times a game he loses the puck along the boards in his own end. It looks like he wants to defend the puck rather than move it. That is a real problem if everyone is expecting a quick breakout because they are thinking attack and he is left alone defending.
      It looks like he is not fast enough to the puck but it may just be a process of decision making. A good example is the Jet’s third goal where he lost a puck battle because the third guy to the puck was a Jet. However quicker decision making would have avoided the puck battle and the Flames would have transitioned to the attack. Hopefully this is just a slow adaption to the new system of quicker breakouts.

    • Ludis Fanaticus

      Last night was my first opportunity to see him, live. I thought he looked pretty good; even in command on a few shifts. If nothing else, the change seems to have helped is confidence – or, he was just playing against less veteran forwards? I’m going to choose to believe the former, for now.

  • Brian McGrattan's Salute

    Listening to Rebar post game makes me feel sooooo much better than listening to GG. Rebar clearly isn’t happy with some stuff from our team, which is good.

    While I still feel that last season was not everyone faltering just cuz, but rather mutiny, it’s still definitely apparent that the players needed a better coach.

    We will see how the systems play out (any thoughts so far?), but regardless of that, nonsystem things like effort, discipline, team solidarity, etc etc will likely improve. And ideally, consistency. I’ve liked how after going down a couple goals we haven’t really crumbled yet, but have tried to fight back. These are the signs I’m looking at as indicators of change.

    • Chucky

      One strong positive in the new system is that they are engaging the rush in the neutral zone. Last year they backed off the blueline and allowed easy entry into the defensive zone. The other teams will go offside a lot more this year if this keeps up. It would be nice to see one of the defensemen start hitting at the blueline but that might take a way a while.
      Anyway it looks like the years of losing the puck and giving up three zones automatically are over.

      • Getpucksdeep

        That may be however the group of forwards out there last night had no line chemistry at all and were too rag tag. Lots of rushes started well and often ended up with someone trying to “do it all by themselves”. I also thought time after time it was forwards who failed to help out on break outs and coughed up turnovers. Clearly very few of that forward group will be staying up.

      • Brian McGrattan's Salute

        Chucky I couldn’t agree more. That purposeful defensive strategy of skating backwards to rush into the collapsed box thing really wasn’t working for me. Not to go back to Hartley, but one of his greatest strengths was coaching us to attack and forecheck hard, and keep the forwards at our perimeter. You know, the basics. Also, it works so well for a lot of our guys.

        What I’m wondering is how Rebar can handle Sam. Because he is the poster boy of rag tag and doing it all by himself, GPD. It will be interesting to see.

    • Jobu

      Jobu remembers the players reaction when GG threw the stick into the stands. They laughed it off. Clearly the message wasnt sent. I think in Peters’ case there would be some serious a$$ kicking if that happened (i.e. “The bag skatings and benchings will continue until morale improves”).

  • TKO

    I’m hoping they get down two at the most 25 bodies for the last three games of the preseason. It’s time to give the whole group a time to play together and gel

  • The GREAT WW

    Glad the boys fought back after going down 4-2.
    Not overly surprised OT didn’t work without our top 2 lines in the lineup.

    Same with first OT loss to the Jets.


  • BlueMoonNigel

    Not a lot of love for Foo last night but Nigel begs to differ. Six shots on goal doesn’t tell us the quality of his shots but it does tell us that he had a scorer’s mentality last night. For a club that was so destitute of scoring last season, especially from the bottom 6, Foo showed exactly what we want to see from our forwards. I want our forwards to think shoot the puck first rather than pass it. Take a look at the names on the list of the guys who had the most shots on goal last season and you will see the finest offensive talent in the league. Not saying Foo will ever reach that status but the kid sure was thinking the right way last night getting all those pucks on net.

  • freethe flames

    So I missed the game last night but have watched the highlights and listened to BP’s interview. I thought Smith would like at least 3 of 5 goals back. We scored 4 goals off of the rush 2 by D getting into shooting positions; that is a good sign. My question for those who watched the game how did we look on the forecheck and did we have any good long possessions?

    • buts

      Watched the game and our forecheck is 100 times better than under GG. Brodie goes sleeping and his guy tips one in. What is with our goalies including Smith in a butterfly early and so deep in the paint? Dube looks like one of our best forwards so far, he drove play and right now is to good to be sent down, he looks like he will be here to start the season. Lindholm gaffed on a pass then doesn’t come back to cover and it’s game over but he forechecked very well during the game. Our D I think lost almost every board battle against Lowry….he is big and strong. We are a small team that needs to play bigger but I like what I see compared to the GG era. Better special teams play, better goaltending which I’m sure will happen, a more physical game with grit on the boards and we will be way better than in previous years. The systems of BP looks good.

      • freethe flames

        Brodie missing that man is also on Dube he was not deep enough nor in a position to communicate to Brodie who had his head turned to puck. Help side defense is never just one players issue.

  • everton fc

    I notice, “on paper”, a lot more shots coming from the defencemen. This is a good sign.

    It’ll be interesting to see what we do with Stone/Kulak/Andersson/Prout. Who will be the #7? I think this is more of a question, and more important, than the 13/14 forwards debate.