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Flames assign Gillies, Mangiapane, Peluso and Andersson to Stockton

The Calgary Flames began the day with 27 players on their National Hockey League roster. Now they have 23. General manager Brad Treliving has confirmed which four players will be sent to the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat prior to the NHL’s roster deadline.

Headed to the AHL are goaltender Jon Gillies, defenseman Rasmus Andersson, and forwards Anthony Peluso and Andrew Mangiapane.

Gillies, 24, played well in camp but had the unfortunate designation as waiver exempt while David Rittich would need to clear waivers to head to the AHL. Gillies will split time with Tyler Parsons in Stockton, but his pro and NHL experience gives him the obvious edge in the event a Calgary goalie gets hurt and they need to call somebody up.

Andersson, 21, was very good in camp but is a victim of the team’s numbers game. With three right-side defensemen on the NHL roster (TJ Brodie, Travis Hamonic and Michael Stone), there was no place for the young Swede to play. He’s this season’s version of Mark Jankowski, and it didn’t take him long to migrate to the Flames roster last season.

Peluso, 29, was signed over the summer and always seemed destined for a depth role – he was either going to be a healthy scratch in Calgary or a veteran mentor in Stockton. He was solid if unspectacular in camp, but youngsters pushing their way onto the roster effectively pushed him to the AHL.

Mangiapane, 22, had a strong camp but arguably lost out on the bottom six winger job to Dillon Dube. He’s still extremely young and will undoubtedly be one of the offensive leaders for Stockton. As with Andersson, it’s likely a matter of “when” Mangiapane factors into the NHL lineup, not “if.”

    • HAL MacInnis

      Was Valimaki that much better than Andersson in camp? Andersson was ready to move up, I felt. Valimaki should be in the AHL for a season. I wonder if there is another reason for this decision. Let’s hope this doesn’t create a problem with Valimaki’s development. Bennett was not helped at all by leapfrogging the AHL.

      • cjc

        Valimaki could find himself in the AHL if he doesn’t make an impact right away. That creates a roster spot for Andersson, assuming they will let him or Stone play the left side.

        Mangiapane should be up there, I think there is a way to get him into games if he, Dube and Czarnik rotate in and out of the lineup. Seems like Lazar’s speech spared him being sent to Stockton

      • FlamesRule

        Valimaki will get a 9 game trial (or less) then go down replaced by Ras who will play on the left side. Maybe Ras gets a few games on the left side in Stockton to prepare?

    • oilcanboyd

      Same point to be made about Andersson as Mangiapane. Regular playing time in Stockton and be ready for first callup in case of injury, or if Valimaki fails (not too sure that won’t happen, but Valimaki has earned to start on the roster – even for 9 games).

  • canadian1967

    So Lazar didn’t go down? After that interview yesterday?
    They must want to just sit Hathaway and Lazar for a couple of weeks while they see how the rest of the team goes and then maybe bring up Mangi and then send Lazar down at that point?

  • Puck Head

    Good for the Heat and reassuring to know we have a few NHL caliber players to pull up when called upon. Lazar and Hathaway are what they are and have likely reached their ceilings. Best to let them sit.

    I’m not too concerned by there moves. Based on Tre’s activity recently I’m pretty sure we’ll see some more player movement before the TDL.

  • everton fc

    Not incredibly surprising. I had a feeling they’d keep Lazar up here. If Czarnik doesn’t “pop” with this linemates, in the month of October, he may the one sitting. I think he’d be claimed, if waived.

    Czarnik is still an unknown. More so than Dube, in some respects…

    Valimaki/Stone. A bit of a dice roll….

  • Chucky

    I am amazed that they kept Prout the post. After he got beat several times to the outside by Edmonton I thought that he would be sent to the ECHL where he could do no harm. Maye every year there needs to be one Grossman for a few weeks.

  • LannyMac

    Just spit balling. Trade; Calgary send Bennett, Janko, and Brodie to Toronto. In return for Nylander and a quality prospect. Seen enough of Bennett this preseason to believe he is only going to loose value this year. Absolutely do not want to loose Janko but he will never have the value of Nylander. Brodie could be a big lose unless Hamonic and Stone could jump a spot and Anderson is ready. It’s no secret Toronto desperately needs an offensive minded right D who can be serviceable in his own end. I believe Andersson will be in a position to take Brodie’s spot in three years so this is a premature trade but… Nylander would make the top two centers on the flames close to if not the best top two centers on any team. This opens a spot for Mangi on the forth line. It also bumps Backs to a third line checking role which I believe he is more suited for him. My guess is a trade will be worked out btwn Toronto and Arz eventually with Mathews being involved which makes my trade null and void but….

  • Garry T

    Valimaki is pretty young. At 9 games or less, a decision to bring up Anderson could evolve.
    Now why would you hold onto Hathaway when Mangiapane has more talent by a long shot.

  • oilcanboyd

    Another slight from Toronto media: Ted Wyman Top 50 NHL players heading into the season. He picks Tavares 20th because the Leafs improvement (of course). Last season 84 points. Johnny Hockey at 43rd. Last season 84 points. I guess he really didn’t see this summers revelation that his Centre Monahan played the year with injuries and had trouble shooting the puck. and Ferland failed miserably in the second half last season. Lindholm’s acquisition will pump up the points for the top line. I believe that Jagr’s assertion that Johnny could win the scoring title is closer to the truth than not! McDQ has to get injured…. But he is heck of a lot closer to the top 10 than 43rd.

  • cjc

    Two things I’ve been thinking

    -Would like to see Peters dress 7 D in a game. This is a great idea because it keeps your D fresher. Yes, it means 11 forwards, but then you can double shift your stars down the lineup (Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk in particular). Tampa did this a few times last year. Means they get to keep Andersson up, too.

    -The conventional thinking is that developing players should be playing instead of sitting. I think that is true to some extent – you don’t want a guy like Mangiapane getting less than 30 games in a season. Something I think management needs to consider though – there is no body of evidence that says sending a 22 yo to play a few more games in the minors is better for their development than having them play 30-50 games in the NHL. Especially when said player has already dominated the AHL.

    I also think there is a way to rotate Mangiapane in and out. For example, Czarnik, Mangiapane, Dube could all rotate in and out, but also get decent linemates and minutes when they play. If they split it up equally, they all get in the vicinity of 55 games and you’ll learn quickly what works. As long as Mangiapane is in the AHL, his real value remains unclear.

  • Alberta Ice

    These 4 will get chances to come up to the big team down the road. Meanwhile they can get lots of play time in while they wait for their moment. This indicates a sweet depth problem to have as all 4 of these men are NHL ready.